Rumour Mill

The Rumour Mill is designed as a source of adventure ideas and plot seeds for people to pick up and run with, as well as an occasional record of some of the more public results of adventures. Some, none or more of these rumours may be true, feel free to write them into adventures as you wish. This page is divided into three sections.

The first section - "Confirmed True or False" - lists those rumours that have been verified or debunked during adventures. Speculative rumours will generally be shifted up here as soon as they get confirmed or denied so that everyone knows the state of play and people don't start running adventures where Rebecca De Courci is a necromancer after another group of PCs have proved that she isn't.

The second section - "Mere Speculation" - lists rumours that are fine for people to play with as they see fit in their adventures, as long as they tell the LARP Organiser how they turn out.

The final section - "Deeper Mysteries" - is for rumours that the LARP Organiser needs to keep a firm hand on, things that have a lot of implications for the backplot and which really need to be kept under some control. Feel free to use the deeper mysteries for ideas, just don't make any clear calls one way or the other without the LARP Organiser's permission. The big things in the Deeper Mystery camp are the True Nature of the Divine, the End of the World, and Rebecca De Courci. Anything else is pretty much fair game.

Confirmed True or False

Mere Speculation

Deeper Mysteries

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