Adventure Summaries 2009

The below information is strictly Out of Character and relatively little of it will be publicly known, except (in most cases) by the characters involved. Please do not assume that, just because it's written here, your character might know about it. Also, much of the below information has been written from memory, so there are likely to be any number of errors and omissions. If you can help correct any mistakes or fill in any gaps, then please email the webmaster to let us know.

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On the Rocks

Run by Joe W on 17th January 2009
Players: Beornwulf (Dominic), Lt. B Welldon (Fed), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Sam Fletcher (Rob C), Thier Cristofori (James G)
Mission Brief: Beornwulf and Welldon gather some acquaintances and set off to learn the methods of creating a Antimagic potion against the Black Flame.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: The Party returns to the White City and promptly sells the recipe for creating Black Flame Anti-magic Potions to the College of a Thousand Arts.

Welldon provides a detailed report to his superiors in the Port about the excursion, playing down the existence of a Vitriarch trapped in the Northern Ice as a mere fancy of Dream. For now the Ambassador seems sufficiently pleased by his invention to overlook the less-than-thorough investigation of the broken god.

Sam Fletcher reports everything to King Erik and receives a brief word of congratulations for his part in helping the city prepare against Mono/pyromaniacs. Erik's chief lieutenant continues to foster his dislike for the 'worthless whelp'.

The Cloistered Brethren quietly contact the Temple of Ashes to find out who killed their men *this* time, however they are informed that none of the spirits they are interested in are present in the Burned Realm. This causes a certain amount of consternation.

In the North, the dream power Despair continues his vigil over the frozen form of a single sleeping man and hopes that it will be another thousand years before men once again find their way onto cracked ice of the hidden glacier.

The Mirror And The Moon

Run by James W on 24th January 2009
Players: Falcon Bravo (Joe W), Orlando (vicky), Sir Ulrych Von unspellablename (Peter), Finch Tyrell (James I), Avity (Ellie), Sir Cordelia (RIP) (Helen), James Warver (Dave Holley)
Mission Brief: A day ago, any adventurers affiliated with the Northern Defence League will have received a request for assistance from Beornwulf; at the same time, posters have gone up asking for adventurers willing to immediately leave the White City and assist the Northern Defence League in a mission of some importance. Those who serve the Black Flame need not apply.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: - The Lunar Host is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it was destroyed when Avity was Commended to Ash, perhaps not; the matter is in the hands of future GMs.

- After his attempt to storm the Glass Tower, Sir Ulrich turns up in a gutter in the White City. Stapled to the back of his head with a shard of glass is a short note, reading: "Please do not leave your junk in the Shattered Plain. TdV." He has no memory of how he got there or what happened en-route, which is probably for the best.

- Avity finds herself in the Lunar Host's valley, which is now devoid of anything besides a great deal of corpses of Black Flame cultists, a mild spattering of blood, and a small pile of ash blowing away in the wind. She will soon discover that her reflection is absent (or possibly Absent) from any mirror.

- Beornwulf is relieved that the Black Flame priests did not manage to complete their mission, but deeply concerned about the "vitriarch" (and not the former chaplain of the Port of Glass embassy, oh no, not at all) calling itself the Knight Unifier. So far, all that has been discerned is that the Men With Splinters In Their Eyes seem to obey it, and for some reason it is trying to gather Glass artefacts to itself.

- James Warver is funded by Beornwulf to expand his lands in the North (acquisition of Wealth 3, and via that, Merchant 3). In particular, he is able to gain control of the drinking, gambling, whoring, and pit-fighting den of Goldhill. The Low Guard, meanwhile, have been informed of the nature of Goldhill. Much as they would like to, they don't have the capability to shut it down, but should Warver prove unwilling to rein in the excesses of Goldhill's previous owner they may well start making Warver's life in the White City difficult.

- Duke Karl D'Artois learns that Falcon Bravo tried -- and, some would say, succeeded -- to Commend Avity to Ash. He is angry. One day when Falcon is shaving, he realises with a shock that the face watching him from the mirror is Karl D'Artois, flanked by an important-looking priest. With a vicious snarl, Karl tells him in no uncertain terms that if he tries to turn an ambassador from the Port of Glass to ash again, he will die. With that, the mirror explodes outwards in a cascade of glass. Falcon himself is unharmed, but from now on the face of his reflection appears to him to be covered in a network of scars. Nobody else seems to be able to see this.

- Deep within Dream, a camp of refugees from the Long Road sit around their bonfire and wait for Sir Ulrich, their messiah, to return to them.

Carnival of Carnage

Run by Trevor on 31st January 2009
Players: Mr Black (Peter M), Sir Lukas (Dominic), Crispin (Andrew C), Sereth (Weaver Dave)
Mission Brief: A messenger from the Wistful City requests aid from the High guard to investigate strange and disturbing events in the north. The high guard are too busy so they send members of the low guard to go and investigate. Those with clown phobias need not apply.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: Following the defeat of "The Juggla" (Jack the wicked) and the destruction of the dark carnival, his brother Jake (The good) is nowhere to be seen.
The juggalo's wander off babbling to themsleves about Shangri-La.
The adventurers return to the Wistful City on one of the carnival wagons, with their ex-gangsta fugatives to be rewarded by Demetrius the city clerk. (The big painted Ringmaster covered wagon is missing, disturbingly)The city is a lot less criminal than before as prominent gang members and leaders have been juggalo'd or murdered,crime statistics are down by 90%.

The juggalo's are eventually rounded up and put into a dedicated building along with the inhabitants of srpingwood until some cure can be found for their condition. They still try to paint their faces like clowns whilst awaiting the coming of Shangri-La.

Everyone has permanently lost a Psyche hit unless they burn a rank of luck either way they all have nightmares of their worst experiences being twisted into happy endings and then revealed for the horror it was, for a couple of months.

Crispin has lost his eyes unless he burns an additional rank of luck, if not thanks to Jake's assistance they reappear whenever he is in dream. Sir Lukas's arm also reappears in dream for the same reason. Sadly back in the waking world these appendages vanish once again.

Mr Black being the most evil had his mind twisted by the dream spirit the most, he feels the urge to make up as clown from time to time (often in front of a mirror late at night after a few drinks and ending up in giggling followed by sobbing and so on) Mr Black finds his dreams are invaded from time to time by something sinister in a top hat and a red coat.

As for the Jackal brothers, Jack is in Hell's pit and Jake vanished deep into dream with who knows what plots up his sleeve for the future.
The villages of the north sleep easy once more and they exalt the name of Sir Lukas D'Almadia who single-handedly saved them all... or so the legend goes.

Following Sir Lukas' full and frank report, The guard is doubled in the noble sectors of the White City for the forseeable future.

Dominic and the Dragon

Run by Rob C on 7th February 2009
Players: Bartholomew D'Artois (Ben A), Sir Dominic du Cesare (Tony), Brian Smith (Rob W), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave), Anvil (Joe W)
Mission Brief: Reports are coming from the City of Lights that one of the Eastern Dragons has been co-ordinating attacks. Any who can slay the Dragon, may claim his hoard as the reward. Sir Dominic du Cesare is organising a group of Adventurers to go and claim the treasure
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:When Palistrata falls, the rest of the serpentmen begin to flee. The two parties begin to claim trophies, anvil takes the heart, and sacrifices it to the Flame, Looking around the party find themself surrounded by the dragons hoard. It is truly massive. The two parties split the treasure, then each organizes transportation for its own share home. Once they have payed for the caravans, port of sands import tax, port of sands export tax, port of glass import tax, port of glass export tax, white city import tax, the party are still left with a good deal of money.

On return to the city, rumours begin to spread around the city that Brain Smith is of Velasquez Blood, a love child from an affair.

Rocks Fall

Run by Joe W on 14th February 2009
Players: Finch (James I), Thier Cristofori (James G), Sasha Di Courci (Vicky)
Mission Brief: An enormous rock has fallen out of the sky and landed with some violence in the Garden Lands. The scholarly community is very excited and the Nobility is seeking reassurance that it won't happen again. A modest sum is soon being offered for adventurers to investigate the fallen stone, with the promise of a significantly larger reward if the safety of the White City from further such events can be ensured.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Thier and Finch return to the White City with good news. They have stopped the threat of the falling rocks and better still have opened relations with a large civilisation of serpentmen out in the southern oceans. Word of Thier's duel with the Serpentman chieftan sees him receive invites to several galas at the palace When Sasha returns a month later she brings further good cheer, the serpentmen of Faragmas are willing to recieve traders under a Di Courci flag. All involved keep quiet her 'marriage' to Faragmas though Finch discretely informs the Cloistered Brethren.

