A Roster of White City Player-Characters

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Below is a list of Player Character adventurers in the world of the White City. Characters are listed in alphabetical order of forename, ignoring titles. Characters with their names listed in bold have detailed entries in a table lower down this page including their levels, specials and a link to a brief description (in some cases including a link to a photograph). Characters whose names are not listed in bold have been on two or more noteworthy adventures but prefer to keep a relatively low profile. Characters with their names listed in italics are either dead (RIP), officially retired (Ret.) or missing in action with their fate unknown (MiA). Email the White City webmaster to add, correct or update your character details and description.

Please note: Information in the Levels/Specials section of the table below is strictly Out Of Character and some of it is not publicly known. Please do not assume that, just because it's written here, your character might know about it.

Character NamePlayerClass LevelsSpecials
AdanemoayXanWarrior 4, Light Sorcerer 2, Ranger 1, Ash Sorcerer 1Priest of the Light, Priest of the Lord of the Faithful, Whistful Dreamer, Mark & Blessing of the Lord of the Faithful, Geased & Sworn to destroy Selena Curiana, Enmity of the Velasquez
AdiJessieBlood Sorcerer 4, Scholar 5, Warrior 3, Black Flame Sorcerer 1Priestess of the Lady of Battles, Initiate of the Thousand Arts, Blessing of the Old Powers (crystal), Named "Namer"
Lady Captain Ambriel de Verlay - RIPHelen WWarrior 4, Thief 3, Noble 3Consumed by the Black Flame, Broken Moon Ambassador, Black & Red Rose Tattoos
Antonio DilarSteve JRanger 3, Thief 4, Warrior 2Low Guard, Retired
AnvilJoe WWarrior 5, Black Flame Sorcerer 4, Merchant 4Priest of the Lord of the Forge (Black Flame), Troll Blooded, Flamefaced
Arabella DawnLucyWarrior 2Troll Blood, Divine Blood, Priestess of the Lady of Battles
Arashi Moriyama - RIP VickyWarrior 5, Scholar 5, Ash Sorcerer 3, Ranger 1High Priestess of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes, High Guard
The Hon. Arbella LuxfreyJames FNoble 2, Warrior 2, Chain Sorcerer 2Cloistered Brethren of Chains
Arik Blackthorne aka Iago de Beus - RIPJulianWarrior 3, Thief 3, Chain Sorcerer 1, Merchant 1inhuman, spider-friend, spider-infested, cries tears of blood and wine, Disciple of Toquell Velasquez, Retired
AvityEllieThief 4, Glass Sorcerer 3, Warrior 1, Scholar 2Priestess of the Absent Lord
AzumaMatt HThief 4, Ash Sorcerer 4, Warrior 1, Scholar 1, Ranger 2Priest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes
BairothPeter MWind Sorcerer 4, Scholar 4Ascended to Join the Light, Rose Tattoo (Blessing: Rose Princess of the East's Daughter), Retired
Bartholemew D'ArtoisBenNoble 4, Glass Sorcerer 5, Warrior 1, Name Sorcerer 3Broken Moon Ambassador, Shattered Blood, Priest of the Vitriarchs, Bearer of the Eye-eater pouch
Captain Sir Belisar WelldonFedWarrior 4, Scholar 4Broken Moon Ambassador
Lord-Protector Belor de VellandPeter MWarrior 5, Noble 5, Merchant 1Ex-High Captain of the High Guard, Priest of the Black Flame, auroran eyes, eagle wings when in the North, cries tears of blood and wine, ruler of the Port of Glass and Flame, Retired
Lord Belric Luxfrey - RIPJames FWarrior 3, Noble 1, Light Sorcerer 1Priest of the Light, Knight of the Shining Order, Geased & Sworn to destroy Selena Curiana, Burnt-out Eyes, Retired
Benedict De Meliere Matt HNoble 1, Chain Sorcerer 2
Beornwulf DominicWarrior 4, Scholar 5, Merchant 3, Black Flame Sorceror 1
Captain "Ripper" Bill McKenzieJames WWarrior 3, Blood Sorcerer 5, Thief 1, Ranger 1, Merchant 1High Priest of the Lord of the Blood-Fury, blood-dripping right hand, lightning bolt brand, glowing corrupt fingernails, flowers grow where he walks, captain of the ship "Inferno", bloody kiss on his brow, sap for blood, cross and circle on his chest
Bottle - RIPJoe WBlood Sorcerer 3, Warrior 5, Ranger 2, Scholar 1Consumed by the Black Flame, Ordained to the Lady of Battle, Child of the Vine, High Guard Captain, Blood Cursed, Excommunicated by the Lady of Blood and Wine
BrandonRob CLight Sorceror 4, Thief 3, Warrior 2Priest of the Light, Low Guard, Wanted in the Port, Emnity of the Temple of Ash
Brian SmithRob WScholar 4, Ranger 5, Warrior 1, Thief 1Emnity of the Temple of Ash
Brynna Mortivelli - RIPHelen WAsh Sorcerer 3, Scholar 1Priestess of the Lord of the Gardens, Retired
Sir Carlos de MamushiJoe WNoble 5, Thief 5, Warrior 2, Light Sorcerer 2, Scholar 1Former Captain of the Low Guard, Divine Blood, Velasquez Blood, Former High Priest of the Hushed Princess, King Eric's Man, TrogloFu Master, Retired
Carmina CurianaVickyWarrior 4, Light Sorcerer 5, Chain Sorcerer 2, Scholar 1, Ranger 1Ascended to Join the Light, Knight of the Shining Order, burnt out eyes, Former Cloistered Brethren of Chains, Blessing of the Verdant Lord, Retired
CantingJames FDream Sorcerer 3Trapped Man (Parrot), Whistful Dreamer
Clare SheltonEmma LChain Sorcerer 2, Scholar 2, Warrior 1Cloistered Brethren of Chains, Initiate of the Thousand Arts
ClaretFrancesBlood Sorcerer ?, Warrior ?Priestess of the Lady of Blood and Wine
CrispinAndrew CWarrior 3 Ranger 1 Blood 1Blind, Priest of the Verdant Lord
Dale CothChris NWarrior 2, Thief 1King Eric's Man, Night Job (pub musician)
Daniel KelsonDominicGlass Sorcerer 4, Thief 2, Warrior 1, Light 1Glass Sentinel body, Ordained: Faceless Lord, Low Guard, Broken Moon Ambassador
DiegoJoe WThief 4, Warrior 4, Scholar 3, Chain Sorceror 1Under Suspicion by the Low Guard, Shining Order Knight, Living Metal Right Arm
Brother DieterAndrew CRanger3, Chain Sorcerer 3, Glass Sorcerer 2 Cloistered Brother of Chains, Broken Oath to the Lady of Battles, Spirit bound into Silver Chain
Dominic du CesareTony PWarrior 5, Dream Sorceror 2, Blood Sorcerer 2Troll Blooded
Dr. Edward HoltzJoe WScholar 4, Ash Sorcerer 2, Chain Sorcerer 2Cloistered Brethren of Chains, Initiate of the Thousand Arts, Suspected to be a Necromancer by the Low Guard
Edwin de CaiusAndrew CMerchant 5, Warrior 4, Scholar 1, Thief 1, Noble 2TrogloFu Practitioner
Elias VincenziDomScholar 3, Ranger 1Child of the Vine, Priest of the Lady of Blood & Wine, Rose Tattoo (Blessing: Rose Princess of the East's Daughter)
Enrico "Flash" CristoforiFedNoble 4, Warrior 4, Ranger 1, Thief 3Cristofori Blood
Erica de Velland - RIPVickyWind Sorcerer 2, Noble 2, Warrior 1, Thief 1Divine Blood, Priestess of the Rattle Prince, Retired
Falcon BravoJoe WAsh Sorcerer 3, Noble 4, Warrior 2, Thief 1Priest of the Sinister Lord, Unknowingly Named 'Treacherous', Hated by Karl D'Artois, Distrusted by the Low Guard, Captain of the NDL
Fal-Kar De AlmediaRichWind Sorcerer 4, Noble ?, Warrior ?, others unknownDe Almedia Blood, Priest of the Princess of Tempests, others?
Federico VelasquezJoffNoble 2, Chain Sorcerer 4Velasquez Blood, Priest of the Bound One "Opal"
FinchJames IChain Sorcerer 5, Warrior 4, Ranger 2, Merchant 1Cloistered Brother of Chains
Gex the RatcatcherRichWarrior 3, Ranger 3, Thief 3Low Guard, others?
Gustav YomaJames IWarrior 4, Blood 5, Ranger 3, Scholar 1Priest of the Lady of Battles, Emnity of the Temple of Ash
Harriet Pinter - RETIREDEllieScholar 5, Ash Sorcerer 5, Ranger 3Thousand Arts Initiate, Priestess of the Lord of the Faithful
Sir Hector De BerliozTrevorNoble 2, Warrior 2, Light Sorceror 2Shining Order Knight
Henry De CourciChrisNoble 3
Mrs. Hespera PaxHelen LDream Sorcerer 2
Don Inigo MontoyaJulianWarrior 5, Ranger 3, Merchant 1former Priest of the Light, Cast Out by the Shining Order, Under Suspicion by the Low Guard
Jacques De AlmediaChris NWarrior 2, Noble 3, Ranger 1, Scholar 1De Almedia Blood, Missing in Action
James CoinAndrew CScholar 2, Thief 3, Warrior 1King Eric's Man, Sworn Faithful, Distrusted by the Low Guard
James WarverDave HScholar 4, Merchant 3, Warrior 3Initiate of the Thousand Arts
Brother JaraXanChain Sorcerer 3, Thief 4, Ranger 3Cloistered Brethren of Chains, Low Guard, Enmity of King Eric
Jenevieve VelasquezJenniNoble 3, Thief 4, Warrior 1, Blood 2Velasquez Blood
Julia van der MeerLauraWarrior 3, Ash Sorcerer 2, Ranger 1Ashen Blood, Priestess of the Lord of the Faithful
Keldon MortisTomWarrior 2, Ash Sorcerer 3
Kisu of the NgeDomWarrior 2, Ranger 2Retired
Professor Kit FisableHelen WScholar 5, Thief 5, Ranger 2, Glass Sorcerer 2, Black Flame Sorcerer 1Ex-Professor of the College of the Thousand Arts, chain-mesh brand burning with Black Fire, glowing corrupt fingernails, Remade with Chains, Named "Binder of the Seven Powers", cries tears of blood and wine, Priestess of the Black Flame, Retired
KratosRichGlass Sorcerer 3, Warrior 2 Vessel for the King, Broken Moon Ambassador, Priest of the King in Fragments
Kyre WordsmithChaosWarrior 5, Blood Sorcerer 5, Black Flame Sorcerer 5/td> King Eric's Man, Hated by the Cloistered Brethren, Purple Eyes
LeeEllieRanger 3, Wind Sorcerer 4, Warrior 3
LoricJoe RThief 3, Blood Sorcerer 1, Warrior 1
Lucius CristoforiJamesNoble 3, Black Flame Sorcerer 3, Warrior 2 Priest of the Black Flame
Sir Lucas de Almedia- RIPDominic Warrior 2, Noble 3, Light Sorceror 2De Almedia Blood, Knight of the Shining Order, Priest of the Light, KIA
Marco di FalconiJoffScholar 4, Thief 4, Ranger 1, Blood Sorcerer 2Priest of the Lady of Blood & Wine, Singer of the Armour Song, Geased & Sworn to avenge Lucien D'Artois
Captain Matteus De AlmediaXanNoble 5, Warrior 3, Merchant 1, Wind Sorcerer 2Champion of the White City, High Captain of the High Guard, De Almedia Blood, Priest of the Rose Princes, Rose Tattoo (Blessing: Rose Princess of the East's Daughter), right arm of living gold
Meredith D'ArtoisVickyNoble 3, Light Sorcerer 2, Warrior 1 Priestess of the Light, Shattered Blood, Broken Moon Ambassador, Glass-encrusted eyes
Memnon - RIPJulianWarrior 2, Black Flame 2, Ranger 1
MirandaJessieThief 2, Wind Sorcerer 2 Low Guard; Ordained - Princess of Stories
Morgock SarmRichThief 3, Ranger 3, Warrior 2Weaver, Ordained to Nge the Scorpion King, others?
Nathaniel De AlmediaJames IThief 3, Noble 3, Dream 2De Almedia Blood, King Erik's man, Rainbow eyes
Neara TherapainasHelen LThief 2, Scholar 4, Glass Sorcerer 1Initiate of the Thousand Arts
Brother NimrodVicky Thief 2, Ash 1 Priest of the Lord of Silent Voices, Inhabited by a member of the Swarm
Nuwayragh VelasquezAnn Scholar 3, Noble 3, Black Flame 2 Velasquez Blood, Initiate of the Thousand Arts, Priest of the Black Flame
Orlando CristoforiVickyThief 4, Wind 4, Merchant 1, Warrior 1Divine blood, Priest of the Rattle Prince, Low Guard, Northern Defence League, Named 'Treacherous', Hero of Blaquinox
Orpheus du ValleDomWarrior 1, Thief 3Whistful Dreamer, Silverleaf addict
PauloTomWarrior 5, Blood Sorcerer 5, Ranger 1, Black Flame Sorcerer 3High Priest of the Lord of Blood Fury, bleeding lips
Phineas CrabbeJoe WWind Sorcerer 4, Warrior 4, Ranger 2Priest of the Prince of Storms, Raindrop markings
Poppy AttwoodLucy KRanger 1, Thief 2
Proyas D'AlmediaPeterWarrior 4, Noble 3, Ash Sorcerer 3 Priest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes, Extremely Mortal, Dream Cursed, Ashen Blood
Rufus RedbeardJames WWarrior 2, Thief 1One hand
Rupert LockeJames WChain Sorcerer 2, Scholar 3Initiate of the Thousand Arts, Disliked by the Cloistered Brethren of Chains
Ryn Coth - RIPEllieBlood Sorcerer 3, Ranger 2, Warrior 1, Scholar 1Priestess of the Lady of Battle, Retired
Samual FletcherRobert CWarrior 5, Scholar 5, Thief 3, Wind 2King Eric's Man
Sasha De CourciVickyNoble 5, Blood Sorceror 5, Warrior 2, Wind Sorceror 2Divine Blood, Priestess of the Mother of All Serpents, Blood Tied to the Dragon Faragmas
Lord Sebastian de FideliJoffWarrior 4, Thief 4, Merchant 1, Scholar 1, Noble 3Ennobled by Rebecca De Courci, Named "Loyal", Named "Believable"
Selena CurianaVickyAsh Sorcerer 5, Ranger 5, Glass Sorcerer 3, Black Flame Sorcerer 1Ashen Blood, Priestess of the Black Flame, Named "Traitor", corrupt extra mouth in her throat, covered in legible moving scars, cries tears of blood and wine, bear-mind, Priestess of the Broken Gardener, Retired and Deceased
Serafine D'ArtoisLauraNoble 4, Glass Sorcerer 4Shattered Blood, shattered eyes
SerethDave HarperWind Sorcerer 4, Scholar 4, Thief 2 Priest of the Rattle Prince
Shadow of the WolfTrevorBlood Sorcerer 3, Warrior 1, Ranger 1Divine Blood: Lord of the Pack
ShardfaceJames WGlass Sorcerer 2, Thief 1Priest of the Faceless Lord, spirit inhabiting a Crystal Vessel
Shenya CristoforiHelen WNoble 2, Warrior 2Cristofori Blood, Missing in Action
Simon Tyvek - RIP TomGlass Sorcerer 2, Warrior 1Priest of the Black Flame, King Eric's Man
Sirius Panastra - RIPRichWarrior 4, Thief 3, Ranger 1, Noble 1Troll Blood, Champion of the Red Gryphon, Named, others?, Retired
Solomon GreyJulianThief 3, Warrior 3 Low Guard
S'raem YarTrevorRanger 4, Warrior 3, Scholar 1, Merchant 1Wielder of the axe Dreamcleaver, Thousand Arts Member, NDL Member
Stephano De CourciJulianNoble 4, Wind Sorcerer 5, Ash Sorcerer 2, Ranger 1Priest of the Princess of the West Wind (one of the four Rose Princes), Blessing of the Rattle Prince, Wanted Man in the White City, Rose Tattoo (Blessing: Rose Princess of the East's Daughter)
Doctor Stophos CallisthenesFedWind Sorcerer 4, Scholar 4, Thief 1Priest of the Prince of Storms
TaggartJoe WRanger 3, Thief 2, Warrior 2
TarichTomChain Sorcerer 4, Ranger 5, Scholar 4Initiate of the Thousand Arts
Teresa De CourciHelen WBlood Sorcerer 4, Noble 2Priestess of the Verdant Lord, Flowers grow where she walks
ThaliaLauraWarrior 2, Ranger 2, Blood Sorcerer 1, Scholar 1Child of the Vine, Priestess of the Lady of Blood & Wine, Initiate of the Thousand Arts
Tommy Truebreath aka Za'Thul, formerly known as 'Roland', real name Erskine UskglassMatt HWind Sorcerer 5, Thief 5, Warrior 3, Glass Sorcerer 1, Black Flame Sorcerer 1Shattered Blood, Priest of the Rattle Prince, Hated by Snow Riders, Retired
Thier CristoforiJames GNoble 5, Wind Sorcerer 5, Warrior 4Cristofori blood
Toquell VelasquezJoe WName Sorcerer 5, Chain Sorcerer 5, Noble 2, Warrior 2Velasquez Blood, Cloistered Brethren of Chains, glowing purple eyes, blood of Waterfire, corrupt bonded living Chains, cries tears of blood and wine, Bound beneath the earth, Retired
Lieutenant Tristram Silke - RIPJames FWarrior 3, Glass Sorcerer 1Broken Moon Ambassador, Priest of the Broken Gardener, Retired
UlfJames FWarrior 3, Blood Sorcerer 4, Ranger 1Divine Blood: Lord & Lady of the Pack
Sir Ulrych von RauschpfeifePeter MWarrior 2, Light Sorcerer 3, Ranger 2Priest of the Light, Shining Order Knight
Vincenzi VelasquezXanNoble 4, Blood Sorcerer 5, Ranger 1, Scholar 3Spirit of the Land, Velasquez Blood, High Priest of the Lady of Blood & Wine, Initiate of the Thousand Arts, wolf-friend, Retired
Vitale de VerlayPeter MNoble 2, Warrior 2Glass Ambassador
Grandfather WhiteheadJames WWind Sorcerer 2Priest of the Princes of Breath
Sir Vincent D'Ermine AKA Winsel (the Weasel)BenThief 3, Noble 3, Warrior 1, Merchant 1Low Guard
YanaEllieWarrior 5, Chain Sorcerer 5, Thief 2Cloistered Brethren of Chains, cursed with an arachnine left hand, friend of the Black Hand
Observer Yu of the ShengziJames F Merchant 2WhistfulDreamer
??? AKA The Soldier of the White City, Ambassador to the PortRich Warrior 3, Black Flame Sorcerer 2, Noble 1, Scholar 1Ex-High Guard, Velasquez Blood, TrogloFu Master, Ambassador to the Port
??? (formerly "Philippe D'Artois", also known as "Dart") - RIPAndrew CThief 1, Ash Sorcerer 5, Noble 1Priest of the Lord of the Lake of Suicides, Shattered Blood, Retired
??? (formerly 'Tibs')Joe WThief 3, Glass Sorcerer 4, Warrior 2, Ranger 1Shattered Blood, Melting eye, Fragmented Glass eye, Wanted man in the White City?

