LARP Safety Rules

Because LARPs involve running around in the woods swinging swords at people, it's potentially very easy for accidents to happen; especially when people aren't used to LARPing or get a bit carried away. For this reason, there are a number of important Out of Character rules which are reiterated during the Safety Brief at the start of each LARP and must always be followed. Not only do they stop accidents happening, they also help give a good impression to the public and help make things more fun for everyone involved.

Just because something isn't mentioned during the pre-game safety briefing or on this page doesn't mean that it's safe to do - if you're asked to stop doing something during a LARP by the LARP organiser or GM because they don't feel that it's safe, stop doing it. If you think you should be allowed to do it, don't argue about it then and there, raise the issue after the LARP and talk to the LARP Organiser about it either in person or over email.

There are three main aspects to LARP Safety:

Weapon Safety

Combat Safety

Time Calls

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This page last updated: 17th October 2004

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