The party is paid their promised money 30hx plus another 15 on top for the favourable outcome. Finch and Thier also take a small share of the gems provided as a gift to the City by Faragmas.
Thier and Finch have had their weapons anointed by Faragmas to share in the Great Wyrm's preternatural focus in sleep- Shadowcats can no longer steal their Parries so long as they grip their weapons tight.

Sasha has been Blood Tied to Faragmas- allegedly first son of the Mother of All Serpents, and with a size great enough to make the claim credible. Should the colossal dragon be slain then it will have deadly consequences for her. On the other hand should she die then the great beast will likely take horrible vengeance upon those responsible.

Faragmas has returned to the depths of his volcanic home, once more to quest for his slumbering mother.

Dark Dreams

Run by Ben A on 21st February 2009
Players: Gustav (James I), Sir Hector De Berlioz (Trevor), Orlando Cristofori (Vicky), Sir Ulrych von Rauschpfeife (Peter M), Sir Lucas D'Almedia (Dominic), Brandon (Rob C)
Mission Brief: Sir Ulrich encountered some refugees from the Dark World while travelling through dream. On his return, the Church of the Light has sponsored him on a mission to rescue them from dream and bring them back into the arms of the light.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:

Swords and Cauldrons

Run by Fed on 28th February 2009
Players: Falcon Bravo (Joe W), Thier Cristofori (James G), Sereth (Dave Ha), Lord Edwin de Caius (Andrew C)
Mission Brief: "A priest of the Princess of Monsoons has hailed from the mysterious isle of Cummro, calling for champions of the White City to come to the isle and compete for great rewards and honours."
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:

Blue Bandana

Run by Vicky on 7th March 2009
Players: Sir Hector (Trevor), Gustav (James I), Gregor (Dave Ha), Rowatt (Johnathon), ??? (Rob W)
Mission Brief: Helena Cristofori, Priestess of the Prince of Trade Winds, hires a party of adventurers to acquire a magical artifact for her from the Port of Glass.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The party return to the White City with the artifact, curse removed.

The Thousand Mile Heist

Run by Matt H on 14th March 2009
Players: Beornwulf (Dominic), Finch (James I), Arashi (Vicky), Adi (Jessie), Diego (Joe W), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Sam Fletcher (Rob C)
Mission Brief: The King Who Waits, ruler of the City of Lights in the Far East has a library. A Big Library(tm). Beornwulf and Gilliano di Riago have determined that within this library there is a cache of information pertaining to the Sleepers, and this knowledge must be recovered. The Temple of Ash are happy to assist with this mission, as the Sleepers have shown a willingness to offend the Burned Lords for fun, and so are providing a sanctioned Burnt Gate to speed the Party on their way, via a detour to the House of Gods for a preparatory stage of the creation of an artifact to slay the Third Sleeper.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The stash of books 'liberated' from the King Who Waits' library has been made off with by Arashi, Sam, Finch, and Diego, including several volumes on the Sleepers and several other volumes on the Bound Ones. These books have been handed over to the Cloistered Bretheren of Chains for safekeeping. This includes the Dreaming Tome (which drew the party into the dreamscape during the larp). Beornwulf has spread it about the city that the Cloistered Bretheren are messing with forces they don't understand (in dream) and withholding vital information about the Sleepers from the people who need it (ie the NDL). As a result, that is something of a tide of bad feeling in the city against the Bretheren. Beornwulf has also blackened Arashi's name with the Temple of Ashes, and she is not well liked there. Beornwulf has also set people to guard Gilliano de Riaga, in case the bretheren (or anyone else) gets more aggressive.

The Bretheren, for their part, are now somewhat suspicious of Beornwulf and very suspicious indeed of Adi.

The Dream power calling itself the Death of the Third Sleeper, which first revealed itself to the party, begins to appear to other people, in the North and even further abroad. Though sinister, it doesn't appear to be actively malicious, but is given to cryptic pronouncements on the future. Connected to this are two phenomena. A small number of Dream mages, Whisful Dreamers, exorcists, and other psychicly sensitive types begin to report bad dreams and a vague feeling of malaise and unease. Secondly, a number of children fall asleep and cannot be awakened (ask James W for more on this phenomenon). Dreams of the Death seem to arise around both these happenings.

From the Dreaming Tome, Beornwulf has ascertained the following: that the Third Sleeper sleeps beneath the throne of the King of the Secret Country (a little-known Dream power), and that Sleepers may be summned by dreaming specifically of them. He has also Forged the blade of his sword for slaying sleepers.

Adi is now more vulnerable to the possessions of the Benevolent General. She can only do singles against it in psychic combat.

Beornwulf has had his psyche altered by the Death of the Third Sleeper. Unless he has no psyche hits left, anyone who sleeps near him does not regain psyche hits that night (like shattered blood, except this effect doesn't actually drain psyche).

Anyone who was knocked out in the last encounter and isn't Beornwulf or Adi cannot regain psyche hits while sleeping, beyond the single one required to regain consciousness, unless aided by a sleeping potion. This is because they cannot dream for some time after being defeated by the Dream-Lorn. This applies only to the next larp that character plays on!

The Ringmaster

Run by Trevor on 21st March 2009
Players: Rowatt (Johnathon), Brandon (Rob C), Daniel Kelson (Beornwulf), ??? AKA TAFKAT (Joe W)
Mission Brief: Following the destruction of Carnival of Carnage in the villages of the North, a nightmare slipped silently south and now reports of a strange new cult of killer clowns has arisen in the Port of Glass. The White City embassy have sent word back home that things need looking into.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The remaining Juggalos are rounded up (only a handful are left after the party had tracked them down and dealt with them). Kelson is awarded full credit for dealing with the problem and shown as a good example to the rest of the guard. He keeps quiet about the Ringmaster's escape and simply blames the cult on Markus Derisio the student at the college. No-one is the wiser, or really cares now it's all over. Crime in the Port of glass is down 50% as all the worst gangsta's are either dead or recovering in the now highly overcrowded cells, but that should creep back up as the equilibrium of the criminal hierarchy settles in again.
He also has several dream tarot decks and the skill of visions, so he may have slightly more of an insight into future dark carnival adventures he plays.

A bounty is put on the head of Brandon, and a lifetime ban from the port of glass on pain of death. I suspect Kelson and Tibbs will be interested in settling up the score at some point.

Tibbs/Timothy/Mr King/gruff slipped to the edge of death in the glass tower but as the dream/glass energies dissipated through the tower, strange crystaline formations filled the wounds in his chest and he breathed again. The dream energies filled his sleep with weird and wonderful visions a place of bright lights and peaceful rest beneath it a pit of hell with an angry clown seething in the bottom another clown who looks a lot like the first guarding the pit. The ringmaster using the glass ball to overcome the guard and releasing the angry clown and a carnival rolling on again. But this is the dream of the ringmaster and has not yet come to pass. The experience has cost him a permanent loss of 1 psyche.

Rowitt returns to the White City, curiously there no lasting effects upon him, he's no crazier or saner than before, He may twitch a bit more while shaving but he does have a couple more marbles, he nicked them from a juggalo

The triple glass tower remains a shining beacon for something (no-one's sure what) in the slums as it is f*** huge, the central atrium is lined with nice shiny mirrors, that move strangely during a full moon to focus the moonlight into the central ritual area. No-one knows why, but it does.

a couple of days after the ritual, everyone in the White City has a strange dream mixed in with their normal nocturnal ramblings, not disturbing but a brief vision of a future where everyone is tested, the evil are punished, whilst the good find peace in Shangri-La.

All Covered in Bees

Run by James G on 28th March 2009
Players: Meredith D'Artois (Vicky), Lord Vincent/Winsel (Ben A), Naomi (Ellie), Steve (Rob C),Cristofori Mook (Peter)
Mission Brief: Following the destruction of Carnival of Carnage in the villages of the North, a nightmare slipped silently south and now reports of a strange new cult of killer clowns has arisen in the Port of Glass. The White City embassy have sent word back home that things need looking into.
Adventure Summary:The lucrative Christofori controlled trade in honey from the town of Sunnyheath southwest of the white city has mysteriously dried up in the last few weeks.
Lucrieza Christofori is offering 25 Hexa to any adventurers willing to travel to the town and get the trade flowing again.
Adventure Consequences:Mayeal's plans to take over large swathes of the south west using her glassy swarm minions have been foiled. When the glass shard infecting the swarm hive was destroyed, her power over the insects vanished, and she was torn apart by those she had claimed dominion over. The swarm have withdrawn their colony from near the village of Sunnyheath. Trade from the village has been restored, and now includes limited quantities of "special" honey (made with a unique blend of 59 herbs and spices!).