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Abelard Velasquez
Thoroughly overshadowed by his more famous brothers Toquell and Vincenzi, Abelard is the sort of decent, upstanding young man that the Velasquez like to pretend they aren't related to. His Family secured him an early commission in the High Guard, where he served with quiet competence until he was struck by a taste for adventure. In recent months he has occupied himself with several daring endeavours, including exploratory journeys to the far North and South and a mysterious Eastern mission with his cousin Carlos de Mamushi.
Editor's Note:Abelard is no longer part of the High Guard, having joined Belor de Velland as the commander of the Obsidian Guard in the Port of Glass and Flame.

Adanemoay - photo available here
A polite, restrained and stoic warrior from the Whistful City, Adanemoay ("Adan" for short) came south from his native mountains for reasons as yet undisclosed, bringing with him little in the way of physical possessions beyond the clothes on his back and some cheap and shabby weapons and armour. Like most worshippers of the Light he has an obsession with purity and honesty, his northern upbringing giving him a particularly foreign take on things and often resulting in an air of distracted naïveté that belies his skill with the twin swords he wields. His face is habitually kept covered by a thick veil of black cloth. Stayed in a wing of the Luxfrey Family mansion as a guest of Belric Luxfrey and Belric's younger sister Arbella until after he helped save a number of nobles from a situation caused by a sorcerous mishap at the Embassy of the Whistful City (earning him the enmity of the Velasquez Family in the process), at which time he used his reward to buy a house in the White City and make a number of investments off which he has been living since. Was briefly taken to the Burned Realm, where The Follower (the Lord of the Faithful's chief servant) geased him and Belric Luxfrey to find and destroy Selena Curiana. Somehow survived being eaten by the dragon known as "Barameus the God-King".
"Physical existence is inherently impure, only the spirit can truly attain purity. Spirits are formed of Light, given shape in Dream, enter this world of Blood and Wind, then those that are not fortunate enough to ascend to the Light travel on to Ash where they remain until they find the purity of the Light once more. For purity cannot be imposed by force, it is a choice each individual must make for themselves and no two paths to purity are the same. Glass magic and necromancy are the greatest abominations, for where one might otherwise have the choice of resisting impurity those two foul sorceries are capable of imposing impurity from without and forever denying a spirit its rightful progression towards reunion with the Light."

Adi - photo available here
Adi is a priestess of the Lady of Battles; she loves a good fight, especially if it’s in what she considers to be a good cause. She considers knowledge and power to be tools towards this end, so it’s not that surprising that she’s now a senior lecturer in the College of a Thousand Art’s Faculty of the Arcane. In fact, Adi has found an academic home for herself as head of the Department for Experimental Theology, a department increasingly popular with heretics free thinkers where paperwork has this tendency to get fed to the Black Flame lost during containment failures. Recent field missions include helping to remove the Black Flame from the Heart of the Forest, and returning the Princess of Tempests to her place in the Burned Realm. Adi shares her college rooms with a pet rabbit (or is it two?).
You can read Adi's thoughts on Innocence and her musings on the events of 'Blood in the Streets' and 'Marriage Party' in the Fiction section.

