Recent Events in the White City

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Webmaster's Note: This document is intended as a quick guide to events that White City characters may know about IC. It is not intended to be accurate OOC, merely to reflect the general knowledge level of the "adventurer on the street". New players may find it a helpful resource to skim through to get an idea of events that may have affected their characters' lives over the last few years. Please note that many links are to the LARP Summaries pages, which contain a great deal of OOC information. Please report any inaccuracies or suggested additions or edits to the Webmaster.

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The North

The Palace at Three Rivers
The infamous Necromancer at Three Rivers sent his armies on a rampage in the year 27 RdC, releasing thousands of dead from the Burned Realm and bringing the White City to the brink of another civil war. He was ultimately hunted down and supposedly destroyed. The Palace has now been taken over by a Dream sorceress and a mysterious martial artist who acts as her adjutant. No-one knows what the pair want, and there are those willing to dispute their ownership of the Palace

The Black Sword of Hope
In the northern mountains that border on the lands of Dream, there gathered an army known as "The Black Sword of Hope". During last year, this army finally found the dream-creature it had long hunted, "Innocence", but was prophesied to never travel south of the Northern Mountains again.

The Birthplace of the World?
A party travelling in the shifting realms of Dream beyond the Northern mountains came upon a people who claimed to be the First Men, created millennia ago by the Bound Ones who, they claim, created the world, starting from the very spot on which they now lived. Rumours about the nature of the Bound Ones have since been rife...

It is rumoured that a merchant known as Carding tried to use the being known as Innocence to create some sort of alchemical potion. It has not yet been established whether or not he succeeded.

The South

The Broken Gardener
Despite attempts from the Temple of Ashes to stop her, Selena Curiana finally completed her destruction of the Lord of the Gardens by severing him from the Broken Gardener, then pursuing all that remained of the Lord into the Burned Realm, where he was destroyed. Some of his charges have been sucked into the Shattered Plain with the collapse thence of the Gardens of Black and Red Roses, while others have come under the care of other Burned Lords, including the new Lord of Grey Roses.

Revolution in the Port
Following several months of general unrest and unease, stirred up by the famous rabble-rouser Engel Karlsson, the Port of Glass began to slip into chaos. With the Broken Guard severely depleted by operations in the Garden Lands and a war against the Southern pirates, keeping order in the streets became almost impossible. Emmanuel D'Artois, Lemuel's favourite son and noted duellist, was killed in the Breathing Isles, depleting the Guard and nobility's morale even further. Meanwhile, Lemuel's twin sons Karl and Niske were fomenting revolution; when the Duke left the city for Crossroads, they seized the opportunity to destroy extant symbols of his power, assassinate his regent Silvestre and take over the city. Commandante Iarendo D'Artois unexpectedly brought the navy and a number of Broken Guard back from the Breathing Isles to join Karl and Niske.

Lemuel D'Artois
Although claiming to be leaving the Port on a state visit to the City of Crossroads, Duke Lemuel - who was travelling with his pregnant wife, Caroline - never arrived. A group of adventurers, including his daughter Serafine, the notorious "Ripper" Bill MacKenzie and the White City's ambassador to the Port, are rumoured to have met him in the Eastern plains, and aided him in renouncing the Vitriarchs - though many doubt whether such an ancient and powerful sorcerer would truly give up his power. D'Artois has apparently abdicated the Dukedom and left the Western Lands entirely. In his absence, Karl and Niske declared themselves the Twin Dukes and rulers of the Port of Glass, though their rule was hampered somewhat by the Ducal Palace sealing all but one of its doors and windows with mirrors and eating anyone who enters.

Invasion of the Port
Lord Belor de Velland and the dread necromancer Selena Curiana marched on the Port of Glass with an undead army of unprecedented size bare months after Karl and Niske's coup. The former High Captain brought with him a number of turncoat High Guardsmen, and took the Port after heavy fighting. Large districts of the city were set ablaze and then consumed as waves of Black Flame scourged the ground, leaving only barren earth behind. De Velland has declared himself Lord-Protector of the Port, and married someone who appeared to be Lydia De Courci in a ceremony before the twisted bulk of the Ducal Palace, claiming the right to rule the White City. The De Courcis have rejected his claims out of hand and reported Lydia as dead.

The Isle of the Broken Moon
A new island was discovered in the Mirror Sea, beyond the Breathing Isles, in the spring of 26 RdC. Karl D'Artois and many of the other Port nobles who managed to flee Lord de Velland's terrible purges fled there and have established a government in exile. Fishermen's tales claim that the island is now protected by a number of strange guardians, apparently constructed by its sorcerous occupants.

Selena Curiana and the Perfidious Tower
The dread necromancer Selena Curiana, with the army of living corpses which invaded the Port of Glass, marched north shortly afterwards and began constructing the Perfidious Tower in the Broken Garden. Soon the tower, with its crowning beacon of Black Flame, could be seen from anywhere in the Garden Lands.