Winsel/Vincent has gone up in the estimation of the nobles of the white city for his selfless participation in such a worthwhile endeavor. He may actually be using his own name next tim he turns up at one of the upper class galas.

Meredith gives a sanitised report of events to the d'Artois, and is congratulated for taking care of "a glass experiment gone horribly wrong". She also points out the location of the (miraculously still living) bandits. The Bride of Brittle tears has taken a cursory interest in her due to finding her promise to destroy the Vitriarchs somewhere between extremely funny and a challenge.

Steve gives a report on goings on, including the location of aforementioned bandits, to the low guard, who promise to find out who put the note in his wallet. He will at some point in the next few days experience a dream in which a fair maiden swoons in his arms at the tale of his defeat of Mayeal, but as he moves in to kiss her he sees that her eyes are shattered, at which point he wakes up with shallow lacerations all over his hands.

Naomi returns to her studies, and does nothing of especial note to any organisation.

[Peter's character] Gives a full report on goings on to the Christofori, including a suggestion that the bandits be hired and moved to a d'Almedia trade route.

Rock and Roleplay

Run by Chaos on 4th April 2009
Players: Lee (Ellie), Octavia (Helen), Rowatt (Johnathon), Michael (Dan), Cleric (Tony)
Mission Brief: Having failed as an adventurer but inspired by his travels, Clarence Cristofori has returned to the White City to follow in his family's mercantile traditions and open up a chain of all-night guitar shops. Now seeking the means to do so, he is searching for fully-fledged adventurers to hire, offering them a minimum of 10 Hx to carry out the various chores and tasks which stand between him and the shop's big opening night...
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: Cleric flies away from the shop with The Virtuoso and off into the skies, carrying the golden guitar with him. The spirits fought off, the winds die down and the shop falls quiet again. By now most of the potential customers and musicians have fled, and the rest of the party leave Clarence lying unconscious in what remains of his shop.

Much of the shop is damaged, and it is closed until further notice. Whilst Clarence's plans are somewhat hindered he resolves to continue his attempts to start up his business when he can get more funds. In the mean time, the site he has is relatively quietly put up for sale, and sees great interest from the temple of the Princess of Stories, due to its associations with their goddess. Eventually they put in a successful bid and gain ownership of it, although it is rumoured that a small part of the funds used in purchasing this came from the Velasquez family. Quite what their involvement is and what sort of deal they may have with the temple is uncertain, however. Some time later the site is turned into a shrine to the Princess of Stories, and the priests who maintain it patiently await the day several years down the line when the Night of Howling Winds coincides with the full moon and once more the spirit appears to play a role in another tale.

Landing in another part of the city, The Virtuoso gives his parting message to "rock on" to Cleric and fades away into the wind. Cleric then takes the golden guitar to the Temple of Accolade of Rock and Air, who gladly accept it. Word has it that their priests now seek some means of replacing the broken golden string such that it can be played properly once more, and would be willing to loan it when needed to any adventurer who could fix it.

Lee slightly begrudgingly agrees to train both Octavia and Rowatt in the ways of Wind sorcery, on the condition that they do not use it for evil (or at least that she does not see or hear of them using it for evil). She also receives a strange vision within a dream, talking of Wind and how all of its aspects come together.

Octavia returns to the Black Griffin and with tales of her exploits is able to get shifts during the second quietest parts of the day as opposed to her old ones at the quietest parts. The pay and hours are exactly the same.

Michael informs the Velasquez family of the name he obtained for a contact in the City of Silk and from this is able to work with the family to open up some trade routes with the city. Whilst they do not match up to those held in the West by the De Almedia family, there is now just a little competition developing there between the two families.

Wandering the streets one evening, Rowatt encounters a shady figure in a darkened alley, who somewhat sneeringly informs him that they saw his previous trickery and that he is "welcome into the fold" whenever he likes, before disappearing into the shadows. (He may now pick up the Ordained skill to the Rattle-Prince should he so choose.) Some time later, he discovers a rather embarrassing itch in a rather embarrassing place, with no idea as to how it got there.

Octavia and Michael fall under suspicion by the Low Guard for their possible involvement in the murder of Sir Smuogas Di Courci. Their investigations are not able to provide any conclusive evidence, those in the shop at the time apparently being too distracted by other things, although they will be treated with suspicion during any future involvement with the Low Guard.

Somewhere in the Western Forest, the Custodians of the Grey Oak, a group of Verdant Lord priests, find that one of their trees seems to inspire feelings of hope and of glorious new beginnings within those who stand next to it. They treat it with some suspicion, but take it as being some aspect of whoever poured their blood upon it.

A Night at the Opera

Run by Vicky on 25th April 2009
Players: Falcon Bravo (Joe W), Brandon (Rob C), Sir Vincent (Ben), Thier Cristofori (James G), James Warver (David Holley)
Mission Brief:Falcon Bravo has received free backstage passes to the opening night of a new opera debuing in the Whistful City

A mid-level LARP for friends of Falcon Bravo, 'cultured' nobles and those with an interest in musical theatre.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Vincent D'Ermine takes over the role of director after the previous director's mysterious disappearance. The show goes ahead and receives great critical acclaim and Lord D'Ermine's stock has risen slightly with the nobility. He is also gained the admiration of a number of aspiring young artists. Rumour has it that the show's star has captured the heart of a young Cristofori noble, although a marriage between the two would likely earn the disapproval of the noble's family.

The Mayor of the Whistful City is arrested and sentenced to the protection of the City, for past crimes and the breaking of his parolle some twenty years ago. Brandon is quietly commended by the Low Guard for his good works and has earned the attentions of the mysterious Eye of the Low Guard. The Whistful City is looking for a new Mayor, this is not in itself anything new.

In the chambers beneath the opera house in the Whistful City it is rumoured that a beautiful duet is sometimes sung.

The Bard of Rainbows is very pleased with himself.

Drive Back the Dark

Run by Ben on 2nd May 2009
Players: Anvil (Joe W), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Sereth (Dave), Finch (James I), Sasha Di Courci (Vicky)
Mission Brief:The Temple of Light now knows that somewhere deep in Dream is a World of Darkness, where foul sorcery has bound the light itself. This is reason enough to seek out this land and free the light, but adding to the urgency of this holy quest is the news that the Servants of the Darkness are seeking out this world, seeking to corrupt the servants of Light, and eventually to bind the Light of this World as well. Already Sir Ulrych von Rauschpfeife has defeated one such minion, and charged off into the darkness to destroy the source, but no news has return of his victory, and more such minions of darkness have been reported, so it is feared that he has fallen. The Temple is calling for a band of mighty heroes to venture into the Land of Shadows, unbind the light and put an end to this travesty of all that is pure. The Arch Luminary Charion, a high priest of the Light, has volunteered to accompany the adventurers if they think his services will be required.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:

Rebound in the Darkness

Run by Rob on 9th May 2009
Players: Proyas D'Almedia (Peter), Sister Yana (Ellie), Bartholemew D'Artois (Ben), Finch (James I), Thier Cristofori (James G)
Mission Brief:Reports have come to the Cloistered Brethren of Chains, that one of the groups of Guards that guard the entrance to the city of chains has been found murdered, and it appears someone or something has gone into the city. The Brethren are sending a group of chain mages and accompanying bodyguard to investigate, and check nothing has been set free either on purpose or by accident.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:As Yana falls to the ground unconscious and Finch awakes from his trance, the last chain finds its place returning "He who lives in memories past" Back into his powerless state. The party leave the city of Chains and return to the white City.

With Thier's confession of his actions within the city on the last occasion he was there, the names of the Party who killed the previous cloistered Brethren Guard, Weldon, Sam Fletcher, Beornwulf and Kyre find there way to the High Guard, as well as spread around the city. It seems they'll face the wrath of the Brethren in the future and can expect a hard time from the organisation's many allies within the City.