Lady Captain Ambriel de Verlay - photo available here
Unlike many officers in the Broken Guard, Captain de Verlay - born plain Ambriel Chermes, to a common family in the Port - gained her commission by promotion from the ranks, rather than birth or wealth. Originally serving under Dominic Laird, she was seconded to the Port's Embassy in the White City as an Exploratory Attaché, an ill-defined role that seems to include a great deal of work that the Embassy deems too dangerous or dubious for its less disposable members. She is quietly patriotic, and takes her mission to promote the good name of the Family D'Artois seriously; nor does her loyalty seem to be for sale. In the less salubrious quarters of the city, where she can be often found off-duty, drinking in adventurers' taverns, she is known to have an addiction to Vainglory. There are also rumours that she occasionally suffers from uncannily prophetic dreams and hallucinations; but, as they say, it's probably just the drugs.
Ambriel recently bankrupted several White City bookmakers with a completely unexpected marriage to young Lord Vitale de Verlay, making her a member of the de Verlay family by marriage, in the same week that the previous Ambassador, Waldo d'Artois, suffered a hideous accident and was replaced by Miguel del Santos. In the words of the Broken Moon's diplomatic staff on hearing the news, "Well, that was unexpected".

Antonio Dilar - retired
A somewhat mentally vulnerable individual, Antonio can often be found either running away from nearby sources of destructive magic, or running away completely randomly if it seems like an idea at the time. Rumours of him being responsible for the death of a young baby are completely unfounded.
You can read Antonio's Farewell to the White City in the Fiction section.

A blacksmith by trade, Anvil has recently moved to the White City and begun to preach the creed of the Lord of the Forge, a diety of ingenuity and creation who is destined to be crafted by the hands of men. Anvil is clearly troll blooded, with a hulking form and a deep gutteral voice. He has taken up adventuring to fund the creation of his new temple. Recently he returned from the fighting in the Port with a mask of Flame where once was his face. He used to have a name other than Anvil, but it has been given to the Flame.

Arashi Moriyama
Originally hailing from one of the far Eastern Kingdoms, a matriarchal society to which she refers as the Kingdom of the Crimson Queen, Arashi apparently came to the West in search of somebody. She travels frequently from place to place, finding work where she can, but for the time being has appeared to have found employment in the service of the Velasquez household. She often seems somewhat bewildered by the strangeness and what she views as "over familiarity" of western culture. From what is know of her culture, honour appears to be valued highly amongst men and women of her social standing. Despite her being a fervent Priestess of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes, it is apparent that she rarely finds herself at home in the White City's Temple of Ash, with regard to her somewhat liberal views, in particular her more relaxed attitude towards necromancy. She believes strongly in tolerating all world views, with the notable exception of glass magic. It also appears that she harbours some sort of guilt about an event that occurred on a recent mission to the far north.

Following the demise of Duchess Chiara and the rise of her rival Nerino, Arashi seems to have turned her back on the Velasquez family seemingly in disgust. She still remains true to her duties as bodyguard to Federico, as he is something of the black sheep of the family.

The Hon. Arbella Luxfrey
Once Arbella was a typical minor-De-Courci-cousin White City socialite. However following the death of her father in the Red Gryphon war, Arbella got bored of the social scene and decided to take up adventuring. Her stories from adventures spread like wildfire amongst the nobility (despite being perhaps not entirely true), involving her battling numerous enemies, meeting at least five Powers, hanging out with all manner of salubrious characters, burning lots of stuff in the name of the Black Flame, and looking damn good in a steelsilk corset.
Then It All Went Horribly Wrong. On a trip to the Northern Mountains with Adi, the Dream Power Innocence said the Bound Ones were once 'hers' and good. Adi was intrigued with this, whilst Arbella violently rejected it and joined the Cloistered Brethren to combat the lies. This caused problems the next time she adventured with Adi- Arbella ended up attacking her, leaving her bleeding to death, before disappearing off into the Northern Mountains alone "to kill Innocence".
She returned to the White City a year later, after the death of Lord Belric Luxfrey, bringing with her a baby, the new Lord Theoderic Luxfrey.
You can read
one of Arbella's anecdotes, more about the Family Luxfrey and a discussion with her mother in the Fiction section, see her arms in the Heraldry section, and see an illustration of her Family Tree here.

Arik Blackthorne aka Iago de Beus - RIP
Arik Blackthorne, to those who have only heard of him, is an investment banker without peer and a certain safe bet if one hopes to increase their wealth, prestige, and collection of stuff. To those who know him, however, he's an inglorious bastard with the morals of a stoat and the absolute conviction he's the best thing since sliced bread. Arik considers Shenya Cristofori to be his best friend, and has completely forgiven her for the minor incident involving the savage beating and the healing potions. Last abandoned by his comrades seen peppered with Glass shards and bleeding to death in a secret drug-den in the White City's sewers.
The merchant calling himself Iago de Beus is a recent arrival in the White City. Always swathed in heavy black cloth and a mask, rumours suggest Iago may be a Weaver, or perhaps something more sinister. In either case, Iago has begun to make a name for himself selling quality steelsilk to adventurers and nobles, although never face-to-face.
You can read Arik's story about the creation of the Black Flame in the Fiction section.

Dishonourable peasant that gives all the other peasants a bad name. Suspicious beard. Usually caked in dirt. Travelled here all the way from the Kingdoms of the East, apparently following Arashi Moriyama. No-one really wants to know why. A priest of the Burned Lords, which suggests they're getting kinda desperate. Occasionally pretends not to speak the Western language, much to the annoyance of fellow travellers. Also pretends to be illiterate and/or moronically stupid, although the last bit isn't entirely untrue. Kowtows to anyone in authority, then as often as not tries to steal their shoes. Malodorous.

Bairoth - Retired
Bairoth, illegitimate son of the Lord de Mamushi and one-time priest of the Hushed Princess (known to him as She Who Whispers in the Dark) is a changed figure from the young and somewhat naive individual who returned to the White City a year and a half ago after many years training in the South. Over the past few months it has become clear to those who know him well that there is some level of instability now found in him. More recently still he seems to have undergone some deep trauma and has turned his back upon the secrets which he used to value so highly. Several scholars have stated themselves prepared to swear that the documents detailing the precise location of an underground lake containing the secrets of the Hushed Princess are written in a hand very much like that of Bairoth's. Darker and harder now, Bairoth remains attached to his friends, perhaps relying on them more now than ever before. Rumours of some sort of glass-inflicted, infected wound are unsubstantiated.

Bartholomew D'Artois
Bartholemew is an important noble of the Port of Glass, loyal to his farther Lemuel D'Artois and a devout worshipper of the Vitriarchs. However, for several years he has been a member of the Embassy from the Port of Glass to the White City. He is a recognised figure in the City, known to have worked for several of the noble Families and even to have performed vital services for Rebecca De Courci herself. As such, despite his affiliations he is regularly seen at social events and in several of the more respectable inns and taverns. He believes that the Vitriarchs are widely misunderstood, and if people would only take the time to try and learn about them then they would realise that they do not need to be demonised and hated. He is also always willing to show the interested his collection of eyeballs, which he believes to be without peer. The nervous are assured that every one was either given willingly or taken from the bodies of those who attacked him first; he is a peaceful man, who would not dream of taking a life without provocation.

Captain Sir Belisar Welldon
Rising through the ranks of the White City Broken Moon Embassy Guard, Captain Welldon is said to have been instrumental in the War for the Port Glass and in advising Duke Karl. For his services in leading the mission (the precise circumstances of the even and leadership never having been entirely confirmed) to find and kill Belor following the recapturing of the Port earned him an elevation by Duke Karl and further attention at the Port of Glass, something that the dutiful Captain hardly enjoys. Yet duty does call and there is little to do but soldier on!

Lord-Protector Belor de Velland - retired
For two centuries, the name of de Velland was unheard in the White City, following the brutal murder of, seemingly, the entire family. For two hundred years the name languished in books alone. Then, some two summers ago, Belor de Velland appeared in the White City speaking of the younger daughter of a younger daughter of the family who escaped West, of a family's struggle with a great and Nameless Evil beyond the Western Forest and of the family's need for help in facing it. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed, the de Velland name again was spoken in the city following Belor's meteoric rise through the ranks of the nobility, though this was certainly helped by his association with the sorcerous and controversial Toquell Velasquez. Given this and his guarded and private manner and his Aurorean eyes rumours abound as to the source of his success. Such rumours were only reinforced following his being named one of the four High Captains of the High Guard after his activities in the Marius Insurrection.
Finally, some months ago, following the revolution in the Port of Glass, Belor de Velland made an extended trip East, returning with Selena Curiana at the head of the largest army of undead the world has ever seen and overran the weakend Port. As waves of Black Flame swept across the city, consuming buildings and people alike, Belor declared himself Lord Protector of the Port of Glass and Flame.
Belor was killed by adventurers from the White City and is currently a guest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes.
You can read a tale about him in the Fiction section.

Lord Belric Luxfrey - RIP - photo available here
Lord Belric was the head of the Luxfrey family, one of the oldest noble families in the city, and a cousin of the Governor. However he regarded the nobility, politics and other material concerns with contempt. He was a anti-materialistic panentheist fanatic, a strong supporter of the Church of the Light Indivisible obsessed with internal purity- purging himself and the Exhaulted Church of the Light. However his views on matters outside the Church were more pragmatic than many Light worshippers, and he believed in using lesser evils to defeat greater ones.
In his last year he was noted for his hatred of the Dread Necromancer Selena Curiana, who he was, along with Adanemoay, geased by the Lord of the Faithful to destroy. He died in the service of the Shining Order, fighting Selena's undead in the Broken Garden, in the winter of the 26th year of Rebecca de Courci's reign.
His detractors say he was a self-hating madmen, tormented by visions of the Vitriarchs, twisted by his guilt for the murder of the foremost Light sorceror of recent times, who embarked on a suicidal quest specifically to release himself from the impurity and misery of mortal existance. His supporters say much the same: that he was an extreme ascetic, constantly striving to be pure, who helped defeat the arch-heretic and who unflinchingly died doing his duty.
You can read more about the Family Luxfrey and Belric's ritual purification by his uncle in the Fiction section, and see an illustration of his Family Tree here.

Benedict De Meliere
In years long gone by, the De Meliere were one of the great families of the White City. Their fall was precipitated two generations ago by an attempt to seize the governorship of the City by force. Now the last scion of the clan, Benedict, has returned to City life in an attempt to redeem his family's reputation. Supposedly he is a nice enough young man, but prone to the odd 'funny turn', of some sort.

A White City blacksmith, with a small but thriving business. Has made a trade deal with enterprising sorts outside of the city and with this his trade is increasing, and he is in the process of aquiring apprentices and expanding the business. When not smithying, he goes adventuring on missions he feels appropriate to an upstanding merchant of the White City.

Captain "Ripper" Bill McKenzie - photo available here
A frequently drunken and cheerfully psychopathic ex-pirate, stranded on dry land after a series of unsuccessful business ventures (read: raids) left him without a ship. Formerly a minion of Toquell Velasquez, there is a certain amount of bad blood between Bill and Toquell's other (former) companions, for varying reasons. Though he has now regained a ship (the "Inferno", which plunders the waters near the Port of Glass) he has found new purpose in the service of the Great Forest and the Old Powers.
Bill has a wide variety of magical deformities, obtained in one way or another. On his chest, drawn in blood, is a small circle with a cross inside it. His brow bears the mark of a lightning bolt striking waves; this is marked over with a bloody kiss-mark like the one seen on the late Vincenzi Velasquez. His right hand is constantly red and dripping with blood, and when cut he has been known to bleed sap. Finally, a peculiar species of red flower grow where he walks. It has been established that smoking these, more commonly known as the Billflower, will drive one into a psychopathic rage.
You can read a conversation between Bill and Kit in the Fiction section and a song about Bill's pirate ship Inferno in the Filk section.