War in the South
In the winter of 27 RdC war broke out between the forces of Belor and Selena and an alliance of the White City and the Broken Moon. This culminated in the Spring of 28 RdC with the death of the villains at the hands of some of the region's more talented adventurers. The Port has fallen back into the power of the D'Artois family (though with significant White City presence in the city) and the Perfidious Tower has been cast down and a great oak tree stands in its place.
Both the White City and the Port sustained significant casualties during the conflict and now eye each other uneasily as they nurse their wounds.

The East

The Eastern Kingdoms
Further contact has been made with the mysterious Kingdoms of the East and the Eastern Tribes, including some exploration of the Waste of the Rose, the great desert which separates the Eastern lands from the rest of the world. A city called the Port of Sands, which apparently acts as a trading port for goods from further east, has been contacted. There are rumours of Name Sorcery used by Eastern nobles. Maps of the area have been credited to Dr. Edward Holtz of the College of the Thousand Arts' Faculty of Medicine.

The Rose-Princess and the Oasis
Some travellers' tales say that there is a new oasis in the Waste of the Rose, an inexplicable lake in the desert with a central island. Some priests of the Princess of the East Wind have also remarked that she seems... different, somehow; calmer, perhaps. Some have speculated that these two were connected.

The New Tribals
During a great festival held in the lands of the New Tribals, some sort of Blood ritual was conducted which led to hostilities breaking out between the N'ge tribe and agents of the White City, in addition to several attendees receiving strange visions implying the birth of a new God.

The West

The Swarm
Diplomatic relations have been established between the White City and the entity/entities known as the Swarm, culminating (after some minor complications involving a tribe of Weavers and one of the Spider-Queens) in a Low Guard ambassador being absorbed into the Swarm as a permanent envoy.

The founding of Belorís Folly and the Empire of the Unbound
An expedition beyond the Western Forest discovered a huge realm of ancient civilizations, and an empire openly dedicated to the worship of the Bound Ones. Settlers have ever since been heading West to build up the town of Belorís Folly, a trading post intended to bring about peaceful trade between West and East.

The White City & Other Locations

Alliance with the Pirate King
A De Almedia sponsored trading mission was sent to the Breathing Isle in the southern seas, where its members fought off pirates, Chain sorcerers, Glass sorcerers and other agents of the Port of Glass. The trading party managed to save a Prince of the Breath and establish trade links between the White City and the Pirate King who now claims rulership of the Isle, administered mostly by the De Almedia Family and partly by the Velasquez and De Courci Families.

The Second Naming and Binding War
The Army of the Red Gryphon finally revealed its nature Ė as servants of the Bound One known as "He Who Walks Wilderness". Dedicated to vengeance and the destruction of the White City, the army marched out of the East to do battle with the cityís motley group of defenders: adventurers, savage tribesmen from the east, pirates, the High Guard, the Shining Order, the Cloistered Brethren, the Black Sword of Hope and others. While not everyone who stood against them survived, victory eventually came to forces of the White City. Sirius Panastra, champion of the Army of the Red Gryphon, was struck down by Captain Matteus; the Prince of the East, mortal general of the army, was brutally back-stabbed by "Honest" Sebastian and "He Who Walks Wilderness" was bound beneath the earth again through the efforts of Toquell Velasquez and his companions.

Chaos & Revolution!
A revolution of followers of the Light, led by a figure manifestly blessed by the Light, was narrowly headed off by brave action on the part of certain adventurers. The death of many of the High Captains and Francis De Courci could not be avoided though, and so Carlos de Mamushi and Belor de Velland have seen promotion beyond their wildest dreams. The ex-pirate known as Sebastian was also created a noble of the new De Fideli family in acknowledgement of his efforts. During the fighting, however, a force known as the Light Corrupt was released, and the unity of the Church of the Light was broken.

Treason & Murder1
The White City was thrown into turmoil by the treachery of one of its finest, High Captain Belor de Velland. Implicated in necromancy, treason and the assassination of Lydia De Courci, there was a brief rumour that de Velland had also killed the Captain of the Low Guard and marched his own men on the secret police's offices, but nobody seems willing to confirm this. Professor Kit Fisable of the College of the Thousand Arts was also implicated in Lydia's disappearance, though escaped in the confusion and never stood trial - her faculties have been upended and her former students are viewed with suspicion. Abelard Velasquez, too, turned coat with High Captain de Velland, along with several other members of the High Guard. The White City has suspended all diplomatic relations with the Port of Glass and Flame, accepted an embassy from the Isle of the Broken Moon, and is preparing for war.

A New Heir
Rebecca De Courci has given birth to a child, Eleanor, whom she has named as her heir.

1 - The Never-Queen died shortly after these events.

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