Dark Carnival 3: The Riddlebox

Run by Trevor on 16th May 2009
Players: Proyas D'Almedia (Peter), Thier Cristofori (James G), Brian Smith (Rob W)
Mission Brief:Some catalysmic event in Dream has caused chaos in the waking world: following a storm of ash and glass, the vitriachs are missing, the Lord of the isle of souls cannot be contacted and ordained preists of these entities can no longer feel their presence. Not only that, anyone approaching the North falls into a deep sleep and cannot be woken! Every night from then on sleeping is a dreamless state. In the following days ghosts of those who have died in the north have started to appear coming down from the Wistful city seeking their final rest. Finally on the night of the full moon everyone has the same nightmare, a purple and green box appears at their feet, whilst the vitriachs screams of rage scorch the skies above. On the box's side is a crank handle, slowly you turn the handle, eerie music plays and then something truly horrible happens to you.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:In a cave, high in the mountains of Dream, the party find the The Riddlebox channelling the energies of the waking mortal world, and the shattered plain into Dream and more specifically the 'place' called Shangri-La. There they discover the box has four active sides the first is that of burned realm which was already defeated, the mortal world, The Shattered Plain and the finally sentient core of Riddlebox itself. Each aspect steps forward and attacks the group. Despite almost being eliminated the three intrepid heroes finally defeat the Riddlebox and sever the energy stream into Shangri-La.

The Riddle box goes whirling to destruction and explodes in waves of unspent energy. In the waking world the clouds of glass and ash dissipate over the northern skies. Thier, Proyas and Brian hurl themselves out of the cave into the darkness beyond. In the pitch blackn there is a crash as they hit wooden panels and they find themselves bursting out of the replica Riddlebox in the main laboratory of the college of a thousand arts. Also bursting out of the box are the 5 Priests from the Temple of Ash who they met in the dream of the burned realm. lying amongst the tangled heap of bodies is the Dreamsphere. Without a moments hesitation Proyas grasps the sphere and commends it to ash, it is no more and can do no further mischief to the world.

People begin to wake up in the north, hungry and dehydrated. And Priests of the burned lord head north to lay the souls of those who died in the sleep to rest, and cremate the bodies. The Sinister Lord welcomes the dead in to the burned realm

The Vitriarchs are free to roam the shattered plain once more, they are still furious with the party for leaving them trapped in the nightmare for so long.

The Lord of the Isle of Souls will be having a good talking to by the other Burned Lords for falling for the trap, and opening another gate into the shattered plain resulting in the isle of souls and the shattered plain being drawn in the Dreamsphere under the control of the Dream power calling itself The Wraith.

The Wraith is very pleased with the party for their unwitting assistance in collecting power from the mortal world and The Shattered Plane, he is dissappointed in their lack of performance with the burned realm however.

The End of the Line

Run by Joe on 23rd May 2009
Players:Maximilian (James G), Orlando Cristofori (Vicky), Brother Lazarius (Rich G), Tristan (Chaos)
Mission Brief:Horace Bakeswell, a young tradesman from the White City, has put out the call for adventurers willing to work on a tight budget to end a deadly curse upon his family. Payment will be 15 hexa.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Following a hard night of celebration after the wedding the party head back home to the White City in high spirits, Maximilian promising to return to his bride as soon as his strength has returned. The spirits return to their places of power wishing the party fond farewells, the Old Man of the Hill taking the firstborn child of the marriage with him for 'safekeeping'. Tristan has the agreement of the spirits that he may come and study them for a time to help with his alchemical researches. The Wood Witch's displeasure with affairs remains a concern and it seems likely she may become a problem for other White City folk 'meddling' in the deep forest.

As a result of the Rattleprince's consecration of his marriage- Maximilian will find any temptation to cheat on his wife to be unnaturally strong. However as a result of his divine heritage he can overcome temptation by entering the Blood-fury. This could well be messy.

Brother Lazarius has taken the white Lily from Horace's hair. A thing of blood, it is tied to both vengeance and forgiveness. Orlando has discreetly pocketed a few petals from the flower for his own ends.

Raising the Saint

Run by Vicky on 30th May 2009
Players:Gustav (James I), Brandon (Rob C), Brian Smith (Rob W), Falcon Bravo (Joe W)
Mission Brief:A call goes out for adventurers to investigate a disturbance in the Burned Realm.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Aided by the party, Falcon Bravo escapes his captivity. After being forced to survive alone in the wilderness he is down 2 fatigue for his next adventure only but manages to make it back to the White City. He is rewarded by the Temple of Ash for his information and receives thirty hexa. He has also managed to get himself back in to the Burned Lords' good graces by trying to do what is right.

The rest of the party speak to Christina de Velland. Gustav and Brian agree to ally themselves to her cause (or at least the part which involves freeing the White City from noble opression). In return she gives them twenty hexa a piece. Brandon agrees with Christina that Bragdall Courtasair, the undead Light Priest, should be charged with defending the world from the forces of dream. Bragdall agrees that he will join with the Light once his work is suitably completed. Needless to say the Burned Lords, in particular the Lord of the Lake of Suicides, are most displeased with Brandon, Gustav and Brian for letting one of their charges free in the world. They are not likely to be welcome in the Temple of Ash.

Brian sees to setting in motion a peasent rebellion from within the White City, which has Christina's support. This will be a very long and difficult task.

Games of the Gods

Run by Rob on 13th June 2009
Players:Thier Cristofori (James G), Lee (Ellie), Sir Ulrych (Peter), Phineas Crabbe (Joe W)
Mission Brief:Word has come to all the temples of the Princes of Breath, that champions should travel to the White City, to take part in a competition to show the glory of their God, they may bring some companions.

Those with Arcane Lore Wind will know that once about every 200 years, the princes bring their priest and companions together, and put them into teams, containing a number of their Priests. They are given a map, with the location of a number of sites where there will be Princes for an alloted length of time. The teams must travel to these locations where the Prince will set them a task, and will award them favor based on how well they do. At the end of the allotted time the teams gather and the winner is announced and given the blessing of the pantheon.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:With the attempt by the rattle prince to steal the trophy thwarted, the closing ceremony continues uninterupted. The winners are announced, and the prize goes to the Party, with 27 points, out of a possible 36, second place got 25. The party recieve the blessing of the wind pantheon, minus the rattle prince, who is again in everyone's bad books.

Sir Ulrych gains a blessing that he has become Immune to steal breath, while Lee and Thier are blessed with an extra fatigue. Phineas is blessed such that lightning bolts now do Through damage to him, so that he may better experience the blessing of his gods (and preserve his armour). The party are congratulate on their success, and sent on their way.

The rose princes are very pleased with Lee for returning their sister back to her oasis, she also gets a vision in her dreams of the rose prince of the north, congratulating her on her success, and is very proud of her. The Prince of Storms is pleased with Phineas for teaching 'that hag' the Hushed Princess. Thier has been asked to go and pick the rose that grows at the top of a very tall mountain, far to the south. (she refered to it as the centre of the world). In return she will accepth the apologies of the Rose Prince of the South, and tell their about how she became a god. Sir Ulrych has a story in his head from the princess of stories which is yet to manifest itself.

To Catch a Thief

Run by Peter on 20th June 2009
Players:Sam Fletcher (Rob C), Sasha Di Courci (Vicky), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Gex (Rich G)
Mission Brief:The word is going out amongst the criminal bretheren that King Eric is going to call for a Night of Knives. This is a special arrangement set up by King Eric where, for the period of one day precisely, any member of the criminal network is fair game and can be dealt with by another member of the underground, and no consequences to follow, as guaranteed by King Eric. During that day vendettas can be settled, dead men’s boots arranged and ambitious underlings dealt with, all with the security of a ban on retribution after the day is passed.
And Sam Fletcher is hoping to use this time to go in for some underworld re-organisation of his own. To that end he has made tentative contacts with members of the High & potentially Low Guards to aid him in this task.

This game is appropriate to thiefy characters who are looking for advancement within the ranks of King Eric's men and potentially certain members of the High & Low Guards looking to help weaken the criminal fraternity of the city, even whilst working with certain members of that fraternity. It will definitely be a job on the quiet. Sam Fletcher won't have full discretion over who comes along, but he will be leading the mission.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Wesley Theodore Reese is dead. The Toppers; the Cold Shivers; Frome's Import and Export; the 3rd platoon; the Koll Family Consortium and Wesley's own personal "Old Timers" are all dead or disbanded.

The organisation that was built with the hard work, care, attention and dedication. And now it lies in ruins, and needs to be re-built, re-structured, and re-ordered.

And the word is, Sam Fletcher's responsibility. Word is, he is the new name in the game and King Eric has given the personal nod of approval. So there is a new lieutenant in the crime world.

The Morticians; the Well-Behaved Gentlemen & Ladies; Sigurd & the Motleys and the Kindly Hospice of Grace have all come under Sam's control, though there are some indications that the Morticians have been compromised.

But there are other events that need to be considered.

The Twilight Guard are whispering to each other. Kyre killed a Namer. Kyre fought the Servants of the Bound Ones. Kyre is still fighting for the City. Now whether these whispers go further, whether they extend beyond the few whispers that susurrate in the Twilight Hours... that is not yet certain.