Bottle - photo available here
Bottle wandered out of the Western Forest several weeks ago, apparently having been exiled by his fellow Vine Children. He professes to have no knowledge of who he was or what he did to deserve his punishment, however most people take this to be a result of his constant state of inebriation. Indeed he seems to have none of the Vine Children's legendary tolerance for alcohol, and apparently refuses to consume blood for nourishment. For a short time he was taken in by Claret, surviving off the dregs of wine left by the Black Griffin's patrons. Recently however he has begun sharing a boarding house room with Tarich, having made firm friends with the tribesman while adventuring together in the West.
Following a near-death experience he appears to have drawn the interest of the Lady of Battles who has taken him as one of her priests. As with most things in his life these days, Bottle appears to be completely unaware of this development.
After the appearance of the Long Road from the Port, Bottle took up a commission in the High Guard. Sensibly he was assigned to a parade regiment where he wouldn't cause a disaster. What the unfortunate, pampered sons of merchants under his command make of the situation is unclear.
Bottle sacrificed himself to the Black Flame during the war and has somehow become linked to the Long Road of Obsidian that lies between the Port of Glass and the White City.

Brandon is a newly graduated brother of the Brotherhood of the Darkened Shroud. Their motto is “It is in the darkness when only the light within remains that the Light is most Bright, unaltered unsullied by crude common light.” The Brotherhood is a rather extreme sect of the Temple of the Light, it sees all forms of Drugs as impure, and comes down heavily on their use. This is somewhat ironic, in the fact that their academy is located towards the Wistful city.

The most notable thing about the order is their tattoo’s, which are representative of their rank, and gradually get more elaborate and bigger as they become more important. Interestingly it is these tattoo’s that glow when a brother is raising the light. The adoring of these tattoo’s is a very solemn affair. Brandon has recently been sent to the White City Chapter, and the Brotherhood has negotiated for him a position in the Low Guard to hone his skills, the brotherhood sees Brandon becoming an important tool for infiltrating the citadels of the Impure and once in the inner sanctum, “purifying” the area.

Brian Smith
Bastard, rejected son of a unknown noble and his blacksmith father. Brian grew up poor but loved by his hard working father. From his early childhood once the truth of his mother was learned he has had a deep hate for nobles and nobility alike. His father taught him well and he grew up to be a man of morals. When his father died in destitution, he left for the wild to escape until recently returning to go on adventures to help the people of the White City.

Brynna Mortivelli - RIP
Brynna Mortivelli was an experimental alchemist, and devout Priestess of the Lord of the Gardens, who kept a small apothecary's shop by the East Gate. She died in the North while on a mission to try and heal her god.
You can read a short tale about Brynna in the Fiction section.

Carlos de Mamushi - Retired
The former Captain of the Low Guard and one of Rebecca De Courci's most trusted advisors, Carlos disappeared into the North following the defeat of the Necromancer at Three Rivers. Some speculation has it that the loss of his half-brother Bairoth on the mission may have been more than the young noble could bear. More cynical gossips hold that his close relations with the High Priestess of the Light, Carmina Curiana, had earned him the displeasure of the Governer.
On his final journey Carlos reportedly sustained a severe injury that appeared to resist the restorative powers of Ash. His current whereabouts are now unknown but some alchemists in the Whistful City claim to have encountered a man seeking help for a weeping wound in his side. Given the addled state of most of the Whistful City's inhabitants these rumours are not seen as particularly conclusive.

Carmina Curiana
Briefly serving as the High Priestess of the Light, Carmina was depending on your point of view one of the most famous or most infamous members of the adventuring circuit. Having joined the Shining Order at a particularly early age, she served it for a long time as one of its most fervent members. After the Marius coup, though, her faith seemed to take something of a beating and she deserted the Order in favour of the Cloistered Brethren. Though nothing has ever been proved there are occasional rumours that she was likely involved in the revolution in some way or another and Marius's final demise led her to become disillusioned. More recently, though, she seems to have had some sort of revelation, having been part of the party that finally killed the Apostate, Katherine Sloughburne, and having been at the epicentre when an aspect of the Light was summoned outside the De Courci palace. Spiritually she appears to have been turned back to the cause of the Light and to have discovered new purpose as its High Priestess. Some suspect that she was at one time a supporter of the Incarnationist faction of the Church but currently she holds no allegiance to either side, claiming internal strife to be counter-productive. Although no longer a member she remains a strong supporter of the Cloistered Bretheren and its goals.

Amongst her achievements one might list having aided in the demise of the Princess of Tempests, having helped free Crossroads from fanatical Light worshippers, rescuing a baby and having aided Teresa De Courci in freeing the Heart of the Forest from the Black Flame. In addition there are those who would say that she was responsible for the disappearance of Lemuel D'Artois- both times. She lived with her close friend and fellow Light Priestess, Amelia du Sallis. As a point of note her townhouse was also said to have one of the finest gardens in the city.

After a successful mission to free her old friend, Bairoth, from unwilling service to the Hushed Princess, Carmina ascended to join the Light, taking her former comrade with her. What exactly the entity that was or perhaps still is Carmina Curiana is now is a matter of some scholarly debate. It is clear now that she serves the Light as an embodiment of Redemption and a patron to those who seek it. For what it is worth she seems to represent a more compassionate face of the power, although whether this represents a change of focus within the Light itself is unclear. There are those who claim to have seen her manifest in the North, along with Bairoth, whose existence is now intimately tied to hers. Whether her interest in Dream has something to do with the fact that her old flame, Carlos de Mamushi, was rumoured to have disappeared in the North or to do with dark mutterings of impending invasion from Dream since the removal of Three Rivers is anyone's guess.

Canting is tall dream sorceror, who always wears a big ragged colourful coat with lots of bells on. He recently came south from the Whistful City, where he called himself the Belette Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary and tended to spend evenings hanging out in the Dancing Ferret, smoking vainglory and designing coats of arms for people. Now he's in the White City he spends his nights in the Long Road, doing much the same thing but calling himself the Trimard Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary. Canting has become friends with many of the Long Road regulars, especially Orpheus, who he designed a coat of arms for.
No-one has ever seen Canting during the day. This is because Canting is a trapped man, and by day he's a large, quite intelligent but very scruffy parrot who works for the Whistful City embassy in the White City. His job involves sitting on the shoulder of the ambassador, squawking the names of people the ambassador meets.
You can read how Canting designed a coat of arms for Orpheus du Valle (http://flrp.anang.com/whitecity/fik/orpheus.html) in the Fiction section.

Clare Shelton
Amongst other undergraduates at the College of the Thousand Arts, this young woman has something of a reputation for her unorthodox religious views. She seems to be something of an adventurer, with revolutionary tendencies. She's rumoured to have been in the Port of Glass around the time of the recent revolution, though prefers to keep quiet on the subject herself. Currently attached to the Faculty of Ancient History.

Barmaid at the Black Griffin. Occasionally, people pinch the barmaid's bottom and discover they've also pinched the bottom of the bouncer. If they don't leave, they discover they've also pinched the bottom of a large, angry bear.

A slightly-mysterious but mostly just scruffy figure from the Western Forest, who seems to know a little about herbs and a similar amount about the practice of waving-a-staff-about. He claims to have been wandering the forest for most of his life, and is a priest of the Verdant Lord.

A little unsure about the ways (and means) of the White City, he nonetheless appears to have, through no real fault of his own, managed to fall in with the city's adventuring community.

Dale Coth
Usually known as Dale the Cloak or just Dale, he arrived in the White City around a month before the appearance of the Big Black Flame. He comes from the City of Silk, and claims to be an unemployed politician. He seems to have very rapidly made friends with several of the better-dressed denizens of the Black Gryphon, in which establishment he has a regular evening set. If you know the wrong kind of people, the word is out that Dale the Cloak can get Things Done (tm).

Daniel Kelson
Once a member of the Low Guard, Daniel has handed his Ebony badge over to Lady Captain de Verlay, "to be dealt with as the embassy sees fit" and is now a permanent guest at the Embassy of the Broken Moon. From there he is sent on missions by his hosts, although not always with the same objectives as the party...

A youth in his early teens, Diego is a Shining Order Knight in training and the former ward of Carmina Curiana the now-Ascended former High Priest of the Light.
Always exceptionally polite and apparently well behaved, many still find something a little unsettling about the boy, whose eyeless gaze often seems exceptionally...judgemental. Diego is little concerned with the opinion of others however, content that as one of the City's most blessed priests of the Light he enjoys an all encompassing love that eclipses any human affection.

A cloistered brother. Currently residing in the port of glass as chief assistant to the head of the brethren's concern there . He’s not much liked by his fellow brothers, and spends little time in the company of anyone outside the cloistered brethren.
He also seems to be faintly, though not entirely, mad. There are rumours of his family having loose and distant connections with Port of Glass nobility. There are other rumours that he is a glass sorceror himself, and that the brethren know this and encourage it.

Dr. Edward Holtz
An affable, slightly pudgy middle aged man. He is reputed to be one of the City's more capable surgeons and a skilled practitioner of the alchemical arts. He was apparently inducted into the Cloistered Brethren of Chains for his skill at performing exorcisms.
He has yet to return to the city following an expedition to the South and has sent word to the College that he is on an extended Sabbatical.

Edwin Lunn
An extremely wealthy minor noble associated with the Cristofori family. Hailed originally from the City of Crossroads, but has since married into White City nobility.
He has extensive trade concerns with the Whistful City and Crossroads, and a fairly successful trade-route with the Eastern Kingdoms, and some tentative excursions into the Western Forest as well. He is known to work with the Velasquez family in at least one concern. Most of his trade concerns information, drugs and luxury goods.

Elias Vincenzi - photo available here
A vinechild, novice chanter / piper, devoted to the worship of the Lady of Blood and Wine. A recent quest with Professor Kit Fisable, North to the peak of Memory, has only served to fuel the bitter rivalry between the two of them - indeed, both have sworn to kill the other on sight.
Elias is suspicious of most, insufferably proud, and particularly bloodthirsty when performing Last Rites, consuming the blood of the recently killed. As a novice priest, however, he tries to be more reserved about his feeding than many of his kind, eating one meal a day and fasting for the rest.
Elias spends much of his time travelling the edge of the Great Forest, collecting songs and old tunes, and will often trade his skills for a new melody.

Enrico "Flash" Cristofori -
Brave, honourable, honest and bluff Enrico (cowardly, back-stabbing, conniving and womanising bastard) and famed (accidental) adventurer.
Born to minor noble of the Cristofori family, Enrico's early life was spent in an attempt to get an education and join the family's business which disastrously failed when he became entangled with another merchant's daughter in the White City. Marriage was deemed to be the only solution (it was that or face a duel with the girl's uncle) and Enrico spent some time enjoying the comforts of the city while his wife's father payed for it.
A brief spell in the High Guard ended when rumour reached Matteus De Almedia's ears that Enrico had enjoyed too close a company with one of his female relations (all true). Fleeing was the best possible choice and Enrico moved speedily to the East where he spent four long years in the City of Crossroads and thereabouts. News has returned that he had assisted Gerran Bellart in several ventures and even prevented an assassination of the Governor (all true, though none of those were Enrico's intentions, he was busy saving his own skin and did it accidentally).
Returning to the White City (quite desperately by now, since undeserved glory had earned him enemies) as a slightly more hardened warrior, Enrico has tried to keep a low profile, which didn't stop Matteus catching up with him and forcing a degree of payment out of him for past indiscretion.
A lily-livered coward by nature who has had the misfortune to appear brave to all around him, Enrico constantly finds himself in dangerous situations and does his best not to get killed (while making off with the gold and the women if he can).
He has steadily grown to become an important influence in the family as he dutifully explored new trading possibilities in the East... not least by dutifully exploring female connections he has built up. He is said to spend a lot more time in the City of Crossroads - no doubt poring over paper-work and ensuring the smooth running of trade and not, for example, whoring and drinking.
Though the circumstances of his trip to the Breathing Isles are not exactly clear, Flash has returned from them with a new trading contract, increase in Cristofori influence on the isle and the pretty daughter of the Pirate King as his wife. Of course he considers the latter to be the biggest catch for himself.

