On the Nature of Stars

Ultimately, the nature of stars is indeterminate. Nobody's ever got to look at one up close, so most of what is known about their nature is based on speculation. They are widely accounted to be in some way associated with the Light, and indeed this is the doctrine of the Temple of the Light. However, there are also those who claim that they are strange and distant Princes of Breath, that they are fragments of some Vitriarch or other, that they are the oldest of the Old Powers, and a hundred other ideas from the sublime to the ridiculous. The precise nature of stars is of naught but academic interest however. Stars are stars are stars, whether they are also manifestations of some Power or other is of little importance. It is probably important to note that stars and constellations are usually not identified with any known gods. The Gods in the world of the White City are pretty much accounted for - The Lady of Blood and Wine isn't in the sky, she's over there getting drunk.

The Fixed Stars

There are a host of stars in the heavens, these are but a few.

The Wandering Stars

This list, by contrast, is exhaustive. Note that while the names given to these stars are often anthropomorphic, it does not necessarily imply anything about their nature.


Again, there are several more constellations, and traditions vary. These are the most common "star signs".

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