And there is word that the Mother of All Serpents has a newly consecrated Temple. That the blood of a thousand live snakes birthed straight from the womb blessed it. That the shed skin of a dragon is housed within it. That the Noble Families of the City are paying her homage over Light and Ash.

And there is word that the Cloistered Brethren have been shaken by recent events. That they are reeling from invisible blows. That every crisis averted spawns another three that gather and grow. And the rumours, the rumours that a Bound Creature came in to the City and worked its foul Names upon the World, and was then captured by parties unknown, passed on to the Brotherhood of Chains and then lost in the East... those rumours are awfully specifc to simply be rumours.

And in the East, in the Plains... Cordol Lome laughs.

The Abbey of Broken Dreams

Run by James W on 27th June 2009
Players:James Warver (Dave Holley), Beornwulf (Dominic), Gustav (James I), S'raem Yar (Trev)
Mission Brief:The ranger Sra'Em seeks to find suitable ingredients and a location in which to forge a magical axe for fighting the forces of dream. The NDL has received from the Ironwood Warriors reports of a location in dream called the Abbey of Broken Dreams, which is a place of power for the Sleepers. It's likely that storming it and forging the axe within its walls would not only be a significant act of defiance against the Northern powers, it would also strengthen the symbolic power of the axe as a Weapon Against Dream. Exploration of the abbey might also give some clue as to how to cure the team of Ironwood Warriors who went into Dream to scout the Abbey's potential defences and returned with their eyes fixed permanently open, oblivious to any external stimulus.
Adventure Summary: The NDL raid a shrine of the Lord of the Forge in the Whistful City, kidnap a worshipper and kill the rest, and use him to break into Anvil's dreams of forging the Lord of the Forge. Interrupting the ritual, they fight Anvil and Lucius in their dreams, causing the Lord to awaken and attack everybody around him indiscriminately. They kill Anvil's dream form, steal his hammer-shaft and anvil, and flee the dream-Lord of the Forge. Anvil and Lucius will have recurring nightmares about this for some time.

With the hammer and anvil, they head northwards through dream, stopping to rescue children from a dream of the Land of Chocolate which has become tainted and warped by the Death of the Third Sleeper. They enter the Abbey of Broken Dreams and fight their way through a series of illusions created by the Ninth Sleeper, the Grey Abbess. Upon defeating the final illusion, a dream in which they were ordinary villagers suffering from the delusion of being heroic adventurers, they awake to find themselves back in the Abbey of Broken Dreams, facing down the Grey Abbess in person. She surrenders, and persuades the NDL to make a deal with her: she will not harm Beornwulf or the NDL if Beornwulf and the NDL do not harm her. Further negotiation persuades her to reveal certain secrets about the Sleepers to Beornwulf and Warver (rather than reveal everything here, this allows James Warver to buy Learned: Sleepers based on what she has told him). More concretely, she says that the catastrophe that killing the Third Sleeper will cause can be averted if someone can be found to take the Bard's place as Third Sleeper before he is killed. Beornwulf declines her offer to teach him more, saying that he already has a plan in place to avert this.
In exchange for the knowledge of how to brew potions against Black Flame, the Abbess permits them to forge Sra'Em's axe within the forge, but states that it may never cut her skin nor that of her brother, the Bard of Rainbows. She then retires to rest, while the party prepare to forge the axe. During the forging, a squad of Black Flame cultists assault them; the three members of the party are, however, able to keep them from interrupting Beornwulf's forging and the axe is completed, quenched in James Warver's first Anti-Dream potion, and blessed by Gustav in the name of the Lady of Battle. Sra'Em elects to complete it by using it to slay a being Dream-Shaped by the Abbess from the party's nightmares, which turns out to be an amalgram of a giant rabbit, a wolf, and a monstrous Gustav. The monster is slain and the axe is completed.
Adventure Consequences: - Sra'Em has completed Dreamcleaver, the Axe of Purgation.

- Gustav owes the Dream Sorceress, Slumbering Peg, his next moonlit dream.

- The children who fell asleep and did not wake as a result of the Death of the Third's presence have awoken, including Sei'Vad Yar. The larger problem -- that of the individuals reporting feelings of unease and dreams of the Death of the Third -- remains. If anything, it is getting worse; some Dream Sorcerors have started trying to go without sleep entirely in order to avoid the nightmares.

- Beornwulf, Warver, Sra'Em and Gustav -- four individuals with varying degrees of connection to the NDL -- have attacked a temple of the Lord of the Forge and assaulted Anvil in his dreams. The temple was in the Whistful City, the attack was over in a matter of moments, and the dream was, well, a dream, so nothing can be proved. How PCs related to the Temple respond is, of course, up to individual PCs.

- James Warver is now a Professor at the College of a Thousand Arts, who are fascinated by his accounts of the Ninth Sleeper and dubious of the candy grass and toffee sword he claims to have discovered in the North.

- Contact has been made with the Ninth Sleeper, the Grey Abbess, who claims to be the sister of the Bard of Rainbows. She is not openly hostile to the world outside Dream; in fact, her primary aspiration seems to be to have as little to do with it as possible.

Blood Jewels of the Underfolk!

Run by Joe W on 4th July 2009
Players:Mr Black (Peter), Orlando (Vicky), Maximilian (James G), James Coin (Andrew C)
Mission Brief:Recently the High Guard have received a number reports of diminutive humanoid figures emerging from the city's sewers at night. This activity is attached to a handful of crude notes that have been fixed to the side of some of the White City's more prominent buildings:
"Deer Hoomans
Hy King Streng has declard that he seeks brayv advencherors to help with big misshun!
There is reword- lots of gold!
Come meet by big red rock owtside sity."
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The party have made rather a lot of money through shameless acts of theft and betrayal. James Coin has fulfilled his obligation to his Trog employers by returning the ruby that was his share, so the City of Streng has managed to reclaim one of the five jewels of Strongar. The rest are now likely in the hands of some wealthy collectors.
In the lands of the Port, loony lord Lukan returns to his studies satisfied by his guards' report that the intruders have been dealt with. The Blades are burned without ceremony in the gardens.
In the City of Crossroads the Watchers are happy to report that a local cult of the Bound Ones has been destroyed by a passing group of adventurers. They are considerably less happy once a post mortem questioning of a murdered guardsman identifies the group as his killers. Meanwhile a roofrat sent to scare a growing number of carrion birds off the roof of a popular tavern has a nasty surprise.
In the White City Orlando reports to the low guard that he has assisted in the destruction of a namer cult, and lets them know the sad fate of a Di Courci byblow who was taken as a sacrifice. He also informs them of Maximilian's frenzied murder of a Crossroads callgirl; his handlers shake their heads and decide to keep an eye of him.
In the City of Streng the King prepares for war.

Catch a Falling Star

Run by James G on 11th July 2009
Players:TAFKAT (Joe), Bartholomew D'Artois (Ben), James Warver (David H), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos)
Mission Brief:A few nights ago, a shooting star was seen to streak across the night sky towards the north, ending its passage with a blinding flash of light. For some it was merely an astronomical phenomenon, while farmers in the fields went to sleep feeling certain it foretold a good year. Several of the temples held impromptue but nonetheless packed midnight services to proselytise on its meaning to the faithful.

What is certain is that the next morning 12 children, rumoured to include several from noble families, did not wake up. They have been gathered in the college of a thousand arts, but no one has heard of any success in attempts to awaken them.

This morning, messages were passed around the upper echelons of the adventuring community, some finding their way into the offices of the Northern Defence league, to the effect that a group is sought to travel north to investigate the area where the star was seen to fall, and that substantial rewards in both money and favour await any whose efforts awaken the sleeping children. Those interested are to present themsleves at the college of a thousand arts. The message is signed by Rebecca De Courci, Ario Christofori, Nerino Velazquez and, strangely, the Port of Glass ambassador.

Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The party have successfully broken the Queen of Stars’ hold over the dreams of all 12 children. 11 of them have survived the process, with only the merchant’s daughter being permanently turned into an empty husk. After only nearly killing each other, the party return south to the White City.

Once returned, they are ushered into the hospital in the college, and find the families of the children (mostly) overjoyed to have them back. Bartholemew agrees to take the merchant’s daughter into the Embassy’s care to “see if anything can be done for her”. The Party receive 310 hexa for their efforts, though Bartholemew turns down his share, and 10 hx was spent on a guide in the north, leaving 100 hx each for the other three.

After much wrangling, and a period of it being studied in the college, the vitrified star is shattered, a quarter of the shards each being given to Tibbs and Warver, and the rest named whole once more by Bartholemew to add to his collection, with the agreement that Kyre can burn away what remains of its dream aspect once he further progresses in the arts of black flame. Warver locks his share into the vaults of the college.