Erica de Velland - RIP
Cousin to Belor and one of the clan's seers, Erica grew up in the far West defending the front from the onslaught of a nameless terror. Upon reaching adulthood Erica was sent eastward by her mother to gather aid for their cause, going first to the Port of Glass and then on to the White City to support her cousin. She appeared a mild mannered and soft spoken woman and seemed to have a high sense of honour and duty.
Erica died tragically in the far north, shortly before she was to be married to Federico Velasquez. Although details of her death remain obscure it seems it was extremely traumatic.

Falcon Bravo
A selfstyled 'Gentleman Adventurer' from some obscure Family in the City of Crossroads, Falcon Bravo has apparently joined the White City adventuring community as a break from his usual business of desecrating ancient temples and running from enraged cultists.

Falcon proclaims himself a servant of the Sinister Lord, master of the dead by inaction, and certainly his sorcery appears to have a Burned Lord's sanction. His views on the manner of his service however seem a bit strange, and might be a matter for fierce theological controversy if Priests of the Sinister Lord were inclined to such. They're not.
Since his arrival in the White City a lot of Falcon's affable zeal seems to have been worn out of him by what he wearily calls 'the rigors of companionship'.

Fal-Kar De Almedia
Formerly a complete flake, Fal-Kar has been bullied by his Family and circumstance into taking a more active role in the Family's trading concerns. He seems to constantly be at the wrong place at the wrong time and thus get himself further into trouble over almost any issue. Sometimes it seems to him that all his knowledge has been taught the hard way. A Wind sorcerer of some renown, he is known to respect and revere all the Princes of Breath. It is said he was instrumental in the rescuing of one Kit Fisable from the Port of Glass, even throwing a duel against Emmanuel D'Artois so as to keep up to speed with the plan (says he if challenged over the matter). He has most recently been seen in the De Almedia library looking up duelling customs cross referenced to the Port of Glass and swearing a lot.

Finch Tyrell
Although his parents lived in the eastern deserts, Finch had spent all his life in the White City slums after they moved to the city looking for a new life. Though he was able to hold his own in a fight, the mysteries of the arcane arts appealed to him, leading to him joining the Cloistered Brethren. He now lives the life of a monastic brother, spending many hours in study and discource. Even so, sometimes he leaves the Cloistered Brethren on some urgent mission, returning later battle-wearied but with the task completed.

Although his time in the Cloistered Brethren has taught him something of tactics and subtlety, Finch still remains hot-headed and confrontational. He harbours resentment against the nobles of the White City for wasting their money on frivolties while the poor grub in the dirt, although will grudgingly accept that some are worthy companions in a mission. He has a pragmatic attitude to magics, having no problem with travelling with glass mages, necromancers and so on as long as they get the mission done. In his opinion killing someone isn't made more evil by doing it through a storm of shards rather than a sword.

Federico Velasquez - photo available here (pictured with his old fencing buddy Johann de Cotteril, now deceased)
Not one of those Velasquez... well actually he is, but he tries very hard to dissociate himself from the memory of his warring cousins, especially the one he idolised as a child... A chain mage and adventurer, this young man has seen many of his childhood friends cut down and his outlook is darkening as a result, but he has never abandoned his kind hearted nature or his quiet campaign for social change in the White City. He does seem to be rather fonder of gemstones than he used to be, though. And he can sometimes be heard muttering under his breath about sloppily painted walls.

Gex the Ratcatcher
Able to deal with vermin of all sizes with either his longbow or crossbow, Gex has found a welcome addition to his income from ratcatching in the form of accompanying adventuring parties out and sticking things with arrows or bolts at a distance. Gex recognises his lowly station in life but seeks to improve himself and one day hopes to reach the heady heights of being gutter scum.

Gustav Yoma
Gustav was raised in the Western Forest, in a secretive sect of worshippers of the Lady of Battles. The sect are known for their skill in the hunting and killing of the various monsters and supernatural entities that plague the Forest, but for some unknown reason Gustav was forced to leave them. Now he works as an freelance exterminator in the White City, continuing the Lady's work in his own way.

Harriet Pinter
Harriet Pinter is an Ash Priest ordained to the Lord of the Faithful. She is also a librarian in the faculty of Theology at the College of Thousand Arts. She has been known to dedicate herself to a number of causes - not all of them successful. She is the curious type and asks more questions than is good for her but has gained some respect from her travels to the North where she learnt an awful lot!

Sir Hector De Berlioz
Born of a minor noble family in the White City, Hector was raised by a stern, but loving, father and a loving, but stern, mother. Having managed to conceive their only son much later on in life it was not long before, sadly, Hector was head of the family. The Berlioz were staunch supporters of the church of the light and in honour of his family Hector enlisted as a knight of the shining order. Now clad in chain, armed with steel and backed with a stern, but loving upbringing, Sir Hector rose to the challenge as squire to two notable knights of the order, and promptly lost both of them to darkness. Sir Hector continues to brave the unknown sometimes clad in white, sometimes in black in honour of his fallen or lost comrades.

Henry De Courci
Henry de Couri, along with his twin Teresa, is a fine example of the next generation of White City public servant. He aims to become a professional diplomat, following in the footsteps of his parents, and is setting out with Teresa to serve his apprenticeship on the adventuring circuit.

Mrs. Hespera Pax - photo available here
Mrs. Pax is usually to be found in one of two places: wreathed in shawls and telling fortunes in the fayres and markets of the White City, or stumping around the countryside with a big stick and leather armour designed for a woman fifty years her junior (she uses the empty bosom space to keep her baccy in). Her fortune-telling mostly arises from imagination and a sense of humour; what she actually specialises in are dreams, but she doesn't admit to it often as she vociferously disapproves of things that "bain't natural". She isn't too handy with a sword but she's tough as old boots, and she's got the knack of throwing enemies off-balance by combining her best intimidating stare with lewd comments about their trousers. Her hobbies include matchmaking, "interesting" herbs, sausages, answering back to the gods and knowing more than she ought.

Don Inigo Montoya
Proclaimed by many as the greatest swordsman in the world, Don Inigo Montoya spent his life travelling from place to place, righting injustices with his blade and earning a crust with displays of skill and swashbuckling - until he was blinded in an unfortunate accident. He was taken in at first by the Exalted Church of the Light and the Shining Order, but after some months he had his eyes mysteriously restored, and upon doing so repudiated the Church and the Order (or was kicked out...), saying that they had fallen away from the good path and into evil.
Now Inigo travels the world again, putting wrongs right and duelling with all who oppose him. He has sworn to defeat the evil that blights the Exalted Church of the Light and restore justice to the White City and the world!

Jacques De Almedia - missing in action - photo available here
Jac De Almedia (alias Jack Hall when indulging in secrecy) was, through an accident of chronology, brought up a bandit by Sir Thomas Wollesley's men. He was brought into the Family fold by the De Almedias at around the age of twenty-five, with the main job description of being professionally expendable. He adventured for the White City, made something of a reputation for himself and then went missing in the Port of Glass while attempting to rescue Kit Fisable.

James Coin
Scholar and crook from the White City in his late teens. Orphaned as a child and brought up by a rather eccentric alchemist. After her death, he was persuaded to join King Eric, quite happily in fact, as he was finding it a bit hard to make an honest living. He works more as a spy than a thief, and he still does some legitimate business as an alchemist and healer. Prone to making sudden impulsive decisions which he later regrets.

James Warver
James is a research fellow and lecturer in the Faculty of Alchemy of the College of a Thousand Arts. He specialises in anti-magic potions, but recently his interests have been drawn to a number of other areas. He harbours a barely suppressed hatred for mages of all kinds due to events early in his childhood where, with his mother, he barely escaped the destruction of his village. His mother's death after their arrival in the White City has affected him ever since.
Of late he has gone adventuring with other members of the college to expand his horizons and help pay for his research. Having realised that one can learn much that isn't in even the College's extensive library, he intends to continue this despite the setbacks he has endured, including having his memory nearly completely erased by a Rosemary Maid and coming close to death rather more frequently than he would have liked.

Brother Jara - photo available here
A small and generally unassuming man, except when there's something he wants to know or the interests of the Cloistered Brethren and the White City are at stake, Jara is a scholar and exorcist who prefers to take a supporting role near the back of adventuring parties. Calm, patient and persistent, though pragmatic and swift to act in emergencies. His family hails from the City of Crossroads, from whence he moved to the White City after being recruited by the Cloistered Brethren of Chains. Younger brother to Yana. His left arm was lost in the battle against the Army of the Red Gryphon, later replaced by a chain-mesh replica crafted by the Cloistered Brethren and eventually regrown by Bill McKenzie's Blood sorcery.

Jenevieve Velasquez - photo available here
Incorrigible. Wayward. Arrogant. Reckless. Never gives in, never backs down and will never, ever neglect a friend in need.
Brought up in the luxurious Velasquez household, Jenevieve was tutored in the Machiavellian ways of her family and idolised her mysterious older cousin, Vincenzi. She was an adventurous child who could run faster than her younger brother (and partner-in-crime), Federico, so her schemes used to land him in trouble with their parents, their family and sometimes even the city authorities. Then again, it was always Jenevieve who got him out of trouble again. At the age of sixteen her parents sent her to the College of a Thousand Arts, with a sizable sum in Hexa to pay for her tuition. She kept on walking until she reached the Whistful City, where she spent all the money on wine, men, women, and song! Now she's back, having strolled into The White City and back into Federico's life unrepentant as the devil, with nary an explanation of where she's been or what she's been doing for three years. There are rumours she spent the time with Vine-children, though these could just have been started by people who have seen her put away her wine!
Never having grasped the finer subtleties of politics, Jenevieve channels that Velasquez way with words into con-artistry and charming her way around everyone she meets. She is deadly with a sword, but will usually try to talk her way out before rushing into a fight. She is even deadlier at poker. Generally a follower of the school of thought that states that believing in gods will only encourage the bastards, Jenevieve has, recently, been feeling the lure towards sorcery and power that seems to affect all the Velasquez. Too roguish for Light magic, not (quite) insane enough for Glass magic, she has to admit a certain grudging admiration for the trickster god, the Rattle-Prince.

Julia van der Meer
Bodyguard to a scholarly noblewoman of the De Almedia Family, and occasionally loaned to other members of the Family or her Lady's friends. A stoic and professional woman, hard to anger but slow to forgive; she has a particular hatred for necromancers and for those who threaten her Lady.

