Magic & Religion

Magic and religion are inseparable in the world of the White City. Magic by its very nature draws on the power of the divine in order to affect the physical world. Each of the Forms of magic is associated with some divine Power or group of Powers. Full descriptions of the Forms of magic and the Powers with which they are associated are given on separate pages:

Note that Name Magic is rare and powerful, is no longer available to PCs and should not be used by NPCs without first checking with the LARP Organiser.

There are, however, some similarities between all Forms of magic which can be summarised here:

Magical Miscellanea

Some points probably need to be made regarding magic. Firstly, and probably most importantly, the spells listed are not supposed to represent the full extent of the capabilities of different types of Sorcerers. If you want an NPC to be able to do something which isn't listed on the spell lists but which fits the style of a Form of magic, feel free to put it in. Similarly, if there's something that a PC could be able to do with their magic that would advance the plot then feel fee to allow them to do that. Magic is, by its nature, changeable and difficult to define, so calls made by one GM are not binding on other GMs.

Note that it is possible, but very rare, for beings to have magic resistance. Big Scary Monsters may have it, and it may be acquired from serious ancient artifacts, but it is by no means common. For those who do have it, your resistance level is the maximum level of spells that will bounce off. Magic resistance is almost always Form-specific.


Note that many styles of magic can summon stuff. Since it's impractical to give summoning spells to PCs in LARPs (it's asking for trouble and depletes the monster pool rapidly) these spells will not be listed on the spell lists. There are creatures in the monster lists which are described as being summoned by magic; PC Sorcerers will in theory be capable of summoning these beings, but it's not a standard thing and will generally require lengthy rituals at magically appropriate times and places.

Magic Items

Are discussed in detail here

Religious Miscellanea

The eight groups of Powers listed above represent the eight cornerstones of religion in the world of the White City, however scope is left for the players to design their own religions under the auspices of the eight sets of Powers. The aim here is to allow people to come up with their own mad cults and the like, whilst at the same time keeping a coherent sense of mythology. More details on Priests and religion and such can be found on the Priests page, while a set of sample gods and their cults are described on the Gods & Cults page.

Binding Oaths

Any character may swear a Binding Oath before the gods. Sometimes the Powers in question will notice and sometimes they won't. If the character subsequently breaks that Oath they'll be subject to the punishments of the gods. See the section on Binding Oaths on the Priests page for further details.

Lotions and Potions

To the initiated, alchemy is about the pursuit of spiritual and physical perfection in an attempt to comprehend and become one with the divine. To everybody else it's about healing potions. More details on alchemy are here on the Alchemy page.

Old Magic

Since the system was first written the rules governing the various Forms of magic and the spells that can be cast have evolved as a result of problems, loopholes and game balance issues which became apparent during play. The old versions of the Forms of magic an be found on the following pages:
Old Ash Magic - Old Blood Magic - Old Chain Magic - Old Dream Magic - Old Glass Magic - Old Light Magic - Old Wind Magic

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