Kyre reveals to the white city nobility that the mercenary “Triad”, who so heroically helped rescue their children, was him all along. Though for political (i.e. cloistered brethren) reasons he still cannot be declared protected by the city, it is tacitly understood that neither the guard nor the nobility will give him any trouble as long as he makes an effort to stay relatively unobtrusive.

Bartholemew gives lessons in glass magic and the lore of the vitriarchs to the bullied child, and a few weeks later a boy is found impaled with glass shards in an alley in the slums. He also begins tutoring Christine D’artois in the lore of the bound ones. He also takes in the orphan boy, and makes it known that the Embassy will take in orphans who wish a home. His attempts to talk to the Velazquez child are largely ignored.

Kyre sets up an orphanage with his share of the proceeds from the adventure. He also talks to the girl who wished to be a princess, reassuring her that she can make something of her life. He also buys her a cute fluffy kitten. He talks to the previously fighting parents of the baker boy, and sets them on a better path. These things combine to give him a large degree of popularity with the common people.

Warver updates his text on the Sleepers with the new information gained on the adventure. The 12th sleeper, who calls herself the Queen of Stars, manifests as a masked woman wearing a blue robe covered in shimmering stars, surmounted by a large, 12 pointed star in the centre. She seems to have some association with portents, desires and the future. She also seemed markedly more in line with the 3rd sleeper’s plans than Hope or The Abbess, and seemed, through her actions, to be trying to gather information on the wishes and desires of modern humanity.

Tibbs takes his share of the money and the star and runs off to do whatever it is he does.

A Tangled Web

Run by James G on 18th July 2009
Players:Beornwulf (Dom), Sir Vincent D'Ermine (Ben), Gustav (James I), Adi (Jessie), Stophos (Fed), Brandon (Rob C)
Mission Brief:The agents of the D'almedia family report that the number of disappearences among the human population of the city of silk have sharply increased recently, and there are whispers that weavers have begun to vanish as well. This is adversely affecting the steelsilk trade, and they wish to hire a group to investigate the cause.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The Party manage to bring down the gigantic spider, and Beornwulf successfully gets Elaia Mor to safety using his wings. Gustav consumes the heart of the spider, while Winsel takes the opportunity to steal away and bury the master-crafted sword dropped by Beornwulf for later attention. Shortly afterwards, Mariana Mor arrives in the clearing with her Spider Queen, and takes the party back to the city of silk.

The queen is most grateful to the party for rescuing her daughter and preventing the rise of a new spider queen under the auspices of the human hating weaver cult. She arranges a discount [please remind me how much] on a suit of full steelsilk for Sir Vincent. While still in the City of Silk, Stophos arranges a small conference on the matter of the Spider Queens. Beornwulf's shipment of weapons arrives, and he makes a tidy profit of from the deal. The party will certainly find a warm welcome should they return to the city in the future.

On the Way back to the White City, Adi discovers that someone has switched her journal for one containing yet another warning from the low guard. Back in the city, the party receive the 100 Hx each that they were promised, with Beornwulf being grudgingly given an additional 50 Hx to pay for the materials to replace the sword that went MIA. Reports of events are passed to various organisations, including the D'almedia and the low guard. Sir Vincent has gained a certain amount of favour with the D'almedia. Beornwulf fences the take from the criminals n the sewer, and makes 40 Hx for himself.

Brandon hands in his resignation to the low guard, due to his rise in the ranks of his order. The various scholars write up their findings; the events have given strong support to the idea that with sufficient accumulation of power and appropriate rituals and sacrifice, it is possible to turn a giant spider into a spider queen. With both blood magic and the appropriate lore, Adi has a reasonably good insight into what such rituals would entail.

The Swarm have been given access to the accumulated learnings of what they continue to insist is the college of 1027 arts. Several members of the party have begun to refer to it as such, since they have no reason to doubt the swarms rather precise number

When the Storm strikes the Sands

Run by Chaos on 1st August 2009
Players:Sasha Di Courci (Vicky), Falkar D'Almedia (Rich), Lee (Ellie),Stophos (Fed)
Mission Brief:The main temple to the Prince of Storms within the White City has put out a call for adventurers to assist in a potentially dangerous investigation. A number of their disciples along with two of their higher ranking priests recently embarked on a pilgrimage to the Breathing Isles and were not heard from again. Others have been sent to look into the matter and have not returned, so the temple seeks seasoned adventurers to investigate further.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The party all raise winds or Tempests in unison with the Prince of Storms, and the Prince uses a huge Air After Storms to purge the island of its glassy taint. Then taking the party back to the heart of the storm, he thanks them for their efforts, quietens the storms raging within their heads and offers them each a reward or favour.

To Fal-Kar, the prince is not entirely keen on his requests to keep remembering the Princess of Tempests, but through this and his efforts to shape the winds raised over the island, her memories are somewhat strengthened. Thanks to this, Fal-Kar can now maintain a wind for as long as a properly Ordained caster would be able to. Stophos is granted a favour in reserve, that he may call upon the Prince of Storms for at a later date. Sasha is granted a greater insight into the winds and storms such that she can raise a wind and use wind magic whilst in a more serpentine form, despite lack of arms or a voice. She must still make appropriate noise. The Rose Prince of the North is left to deal with his own daughter.

The winds carry the party back to the shore, whereupon the Rose Prince addresses Lee in her dreams and then leaves her body. Avoiding the Port of Glass, the party return to the White City.

Errol meets the party at the temple and thanks them for their efforts, although is somewhat despondent at the loss of so many of the temple's disciples and two of its higher-ranking priests. Stophos steps in to act somewhat more priestly than he used to, although the temple will be generally in disarray and at something of a loss for a while.

Investigations into what exactly happened continue, however, and now that the Prince of Storms is more in a mood to deal with his priests, a better idea of what happened comes to light. A Glass sorcerer, most likely a King in Fragments cultist, stole the reflection of one of the disciples as they travelled through the port, and on arriving at the island Soul Shattered, affecting the disciples and priests. The Prince then angrily excommunicated them all, leaving them ordained only to the King in Fragments. Elizabeth's uses of Air After Storms given her new ordination were then what thoroughly corrupted and tainted the island. Stophos' reports on this at the College spark some considerable interest within the Department of Experimental Theology, who decide that further experimentation into the use of Air After Storms with different ordination may be necessary.

Sasha has a boat sent back to the island to pick up any remaining survivors, and several of them are brought back safely and sanely. Her temple now has another snake, and a few of those saved are persuaded to join her cult. A rather disgruntled letter is received by Duke Karl a short while later regarding an attack on a White City noble by the Broken Guard. He reads it through, stops to think for a moment, before giving it to a subordinate along with some orders. The letter is taken to a storage room and filed in one of a series of almost identical filing cabinets, identified only by a broken mirror.

Lee happens across Fal-Kar in the Black Griffin one night and has something of a chat with him, discussing his true identity and so on. Meanwhile, her dreams are slightly haunted by visions of both storms and Glass for a while, but these subside. However, playing host to the Rose Prince of the North has affected her mind somewhat, and when she dreams from time to time her mind begins to wander and leave her body, whereupon the Rose Prince occupies it instead. Just a father looking after his daughter's body whilst she's out, you know. Whenever she's sleeping, she may now at GM discretion be possessed by the Rose Prince of the North, sleepwalk and do things for him.

Diplomats and Dragons

36hr Run by Vicky and Rob C on 7th-9th August 2009
Players:Thier Cristofori (James G), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Bartholemew D'Artois (Ben),Enrico 'Flash' Cristofori (Fed), Gustav Yoma (James I)
Mission Brief:Rumours of a uprising in the Dukedom of Arakan, one of the 100 dukedoms owing fealty to the King Who Waits, reaches the ears of the higher echelons of the White City. The Low Guard hire a group of adventurers to travel to the far East, gather information on the rebellion and if appropriate to subtly aid the King in quashing it, in order to improve diplomatic relations.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: The Government of Arakan:
A Council is set up to govern Arakan until a proper democratic process can be put in place. The new government is incredibly favourable to the White City, given the part the adventurers played in the rebellion. With some positive scandalmongering the public attitude seems to swing towards the feeling that not all westerners are ignorant barbarians and that in fact some of them are capable of displaying the honour of the Samurai. A number of trade deals are struck up, largely overseen by Enrico Cristofori.

Kin Suen (NPC, Ellie) seems to have by far the strongest position on the Council, enjoying a great deal of support from the White City. Hannibal Gasban (NPC, Matt) also takes up a seat of some importance on the Council and there is some suggestion that certain forces have been backing him too. Both are generally favourable to the White City and willing to negotiate trade deals. Lenin Trotsky (NPC, Peter), however, tragically perishes on the battlefield.