Kisu of the Nge - retired - photo available here
The Nge were a tribal culture, one of the Twelve Tribes of the East, a tribe of scorpion-worshipping warrior-folk who trained their sons and daughters to fight from the day they can walk. They lived peacefully, until the Army of the Red Gryphon came and wiped out all but Kisu. Kisu travelled, as bodyguard to Lucia du Bois, to the White City, to trade for weapons and armour with which to unite the remainder of the tribes, and to promise aid in the coming war. He was last seen in the midst of the war, at the head of a surge of tribal warriors and giant scorpions, biting the eye from an ogre, then disappearing under a cloud of opponents.

Professor Kit Fisable - retired - photo available here
Kit Fisable was born in the White City, travelled extensively and rose to high office in the College of the Thousand Arts. She was once well-known among the adventurers of the city, and associated with such names as Ryn Coth, Jacques De Almedia, Toquell Velasquez, Sirius Panastra and "Ripper" Bill McKenzie. She was implicated in the assassination of Lydia De Courci in 26 RdC, and most accounts say she died soon after during Lord de Velland's assault on the Port of Glass, at the age of twenty-five.
If you believe the stories, the late Professor Fisable consorted with necromancers, found the source of the River of Whispers, practised Glass sorcery, mapped the Breathing Isle, helped to bind He Who Walks Wilderness, was briefly engaged to Lemuel D'Artois, discovered the Black Flame, spoke with Gods and dragons, stole the bride of the Frost-Prince, visited the Burned Realm and killed the Never-Queen.
Then again, who really believes the stories?
You can read one of Kit's diaries, her thoughts on Toquell's death, a conversation between her and Bill McKenzie and her notes on Western Dragons in the Fiction section.

Chaplain to the Broken Guard attached to the Port's Embassy in the White City. He looks after the spiritual needs of the Embassy Guard, and inspires them to service of the King in Fragments by cutting down those who turn and flee in battle. He left the Port of Glass for this assignment before the recent troubles, and so has yet to publicly declare political allegiance.

Kyre Wordsmith
What is known: Kyre is a stubborn, determined man, but quite what he is so determined about is uncertain. He is known to feel quite strongly about protecting others and bringing about what he sees as the greater good, although this can sometimes lead to bad decisions or uncompromising (or sometimes unwitting) slaughter. There are also rumours that he is involved with shady dealings and criminal activity, although there is no real evidence to back this, and those who have met him on an adventure might find it difficult to believe that he would want anything to do with such things. Supposedly his parents were murdered in the past, which may be connected in some way to his motivations.
Whilst he is acquainted with some adventurers, few around the White City really know him, and he tends to keep a low profile. He is, however, a friend of the Blood Sorceror Theodore Luxfrey and his wife Kore.

Originally from the Great Forest according most sources, Loric appeared in the White City together with his brother Marek and they quietly began making names for themselves as individuals willing to take on any job for the right sum of money, even ones of a more dubious character. Since the disappearance of his brother Loric has become a dour and suspicious man, and while he's a known practitioner of Blood sorcery he has also begun expressing an interest in the realms of Ash.

Sir Lucas de Almedia
A keen duellist from youth, Lucas joined the Shining Order at the age of 14, with whom he has trained at swordplay and tactics. Through this harsh training regimen, he has become devoted to the Light, particularly to its aspect of obediance and discipline. Ordained at age 19, he was then seconded to the High Guard to accompany a unit of recruits to aid the war effort against the Port of Glass and Flame. He is not particularly happy about the selection of the jumped-up Theodore Luxfrey as leader, and as such provides a certain amount of 'back-seat leadership' to the squad.
Lucas was killed defending the White City from a Dream entity and its allies that sought to destroy the Light.

Marco di Falconi - photo available here
A tired and sullen looking young man known to have left the High Guard under a cloud, now offering his services as an independent investigator of crimes and resolver of questions. He can often learn almost as much from the corpse as an Ash sorcerer could get out of the spirit, occasionally more. A former worshipper of the Light, he is now a priest of the Lady of Blood and Wine, but who can say whether it is religious ecstasy or the nasty blow to the head he took during the battle for the White City which accounts for his recent strange behaviour?
You can read about the di Falconi Family history on the Notable Nobility page.

Lord High Captain Matteus De Almedia - photo available here
One of the four High Captains of the High Guard, a warrior, merchant and leader of men, with a reputation for being brash, arrogant and somewhat uptight. Fond of duelling and said by some to be far more interested in maintaining the status quo than in any abstract notions of "justice". His right arm was transformed into living gold on a visit to the Breathing Isles. Trained in Wind sorcery by his younger brother Fal-Kar. Stood as the Champion of the White City against Sirius Panastra, Champion of the Army of the Red Gryphon, though he would almost certainly have lost without the sorcerous aid of a healing lightning bolt from Stephano De Courci halfway through the duel - he attests that this was only fair given Sirius' ability to ignore bone-deep wounds and regenerate injuries. Led the defence of the settlement formerly known as Belor's Folly against the mysterious Empire of the Unbound in the Far West during the months when it was first established, and after returning to the White City was the only High Captain to survive Marius' coup. Has a marked distrust of the Cloistered Brethren.

A recent arrival from the northern wilderness, the mercenary known as Memnon claims to be the son of none other than Barameus the God King. As to its truth, none can say, but he is human in appearance, unlike the dragonspawn previous seen to issue from the loins of the Western Dragons.

Memnon is a talented an uncompromising warrior, who values only strength. His social skills are… unrefined, as befits his upbringing, but he seems as determined to improve them as his is to improve his skill with the greatsword he wields.

Miranda is best known in the White City for providing the musical entertainment at the functions of the rich and famous. In recent months, she has often been seen out of the City doing her duty as a patriotic citizen, whatever that might happen to be this week, and it seems clear that she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty to do it.

Meredith D'Artois
As a bastard daughter of the old Duke, Meredith did not exactly enjoy a happy childhood. She was born with a strange infliction of the eyes, resulting from her shattered blood, which rendered her almost completely blind from birth. Although she was briefly assigned to training under the supervision of Imelda Foucard, the subtleties of glass magic did not seem to come naturally to her. As with most unwanted noble children she was intended to be married off as part of a political allegiance. However, she disappeared from the Port on the night of her wedding. A few years later, after having learned of her father's disappearance and likely demise, she returned to the Port. She appeared to have developed skills as an exorcist in the intervening time, although refrained from explaining where from. She generally keeps quiet about what happened to her in those intervening years, although if asked will confess a new found devotion to heal her family's curse. She has more recently been assigned to the Embassy in the White City.

Morgock Sarm
A little seen or heard Weaver from the City of Silk. Morgock tends to creep ahead of whatever company he keeps, spotting whatever comes forth and reporting it back in the Weaver's whisper to his fellows. He is known to eat only the freshest meats which he quite happily rends from the poor forest creatures that die crossing his path. He also shows a strange total, almost fawning respect for members of the De Almedia Family. These days he mostly hangs around the small woods in the White City gifted to the Weavers for their part in its defence against the Army of the Red Gryphon.

Nathaniel De Almedia
A life of wealth and privilege has left him bored, and so he's taken to adventuring for fun and profit.

Neara Therapainas - photo available here
Neara Therapainas was recently appointed to a lectureship in Statescraft at the College of a Thousand Arts. She is not noble, and her education, which took place in obscure foreign parts, was not diplomatic per se. Nevertheless she appears to know her way around politics, and she has a talent for persuasion. The rumours connecting her to a well-known Eastern courtesan have never been substantiated - however, it has certainly been observed that she is privy to far more delicate information concerning the male members of the nobility than the female ones.

Brother Nimrod
Brother Nimrod is a young man with a darkly tanned complexion that marks him out as a native of the Breathing Isles. He was born to a nomadic clan in the south and married at a young age. When his wife, Nadia, died in childbirth he was overcome with grief. His daughter survived her mother by only a few hours. He sought comfort in the cult of the Burned Lords and found it amongst the Order of the Blessed Peace, a monastic order devoted to the Lord of Silent Voices. He was inducted in to the Order and became a priest of the goddess, hoping that his devotion might lead the Lord to show some favour to his own child. The Order of the Blessed Peace is known to devote themselves to bringing comfort to the parents of those children who die particularly young and to be on hand during childbirth, which without the aid of a blood sorcerer that many can not afford is still a dangerous undergoing. There are darker rumours, however, that suggest the Order also concerns itself with ensuring that those who were never meant to be born, particularly those born of unions between the living and the returned dead, are sent back to 'where they belong'.

Orlando Cristofori
From a very young age Orlando showed no interest in the Cristofori's merchentile ventures, instead devoting himself to the more enlightened pursuits of art and music. His talents made him the apple of his mother's eye but there was little love lost between him and his father (indeed rumours abound of the nature of his true parentage). Those who met him described him as pretty, in an unnervingly androgynous way, and good natured, if a little tending towards flights of fanciful exagerration. On his eighteenth birthday he was given a small sum of money to invest, which he instead squadered on the many recreations the White City has to offer. Only his mother's pleas saved him from disinheritence that occassion. However, when his mother passed away, mere months later, he was expelled from the Cristofori household. Homeless and penniless, he was left only with the lute his mother had given him one midwinter festival, which he used to scrape himself out of the gutter. It was then that he met Sir Ulrich and, for reasons known only to him, decided to follow him telling of his heroic deeds. He claims to be serving the Shining Order, in order to improve their public image, although whether the Order are aware of this or not is something of a mystery.

Orpheus du Valle - photo available here
Everybody's favourite hopped-up silverleaf addict. Once an assassin-in-training in the Whistful City, now a petty thief and dealer of herbs and chemicals. Orpheus lives partly in the shadow, partly in dream, partly in delusions of his own self-image. Self-proclaimed "Urban Shadow". Rumours of a secret romance between the thief and Rebecca De Courci are hotly exaggerated by him.
You can read Orpheus' thoughts while carrying the sword Vengeance in the Fiction section.

Paulo grew up in the Whistful City, which he did not particularly enjoy. This was made worse when a stoned priest forcibly ordained him as a priest of the King of the Eagles. He made a home for a while in the White City, but his complete lack of morals and chosen associates soon necessitated him leaving that city as well. More recently he's been seen around the Port of Glass and Flame, but it is rumoured that he actually lives in the Perfidious Tower as a 'guest' of the necromancer.
Those who do know Paulo might mention, among other things, that he is the worst priest in the world; habitually threatening various acts of violence towards the King of the Eagles. The King himself doesn't seem to have noticed this, so far.

Phineas Crabbe
A professional kraken hunter from the Southern Ocean, Phineas was taken from his beloved ship by a noble of the Broken Moon and assigned to the White City embassy guard. Following a diplomatic mission to the far South, Phineas had acquired a young 'wife'; a burly young man named Hwarryor who was formerly court champion of the City of Stone. However during the war Phineas' family was killed when a freak storm hit his kraken hauler, which went down with all hands. Apparently broken by the tragedy he has left the active service of the embassy; stuck in a limbo of paperwork that has him assigned to White City and the Wistful City at the same time.

Poppy Attwood
A barmaid temporarily out of work (they do refurbish the Dripping Weasel sometimes, you know) Poppy has turned her hand to adventuring. Though she finds herself somewhat in at the deep end, she's determined to find her feet and make a name for herself - or perhaps keep herself firmly in the background. She hasn't quite decided yet.

Proyas D'Almedia
"Proyas' birth is somewhat shrouded in mystery, although what is clear is that his mother, Susanna D'Almedia was dead when she left the birthing room. Rumours that she was dead when she entered it, and, in fact had died a couple of days earlier are denied vehemently by the D'Almedia family. So vehemently that knives, rivers and bodies have been known to accompany the rumours.

