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'Character development' is a process whereby the personality of a character and the audience's understanding of that personality, and of the motivations of the character that have guided their actions up to this point, expand and grow. But that's probably not what you're here for. You just want to know how to get more XPs (eXperience Points) so you can get more funky powers don't you. Hmm... thought so.

Advancement in the White City is on three fronts, which is a little more complicated than most LARPers are used to but which it is hoped will make things all the more interesting, entertaining and absorbing. Of course it may just annoy you all. The three fronts are Experience (XPs), Training (going up levels, 1 2 3 4 5) and Lifestyle (spending money to make money). We'll start with the easy one.


You already know how this works. You spend XPs, you get skills. Actually there's a little more to it than that, but that will be explained in a second. Anyway, you get XPs for doing stuff. This stuff includes:

You can spend these XPs exactly as you did during character generation, with the following important limitations:


Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 - Level 4 - Level 5

If you want to get a skill at a Rank that isn't allowed by your level, you're going to need to increase your level in a particular Class. How you go up levels in Classes varies from Class to Class and from level to level.
Please note that however many of the below criteria you fulfil you may only ever claim one level in one Class per adventure. A lot of the low level criteria for going up levels can be picked up easily during downtime or almost any adventure.

Also note that PCs may only advance in Classes that are not their Primary Classes (i.e. the first two Classes they took) as long as they have more levels in their lowest Primary Class than they have in the sum of their non-Primary Classes.
For example, a character whose first Classes were Warrior and Sorceror has advanced to the point where they are a level 4 Warrior, a level 2 Sorceror, a level 1 Ranger and a level 1 Thief. Since the sum of their levels in Ranger and Thief is equal to their level as a Sorceror, which is lower than their level as a Warrior, they can't now take a second level in Ranger or Thief, or a level in a new Class, until they have advanced to become a level 3 Sorceror.

Rules for changing your Primary Classes are available on the Class Levels page

A Sorceror who wishes to learn more than one Form of Magic must take a separate Sorceror Class for each Form of Magic they wish to learn. For example, you can't be a generic Sorceror with Ranks in Ash Magic and Blood Magic - you have to take levels separately as an Ash Sorceror and a Blood Sorceror.

A rough guide to what being at each level of a class is actually likely to mean in real terms can be found here on the Class Levels page.

Getting to Level 1

This means effectively learning a new trade, it's easier for some Classes than for others.

Getting to Level 2

Getting to Level 3

Getting to Level 4

Getting to Level 5

PCs are expected to max out around here...


Finally it's the temporal stuff. For some classes (Nobles and Merchants) this is one and the same with Training. For others it ain't. Lifestyle is how you track what the spoils of your mighty adventures are doing to your standard of living. It all boils down to gaining Ranks of the Wealth Skill.
Gaining a Rank of Wealth is terribly simple. Spend your 6XP (this is partially a game balance thing, partially a representation of coming to terms with managing your new estate) and spend 100 Hexa for the First Rank and amount of money equal to 10 times your current staple income for every rank thereafter. This means that to get from Wealth 1 to Wealth 2 costs 300Hx, from Wealth 2 to Wealth 3 costs 600Hx, and so on. Unless you have both the XPs and the cash you cannot buy Wealth. Although only Merchants and Nobles can buy Ranks in Wealth as a starting character, any character can gain Weath (provided they manage to garner themself enough cash) once they've embarked on their adventuring career.
So, what does Wealth get you? In a word, lifestyle.

You may now be wondering why on earth we've bothered to write up a system for this sort of thing. Very simply we have a dislike of the kind of setting where adventuring is a zero sum game - you adventure to get money so you can buy more weapons so you can go on bigger adventures. A lot of LARP characters are motivated chiefly by profit, we wanted to give that motivation some shape.

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