Bartholemew D'Artois remains for the time being to lend his advise to the fledgling government. Not all are pleased with the presence of a Vitriarch worshipper advising the Council, but there are enough who owe him gratitude for his work in the rebellion that he remains mostly unmolested. Bartholemew may if he wishes (and with LARPO approval) buy clout to represent an unofficial influence in the new dukedom and Duke Karl D'Artois is more than happy for him to look after the Port's interests there. The White City, however, is keen to send its own official representative and High Captains Cristofori and de Vermilli suggest a suitable candidate who is approved by Rebecca De Courci.

The Daughter:
Immediately after the princess is captured, Kyre requests that the others give him some space so that he can work his magics. They agree save Bartholomew, who hangs around to watch but gives his word that he will not interfere. Kyre casts a Moths to he Flame, sacrificing the loyalty of the entire village of Kyre's Plenty and Gustav's Bounty. The Princess is now loyal to Kyre. Her ears are still cut up, so Kyre attempts to scrawl and show her written commands, keeping them hidden from Bartholomew before discarding the paper written on by sacrificing it to the Flame. He specifically avoids eye contact with Bartholomew, but ensuring that he keeps him visible in case he tries anything. Bartholemew, however, does not interfere but does seem very eager not to let the Princess out of his sight.

First Kyre instructs the Princess to break the binding on her will. This is successful and the Naming is removed from Enrico. Gradually the serpentmen's trust of Enrico returns and most of them are left mystified s to why that believed him untrustworthy in the first place. Secondly Kyre asks her to name him 'Master of Names'. He may now sacrifice the Name of anyone who offers it up to him willingly to the Flame. The person in question must have power over the Name and as such they in general may not give up names given to them by a Name Sorcerer (GM/ LARPO call as to what does and does not qualify). Thirdly he compels her to make various oaths not to act against the adventuring party, the White City or the newly formed Government of Arakan, which she concedes to do.

After some debate it is decided that the best course of action is to hand the King Who Wait's daughter over to the new council of Arakan, with the suggestion that they sell her to the Crimson Queen in exchange for her protection. The Queen is most agreeable to this deal and is happy to offer some defence to the vunerable new government from both nearby dukedoms who might wish to take advantage and from retribution from the King. With the Queen's support there is very little the King Who Waits can do about the new government. It later becomes known that the Crimson Queen has sold the daughter back to the King Who Waits for a hefty ransom. She is shaken by her ordeal but returns home largely unharmed.

Foreign Relations:
The relationship between the King Who Waits and the White City has reached breaking point. In response to the White City officially backing a rebellion against City of Lights, the King Who Waits has withdrawn his embassy from the White City, and trade between the two cities has been suspended. From now on Westerners are person non gratis in the City of Lights. In the Dukedoms that pledge allegience to the King Who Waits, a growing sense of discontent is spreading, already there have been a number of tentative declerations of independence, possibly these have been pushed forward by the influence of Matahadreas.

Slowly but surely gossip starts to circulate the White City, spurred on by speculation within the walls of the College of a Thousand Arts, that a new Dragon has been discovered or even created. The name Enshinevrostra Thrice Majestic Protector is muttered in some academic circles. The still relatively new temple to the Mother of All Serpents confirms the existence of such a dragon, but is rather tight-lipped about what exactly they know about her.

The truth is this:

Enshinevrostra is a truly unique being, born of three powers. Children of the Dragons have been conceived before but in living memory no child has been born of two dragons. Her name was granted to her by the five adventurers who protected her at the moment of her birth. She is named for pride in ones ability; the strength to protect; that which was lost which was never there to begin with; honour and chivalry, and lastly for strategy and a cool head in battle.

She is still relatively young and weak and very few exist who know how quickly a dragon can be expected to mature. Through the influence of Kyre Wordsmith, who was blood-bonded to his mother at her birth, she is currently predisposed towards protecting the weak and innocent. Her nature also draws on something of her two parents: Inskuldres the Shapeless Wyrm, a creature of the western forest and Rajanigandha the Pale Shadow of the Moon, a being with dominion of the moment between life and death. It is possible that her nature might change as she grows. The child has been blessed by many powers, including the Lady of Battles, who has instructed her servants to protect the child where they can until she is old enough to protect herself (at which point she is on her own). Of her grandparents only the Frost Prince seems to disapprove.

Rajanigandha seems to have elected to remain in the west for some time, determined that her daughter have both Eastern and Westen influences in her upbringing. Together with Inskuldres she now embarks on a great journey to visit the oldest of the Western Dragons: Faragmus First Born. If there is any living creature remembers how to raise a young dragon it is he. After this the plan to journey to the Burned Realm to show the child to her grandfather, the Lord of the Tower of Heroes.

The Lady of Battles is greatly pleased with Kyre for allowing her some influence over the new Dragon. It is likely that she will soon elevate him for his service. Kyre is still blood bonded to Rajanigandha and will remain closely tied to Enshinevrostra for the time being. If anything untoward should happen to either mother or child it is likely that Kyre will be aware of it.

It is possible that the Frost Prince may strike again against the new dragon but now that she is born he may well have missed his best chance.

Thier's Ordination:
Thier upon returning to the White City finds a Priestess of the Princess of Monsoons. After communing with her goddess the priestess reveals that the Princess is pleased with Thier's involvement in a timely revolution and would be happy to accept him. He may buy ordination to the Princess of Monsoons. This will cost the normal 6XP, however he may transfer directly any Rose Prince of the South rites to Princess of Monsoons rites without paying any additional XP. He may well incur the ire of the Rose Prince of the South should he encounter him on future LARPs.

Upon returning the White City Bartholemew D'Artois discovers that a number of rumours are spreading about supposed blasphemies he has commited whilst in the East. After some investigation it becomes clear that this is the result of a dedicated campaign to smear his good name by some individual, although the source is not immediately obvious. Both High Captain Silvio Cristofori and High Captain Rosalind de Vermilli seem mistrustful of him. On the plus side though Rebecca De Courci seems pleased with his efforts. By calling on his influence and own understanding of the subleties of etiquette his is able to mitigate the damage somewhat. As a result opinion about him is rather divided. Whilst there are some worried about a Vitriarch worshipper having so much influence with the Duchess, there are others see him as an acceptable face of the D'Artois family.

Secretly Gustav reports to the Low Guard, who continue to be pleased with his work.

The Cristofori are also pleased with Enrico and hope that his good work will help them secure new trade deals in the East. High Captain Silvio Cristofori comes through on their agreement and arranges a commission of a suitably high rank in the High Guard (he may wish to represent this with a rank of clout, with LARPO approval). The Low Guard, however, are a little more mistrustful of both Enrico and Bartholemew, suspecting them of being involved in dubious dealings whilst in the East. The Cristofori are also generally happy with Thier for helping Enrico build new trade deals.

Gustav and Kyre are well received by the nobility of the White City as good sorts to have working for you, particularly amongst the Cristofori.

Lady Lilith Venenoso:
As agreed Thier and Gustav show Lethreyses the Venomous Maiden, who disguises herself as the noblewoman Lady Lilith Venenoso, around the White City. Thier makes good on his promise to introduce her to Finch Tyrell and Sasha De Courci. Sasha shows her around the newly reconsecrated Temple to the Mother of All Serpents. She shows her to the inner sanctum, where they have a private discussion. Both emerge seeming rather pleased. Both Sasha and Thier arrange for her to meet various movers and shakers in the White City.

Privately she discusses with Gustav how to track down her lost serpentmen. She also uses his help to try and create new ones to replace those that may have died whilst she slept.

The Village of Gustav's Gift:
Gustav returns to the East to start educating the villagers he and Kyre saved from starvation in the worship of the Lady of Battles. Many do convert, although he is still idly venerated as a saint. 'Battle Sheep' continues to protect them from the threat of attack from outside.

Consequences for the Party:
Rebecca De Courci is pleased with all the party for helping her gain influence in the far east.

Flamin' Heck

Run by Fed on 19th September 2009
Players:Orlando Cristofori (Vicky), Dreamcatcher (Rich), Naomi (Ellie),Gregor aka 'Mumbles' (Dave Harper), Memnon (Julian)
Mission Brief:"The famous band of musicians, Blaquinox, on tour in the City of Silk, has gone missing. The band's 'Managing Man' has come down from the Whistful City to put up a reward for anybody who can find them..."
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The group, sans Gregor, return to the White City to quickly coach Blaquinox in music. Within a matter of days they are up to their standard in rocking out. The drummer is even better... really. Finally, they are returned to Douglas who pays out the remaining 15 hexa. Within weeks, Blaquinox are set up to play more venues and already 5 extra hexa make it to our brave adventurers... All of the players, including Gregor, get the special income skill 'Heroes of Blaquinox' entitling them to an extra 5 hexa income per adventure provided that Blaquinox are performing well in the world. Should they ever falter... that income may disappear.