Despite, or perhaps because of of his origins, Proyas was brought up, to a large degree, by the Temple of Ash, although the D'Almedias ensured that he never forgot who were his real family were.

It was only around the time of his 18th birthday that Proyas began to make more public appearances. Since then he has somewhat fallen in with the adventuring community, but is beginning to become known as an up and coming scion of the family. This, coupled with his recent apprenticeship to Arashi Moriyama and induction to the Temple of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes and he generally serious demeanour means that he projects a certain gravitas, right up until he opens his mouth, at which point it becomes painfully clear that he has all the social awareness of a lamprey eel."

Rufus Redbeard
A one-handed bandit who became an adventurer by mistake after his former partners in crime were butchered by a heroic band of justice-dispensing do-gooders. Rufus is even more bitter than before now that it appears his only means of support involves spending lots of time fighting at considerably less favourable odds and in considerably less pleasant conditions than his old life permitted. His stories about having been to the moon are roundly dismissed as due to mood swings bought on by a shortage of alcohol.

Rupert Locke - photo available here
An enthusiastic student of what he calls "anomalous zoology", Locke is eager to finish his thesis on the legendary (and possibly entirely fictional) Weeping Eagles of the Northern Mountains. He is known for holding some unusual and (in places) heretical beliefs - in particular, for publishing a paper claiming that the Dream Power Innocence believes the Bound Ones to have originally been benevolent, and for his conviction that all gods are but intensely powerful sorcerers.

Ryn Coth - RIP
Ryn lives in small lodgings in the White City and keeps herself adequately enough, spending her time mostly in the woods surrounding the City or at the Temple of the Old Powers, occasionally dropping in on the Black Griffin. As a follower of the Lady of Battle she does what needs to be done and does her level best to make sure her companions don't get themselves killed. She is stalwart friends with another Blood-Priestess called Brick.
Editor's Note: She was killed in the battle against the Army of the Red Gryphon by Bill McKenzie, so caught up in his battle-fury that he was no longer able to tell friend from foe.

Samual Fletcher
After falling on hard times Samual sought help from King Eric, but later couldn't pay back the debt, so now he works as a henchman to work off what he owes.

Sasha De Courci
Lady Sasha De Courci is by all appearances an eccentric, feared by many of the populace as a dangerous and powerful blood-wind sorceress. She makes little secret of her devotions, running a small but enthusiastic cult of the Mother of all Serpents and having recently consecrated a new temple in the White City. Her green slitted eyes and bright red hair make her stand out somewhat but lately she has become adept at hiding them at the more delicate functions. Those better informed know that despite coming from a relatively obscure branch of the family, the daughter of a City of Silk noble by the name of Valeri De Courci, Sasha has Rebecca De Courci's ear. She is frequently called upon to advise the family on matters pertaining to the Old Powers or the Western Dragons (it is fairly well known that she brokered diplomatic relations with a large civilisation of serpentmen on the Breathing Isles) or to act as an ambassador on the behalf of her Ladyship (particularly at those diplomatic functions where being overtly threatening would be inappropriate but being implicitly so might be possible).

Lord Sebastian de Fideli - photo available here
Previously known as "Honest Sebastian" and before that as "Sebastian The Unbelievable Bastard", he has a chequered past but now appears to be a fine, upstanding member of society. He is known to have spent some time at sea, and it is known that he was born in the Southern islands. His holdings include a weapons and equipment store for the Traveller With Intent. He is attempting to write a book on basic theology. He was one of the party that brought the First Hammer to the White City, he defeated the General of the Army of the Red Gryphon and was one of those responsible for the downfalls of both Marius De Courci and Lemuel D'Artois. As a result of this record he was ennobled and granted Arms by Rebecca De Courci herself. It is rumoured that he never breaks his word.

Selena Curiana - retired
Known not only to be a necromancer of power comparable to Three Rivers, Selena is also believed to have been responsible for the corruption of the Broken Garden and the subsequent demise of the Lord of the Gardens. Apart from that there are many rumours surrounding her, none of them particularly pleasant. Many say that she is also a dangerous Glass sorcerer and Vitriarch worshipper, still others suggest that she was once in the employ of the late Toquell Velasquez and others besides suggest she has even succeeded in returning the dead from the Burned Realm. Any rumours connecting her to the cult of the Black Flame are hotly denied by its official followers in the White City. It is also something of an open secret that she bears a slight resemblance to Carmina Curiana of the Shining Order but is thought exceptionally bad taste to mention this in her presence. Lately she seems to have developed an interest in growing things and is particularly fond of red roses.
Selena was killed by adventurers from the White City and is currently a guest of the Lord of the Tower of Heroes

Serafine D'Artois
Daughter of Lemuel D'Artois and half-sister to Bartholemew. A gaunt, haunted young woman, with wild hair and thick smoked-glass spectacles covering her eyes. She rarely ventures out of her lodgings, a small set of rooms over a bookbinder's with windows completely covered in black velvet, and tends to shy away from reflective surfaces. Serafine is driven by her hatred of her father and the powers he serves, and has devoted herself to frustrating and defeating the Vitriarchs and their minions at every turn.
Editor's Note: Since her father's disappearance, Serafine has made a certain number of changes to her lifestyle; the velvet drapes are taken from her windows, and those who see her will note that she has taken to wearing jewels, satins and colours other than black occasionally. It may also be deduced, from her rather better grooming, that she is no longer quite so afraid of mirrors.

Shadow of the Wolf
Shadow of the wolf was born centuries ago to the blood pack deep in the Western forest. Being born at the bottom of the heirachy his only chance to rise to a higher station was by taking a blood quest. once completed he may challenge a higher member of the pack to take over their position. In his tribe the males follow the lord of the pack whilst the females follow the lady of the pack. Whilst generally human in their appearance their feral features are clear for all to see. Shadow of the Wolf works mostly on instinct but is neither evil nor cruel, and simply works with the balance of nature.

A former spy who had successfully infiltrated the Cristofori Family, Shardface spent a brief while occupying the body of Selena Curiana after his former body died and is now riding around in one of the Crystal Vessels belonging to the Port of Glass Embassy in the White City. He sees his 'differently corporeal' status as a useful way to follow the ways of the Faceless Lord, as he does his habit of assuming the personality and name of the last person he spoke to.

Shenya Cristofori - missing in action - photo available here
Shenya was a young and enthusiastic member of a minor branch of the Cristofori Family, second cousin to the late Guy Cristofori. Unlike many of her Family, she seemed to show more interest in honour, duelling and hitting things with a big sword than intrigue or trading. Her dreams of making a name for herself as an adventurer were thwarted early when she disappeared during the critical battle of the Naming & Binding War. Her body has not been recovered.

Sirius Panastra
Traitor to the White City. For leading the Army of the Red Gryphon against it. Justly cut down in single combat by Captain Matteus De Almedia as Champion of the White City. His head was taken from his shoulders, tarred and placed on a spike in the main market square for all to scorn. Until its disappearance some days later. Any talk of the good old Sirius in the Black Griffin, where he used to work as a bouncer, bodyguard and adventurer for hire, is quickly shouted over and the instigator is told to drink up and get out, but on some late night lock-ins when there are no Low Guard around a song is sometimes sung.

Solomon Grey
Solomon Grey has something of a reputation in the underworld of the White City as a talented blade for hire, but also as something of an oddity: a killer with a moral code. Mr Grey is widely known to take only those jobs that he feels will do some good, and some even rumour that his blade will find a mark for free, if the cause is sufficiently just…

Sra'em Yar
Sra'em Yar: A skilled ranger from the thick woodlands near to the White City watchtowers. Generally he remains at his family's home, being part of the wood cutting, fur trapping and wild game hunting family business, run by his father, Poppa Yar helping his elder brother Sel'rach Yar, and his younger brother Sei'vad Yar, whilst Momma Yar tends to the home and heath. Sra has now expanded this into the more profitable "Yars’ Woodland Enterprises” company.

From time to time Sra leaves the simple life behind to wander the wilderness, occasionally joining adventurers on strange and dangerous missions far beyond the white city's walls. His only objective really is to explore new places and learn new survival skills. Sra's attitude towards life is very basic, chop it, burn it, track it, kill it, skin it, eat it. However he has his father's shrewdness and from time to time can plot a few good strategies to get around problems. He also doesn't come home without a pocket of Hexa to sweeten his leave of absence. he has joined the college of a thousand arts in the school of experimental botany and faculty of catorgraphy.

Stephano De Courci
Stephano De Courci was once a noble hero of the White City. Nephew to Rebecca, famed priest and sorcerer, he more than once saved the city from disaster - travelling to the North to bring back a cure for a dreadful plague; using his magic to save the life of the White City's champion as he battled Sirius Panastra in the Naming and Binding War.
Then things changed. Driven by his desire to return his dead sister to life, Stephano allied himself with Selena Curiana, learning necromancy from her, and then journeyed with her to the Burned Realm, where he participated in the murder of the Lord of Gardens, and was cursed to eternal life for it. For a while, Stephano hid his new powers from the authorities, but in the end he was forced to flee the White City, joining up with his secret allies in the Port of Glass and Flame. With the overthrow of Belor de Velland, Stephano disappeared from public life, and has not been seen for over a year. His whereabouts are unknown, but none doubt that the day will come when Stephano returns to take his revenge, and make his claim to be the true heir to the Governorship of the White City.

Doctor Stophos Callisthenes
A recent addition to the Faculty of Experimental Theology of the College of a Thousand Arts, Stophos Callisthenes is an imposing priest, mage and academic. His approach is usually well-heralded by wind, of all kinds, and the roaring laughter and humour are unmistakably characteristic of the booming man. Not particularly famous or know... perhaps rather derided for his experimental theories and perhaps over-enthusiastic commitment to SCIENCE!
Known priest of the Prince of Storms. Always ready to do what is necessary to advance academia.

A roaming bounty hunter of little repute. He is mostly notable for his love of 'herbal remedies'.

Banished from his tribal home and family, Tarich has lived in the White City for a few years now. He has made a name for himself as a competent adventurer, and an extremely skilled ranger. He is known to be very loyal to his adopted city home, and to his friends, especially the vine-child Bottle.

He was part of the party of heroes who finally destroyed the necromancer at Three Rivers; some rumours have it that, at the last moment, Tarich deserted his friends and ran away. These rumours are generally quashed by anyone who knows the man.

With the reward money from that mission he and fellow scholar Adi founded the Bairoth de Mamushi Memorial School, where he often teaches the underprivileged children of the City. He also recently revived the dormant Faculty of Cartography at the College of the Thousand Arts.

Teresa De Courci
Teresa De Courci was raised, along with her twin brother Henry, in the White City's embassy to the City of Silk. They both travelled extensively in the Forest in their youth, and along the way Teresa swore to the service of the Verdant Lord - a duty which has proved increasingly troubling in recent months, as the Forest's health deteriorates. She intends to prove herself, both as a new priest and as a De Courci recently come of age, by adventuring for city and Family. Teresa is currently resident at her brother's townhouse.

A horribly cheerful savage from the Western Forest, currently living under the protection of Vincenzi Velasquez. Thalia is attempting to learn the ways of Civilisation, mostly from the regulars at the Black Griffin. Having a taste for the wild and for a good fight (preferably with a chance to drink the losers), she is readily persuadable into almost any venture.

Thier Christofori
A bored minor scion of the Christofori family who has taken up worship of the Rose Prince of the south in search of excitement and adventure that he just hasn't been able to get from his family's mercantile ways.
Cocky, arrogant, and looking to prove that being a noble is not just about the money.

Tommy Truebreath, aka Za'Thul real name Erskine Uskglass, formerly known as Roland aka 'John Coates', 'Honest Thomas'
Tommy Truebreath was apparently a young yet suspiciously powerful wind sorcerer from among the Eastern tribes who worshipped the Rose Princess of the East. He was involed in several notable quests, including the re-imprisonment of the Princess of Tempests, the killing of Selena Curiana, and the reversal of the 'Long Road' during the late war against Belor de Velland. The eccentricity associated with his faith and his goddess more than explained his occasional erratic behaviour, for most people; but others thought they detected a much darker undercurrent. Rumours persisted that Tommy's true master was the Rattle Prince, and that he seemed to have some association with Roland the self-styled Subtle, a noted bastard of yesteryear who mysteriously disappeared one autumn...

Tommy recently disappeared, last seen falling screaming from the battlements of the Palace of Three Rivers, afflicted by Oneirophobia, following either an unsuccessful attempt to betray the Palace to the Third Sleeper or an *almost* entirely successful attempt to betray the Third Sleeper to a party of adventurers led by Adi, depending on how you interpret events. However, no body has been retrieved. Tommy may now be considered retired.

Toquell Velasquez - retired
One of the White City's most infamous denizens, Toquell Velasquez's deeds are told of in countless rumours both foul and fair. A few more recent events are known to be true: Towards the end of the Naming & Binding War he led a small group of associates (known to some as The Merry Band) to the North, and subsequently returned to destroy half the Army of the Red Gryphon with a colossal avalanche. In the wake of this triumph he offered to lend his strength to the Cloistered Brethren of Chains, who were in no position to refuse his assistance. Thus in the final battle of the War, Toquell and his Band were at the forefront of the City's strike force and it is said that it must have been his magics that imprisoned the Unbound God before the City's wall.
Despite these achievements, Toquell's reputation amongst the City's nobility leaves much to be desired; few even amongst the Velasquez are comfortable around him and he takes little interest in playing the game of politics. Despite this he is known to have an overwhelming arrogance coupled with a prickly pride, and is not slow to challenge those of his peers that offend him. Jacques De Almedia was brought low following a quarrel on the Breathing Isle, and Stephano De Courci was soon due to meet him in a duel to the death.
Toquell was last seen entering the Western Forest, where, according to his companions, he gave his life to release the Black Flame from its ancient bondage and the Forest's Heart.
You can read a tale about Toquell in the Fiction section.

Lieutenant Tristram Silke - RIP
Tristram was the last member of the doomed Broken Guard 7th Light. The 7th, commonly known as the Tears, were fanatically loyal followers of Lemuel who specialised in terror tactics, midnight raids and torture. During the revolution the 7th were used excessively by Silvestre to try and control the situation, and suffered heavy casualties from the vengeful populace. Following Belor's conquest the few surviving members of the 7th were ordered north on a suicide mission to follow Selena's army of undead and investigate the Broken Garden. Lieutenant Tristram Silke was the only survivor, rescued by Captain Ambriel Chermes and given a position at the Isle of the Broken Moon.
Unfortunately, Tristram had attracted the attention of the Broken Gardener. He spent the next few months consumed by a burning hatred of Karl, Iarendo & Serafine for destroying Lemuel, that made him obsessed with betraying the Isle of the Broken Moon and finding remaining Lemuel loyalists. It was this urge that finally drove him to break away from his unit and try to ally with Arturo de Verlay, only to be cut down by Arturo's guards.

Ulf - photo available here
When an unmarried girl in a small village deep in the Western Forest had a horrifically ugly hairy son, the elders of the village condemned it as an abomination, to be left in the forest to die. The village was invaded by wolves a few days later, and no-one survived except the child. Raise by that pack, Ulf spent most of his early life running free in the depths of the forest.
He left for the White City after his pack died fighting the near Redbridge. Ulf wasn't very good at coping with civilisation, and drifted into employment as a hit man, mercenary and pitfighter. Luckily his friends, especially Jenevieve Velasquez and Adi, helped him survive. He then went on a series of adventures to remove the Glass in the Forest, helping Paulo to cure the Heart of the Forest and Bill to cleanse Redbridge. With his mission accomplished, he settled in Redbridge, helping the area regrow as a place sacred to the Lord & Lady of the Pack (with some help from Vincenzi Wolf-friend).
Ulf is large, hairy, unsubtle, and very loyal to those he trusts. He fights with his bare hands, and frequently eats his kills. He loves running free and wild in the Forest, and has problems when told he can't do something. He really, really, really doesn't like spiders.

Sir Ulrych von Rauschpfeife
Sir Ulrych von Rauschpfeife, the cursed, was born in the South, to the small von Rauschpfeife estate which officially owes its allegiance to the Port of Glass, but in practice is too far away and too small to have bothered even Belor. Unimportant in the scheme of things it was simple mischance that one dark and stormy night Ulrych's parents spotted the ship in trouble and rescued its crew, thereby upsetting one of the Rattle Prince's more intricate games.

The curse he laid upon the family wa passed to their firstborn son, Ulrych von Rauschpfeife. In a bid to save him from the curse, Ulrych was sent away to the study at the Church of the Light and becoming a Shining Order Knight, and for a while it worked. Unfortunately the Rattle Prince found Sir Ulrych again and the curse has come to full fruition in recent years in the form of an invisible wind spirit which troubles him with theft and upset wherever he may go.

Seeking adventure, glory (in the name of the Light) and eventual succour from this curse, Sir Ulrych has set out to become a Great Adventurer. In a slightly experimental twist, the Church has given Sir Ulrych, not only their blessing, but also an embedded bard, Orlando Cristofori, in the hope that this will give them some good press. Thus it is that Sir Ulrych and Orlando have begun the trail to eventual Hero-hood.

Vincenzi Velasquez - retired - photo available here
A passionate Blood-priest with a taste for wine, women (and occasionally men or beasts), song, food and the thrill of adventuring. Slightly podgy, distinctly unkempt, heavily scarred and marked with the livid brand of a kiss upon his brow. He always found trade, politics and Family matters dull, spending more of his time wandering the Great Forest in various forms than he did drinking and partying in the city. When sober he was a learned scholar and talented exorcist, with considerable skill in the arts of alchemy and herbalism. A member of the Old Powers Faculty in the College of the Thousand Arts, also rumoured to have connections with the Temple of Ashes and the Cloistered Brethren of Chains and to have visited the Tower of Heroes in the Burned Realm and returned alive, he was often to be found throwing debauched parties at his mansion or drinking and whoring at the Black Griffin tavern. He eventually developed some kind of mystical bond with wolves, none of whom would attack him. Younger brother to Toquell, with whom he had a vicious feud, older brother to Abelard and mentor to Thalia. Becoming increasingly estranged from what he started referring to as "the self-righteous human rabble", with dark rumours accusing him of cannibalism and similar practices, he vanished into the Great Forest shortly after returning from a trip to unite the eastern tribes and is believed to have used powerful Blood sorcery to become a spirit of the land.
You can read one of Vincenzi's anecdotes in the Fiction section.

Vitale de Verlay
The branch of the de Verlays which Vitale was born into were heavily involved in arranging the Ducal Finances leading to a long history of vast wealth and low life-expetancy. When the revolution came, his family pointedly refused to voice public support for the Twin Dukes, causing serious rifts with other wings of the family. All of this came to nothing however, for the de Velland monster arrived at the head of an enormous army of undead. The entire rest of his family perished in the fires and chaos and Vitale barely escaped with his life. Arriving at the Broken Moon Embassy in the White City, Vitale spent the first few months as a burden upon all around him. Finally he asked for, and received, a commission with the military detachment at the Embassy as "Cultural Attaché" and returning back from his first mission created shockwaves by marrying Captain Ambriel Chermes, and many are the rumours suggesting all is not as it seems.

Grandfather Whitehead
Grandfather Whitehead is a ancient and hoary old man, though more vigorous than he looks, who worships a Prince of Breath he refers to as "The Old Man of the Sea." He has an astounding assortment of stories from his past, though he doesn't always remember them properly.

Winsel (the Weasel)
Winsel had a hard life, and fell in amongst bad company in his youth. Fortunately, he was caught and sentenced to several months of service to the White City under the eyes of the High Guard. He has now paid his debt to society, and spends most of his time working as a potter and carrying his wares about the region. However, his time in service to the City has inspired his loyalty, and he is always willing to volunteer his skills on any mission that benefits his homeland.

Yana is a fairly well built girl with the gruff attitude you might expect of a member of the Cloistered Brethren of Chains. Far more of a warrior than her younger brother Jara, she has little by way of scholarly interests and tends to hit first and ask questions later. She works in the Cloistered Brethren of Chains and is often seen out on business for them... you really don't want to bump into her when she's on business. Yana originates from the City of Crossroads but moved to the White City with her brother some years ago and joined the Brethren.

Yu - photo available here
Observer Yu is from the Eastern Kingdoms, where the Shengzi are a tribe of nomadic merchants, diplomats, scholars, advisors and spies who are some of the few people to be allowed to move freely throughout the Three Kingdoms & Hundred Dukedoms. They are extreme pacifists, constantly working to discourage violence and create lasting peace (one of the main social roles of the Shengzi is to host peace negotiations between the constantly-fighting Kingdoms). As a mark of this, they refuse to carry weapons.
Yu came to the West after various recent events prompted the Kings of the East to ask the Shengzi to learn more about the West. He travelled by sea to the Port of Glass, where he met with Niske and Karl. He then travelled to the City of Crossroads, where he observed the Restoration Council and the counter-revolution, and built a Shengzi hayat on the ex-site of the Church of the Light in the City of Crossroads. He then helped organise the visit of the Eastern Ambassadors to the West, at which he managed to enter into various trade arrangements with Edwin Lunn.
His lives in the Crossroads Hayat, which is somewhere between an opium den, extremely high class brothel & an exotic garden, and is proving a popular place for nobles, merchants, politicians, diplomats & mafiosos to discuss private matters. He mainly goes travelling to find new 'herbs and spices' for visitors to the hayat to sample, or for political reasons.

??? (formerly known as "Philippe D'Artois", also known as "Dart") - RIP
A young priest of the Temple of Ash. He seems to be moderately well-known in some circles, though no one can recall in what context, or what his name is. Among other things, he seems to have or at any rate have had, a strong connection to the D'Artois family, in particular the embassy to the Isle of the Broken Moon in the White City. He is wanted for the murder of Ambassador Bernarno D'Artois, whom he apparently killed after walking into the embassy and asking to speak with him. There are also rumours that he may have had something to do with the recent events surrounding the Ducal Palace in the Port of Glass and Flame. His current whereabouts are unknown, though he maintains links with some members of the temple.

??? (formerly known as 'Tibs')
One of the adventurers responsible for slaying the Necromancer Selena Curiana, this young man goes by the name of Timothy and bears a pardon from the Governess herself for past crimes. He bears striking resemblance to the now decaying wanted posters for a thief and glass mage named 'Tibs', though that's certainly not his name.
'Timothy' spends a lot of time hanging around the Embassy District, presumably because the soldiers of the Port take less offense at his shattered eyes, glass hand and tendency to 'borrow' other people's reflections.
Adventurers in the know will have been warned that he has multiple personalities including a hard-bitten mercenary, an innocent and well meaning forester and the Vitriarch known as the King in Fragments.
You can read a tale about him in the Fiction section.

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