Gregor. Oh Gregor. Now even more mad, and reliving every moment of his visit to the Shattered Realm as reality, as the most vivid dream... He eventually makes his way to Douglas, who quickly gives him the purse of moneys and runs away, and contact with Blaquinox produces a session of drug-taking, money giving and running away. Until Gregor gets rid of his Dream Potion addiction, in addition to the normal effects, he will be in a waking dream/daydream of something like the Shattered Plain. This is either the greatest blessing, or the greatest horror. Or both in one delicious package.

And Blaquinox, returned to almost their initial state, carry on rockin' the White City world... while in the North, Scar journeys ever onwards in its quest to perceive Dream, guided now by a certain Dreamcatcher.

Homeward Bound

Run by Vicky on 3rd October 2009
Players:Taggart (Joe W), Samantha (Chaos), Andreas (Dominic),Martius ??? (Rob)
Mission Brief:“The winds of rumour blow sinister news to the White City from the East: Barakalus the Bloody, noted Dire Necromancer and loony, claims that he has discovered a ritual that will enable him to free the Bound Ones and resurrect the Necromancer from Three Rivers. Nobody much believes him, but the City’s Just In Case committee (Chair: R. De Courci) has nonetheless earmarked a small sum, such as may be suitable recompense for a less experienced adventuring party, as reward for those willing to travel to the wilderness beyond Crossroads and settle Barakalus’ hash once and for all. This would normally be an ‘alive or dead’ mission, but no-one wants to listen to his ranting, so the authorities just want his head. Rumour also suggests that Barakalus has kidnapped some local farmers, and a caravan of orphans who were travelling to Crossroads to start a new life.”
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Barakulus's head plus the details of the ritual are delivered to the Official Spokesperson of the Just in Case Commitee (not just the propieter of the Black Griffin in a silly hat, honest gov') and the PCs receive their promised reward. Olivia is returned to her family and meanwhile the company, Red Letter Days, is taken under new management.

"Truth, Justice, Reasonably priced Love and a hardboiled egg"

Run by Rob C on 10th October 2009
Players:Sasha (Vicky), Kyre Wordsmith (Chaos), Thier Cristofori (James G),Lee (Ellie),Gustav (James I)
Mission Brief:A few months have passed since the Dukedom of Arakan rebelled, with help from the White city and now the situation in the Dukedoms who pledge loyalty to the City of Lights is critical. Many of the Dukedoms have rebelled against the puppet dukes and have established republics, outside of the control of the City of Lights. The dragon Matahadreas, on the suggestion of his sister Rajanigandha has contacted Kyre Wordsmith, asking if he will put together a party to return to the East to help further Dukedoms throw off their oppressors and help bring the forces of the Rebelled governments together, to form a force that can fight the City of Lights itself. Kyre has notified the White city government, who has agreed to the request, and has notified the noble families and the temples, should they wish to send representatives.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:With the Namer Sorceress captured the party travel back to the Spirit of the Flame, who takes the sacrifice. With this, Ember Warriors rise up and join the party in the journey back to Matahadreas' camp, where the leaders of the various Rebel Dukedoms have gathered. This council is discussing the mustering of the Grand Rebel army. With the successful rebellions of the Dukedoms of Bajur and Shanghezi, and with the addition of the Ember warriors, the beginning of a battle against the City of Lights itself are being discussed. With a spot of cool diplomacy with the council, Sasha secures a 3 way alliance giving the White city favorable conditions, specifically in De Courci trade.

With the negotiations concluded, Matahadreas' grants each of the party a boon, and the Party travel back to the White city. Shortly after their return, the fading star goes from shining exceptionally bright to disappearing from the night sky. Scholars and Astrologer are convinced this means their is great change afoot.

Path of Prosperity

Run by Joe W on 17th October 2009
Players:Kevin Dolan (Kevin), Mr Black (Peter), Memnon (Julian),Difracti (Dave Holley),Andreas (Dominic), ,Shadow (Trevor)
Mission Brief:For weeks there has a steady trundle of workers out of the White City in the employ of the Fairweather Engineers, a new mercantile concern backed by some of the biggest names in the Guild of Free Traders. They're building a great road to the Whistful city and, according to their propoganda, using techniques of the ancient past to build the highway of the future! Now however workers are beginning to return to the city with complaints that conditions on the road are too dangerous. Apparently barely a day goes by without a group of labourers being set upon by brigands. To keep the project on track, Fabian Fairweather has put out a call for enterprising adventurers who are prepared to do what is necessary to establish a long term 'security solution' for the road.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Work on the Fairweather Northern Highway has picked up once more with most of the bandit problem eliminated with extreme predjudice. Around Three Rivers, the former companions of Borga now prowl the roads, hunting down intruders on their patch and eagerly awaiting a rich haul of toll money once traffic picks up. In the village of Chilldale the populace toil grudgingly for the Engineers, though not so reluctantly that "those monsters" might be called back.
From the Whistful City there are reports that a being known as the Grey Messenger marched before the offices of the influential Ebony Consortium proclaiming that he bore a message from his summoner before collapsing to the floor and screaming in torment for almost 3 days. Eventually he collapsed into a pile of dust and blew away on the winds. Several of the northern criminal syndicates are reputably looking for a small group of foreigners that knocked off a well connected alchemist.

Martinez Fairweather is a new man following his tutelage under the adventurers, and is soon to return to the White City to further assist his uncle. Apparently their eyes have already turned to the lucrative 'Silk road' of the West

The Life of the Party

Run by Vicky on 7th November 2009
Players:Martius ??? (Rob C), ??? Velasquez (Oliver),Mephisto di Fracti (Dave Holley),??? (Johnathon)
Mission Brief:Alberto Velasquez, son of Nerino Velasquez and wealthy scion of the family, is coming of age. As nothing but the best will do for the most ambitious family of the White City, word has been put out that the family is looking to hire entertainers, notable company, performers and security for the most lavish party of the year. Nobles are able to attend as a matter of course; all others are to report to Piera Velasquez, master of ceremonies. Pay will be 10 Hx up front, with 10 Hx on safe and entertaining completion of the festivities.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The Pincess of Blossoms is appeased, the trade in Bloodflower is stopped, and the curse is lifted, freeing all those taken over by the vines that are still alive. Piera Velasquez pays the surviving party 20 Hx (or 30 Hx in trade goods in Martius' case), and the party additionally receives the commendation of the Exalted Church for destroying a Glass artefact.

Speaking of the Glass artefact, Mephisto di Fracti wakes up underneath Duke Karl's castle with a face cracked with veins of glass, surrounded by surprised cultists. He is sent on his way with a wary eye, though as someone with the obvious blessing of the King in Fragments he is not interfered with.

Monday, Bloody Monday

Run by James I on 31st October 2009
Players:Taggart (Joe W), Solomon (Julian),Nathaniel de Almedia (James I),Jacob (Alex)
Mission Brief: Three days ago a messenger arrived from a small town to the North saying they were under attack. When reinforcements arrived they could find no sign that a town had ever existed and nobody remembers meeting anybody who lived or had been there, yet maps of the area show that the town had been where the messenger said it was.

Upon hearing the rumours Duke Ario Cristofori has matched the site of where the town was supposed to be to an old gem mine. Seeing the potential profitability of this he called for one of retainers to track the messenger down in order to learn more of the site’s whereabouts. However no one has as yet been able to track down the mysterious messenger. Even more strangely the High Guard checked back through their records when their contingent returned from having been sent out as reinforcements and found out that a little over a year ago a messenger arrived in the White City under very similar circumstances. Three years before that a group of Shining Order Knights reported having passed through the town on a training mission and were not able to find it on the way back. In fact a careful pooling of all the resources shows similar reports dating as far back as the last six years. The evidence suggests that the town and presumably the gem mine might have disappeared in to dream. Duke Ario Cristofori has set aside a small sum of money for a relatively inexperienced group of adventurers to see if the mine can be recovered.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: The party hand over Matthews to the townspeople, who carry out their own brand of justice against him. Messages are beginning to filter through and the townspeople accept the PC's explanation that they have been trapped in a recurring dream for the past six years. They are more than willing to negotiate new trade deals with the PCs.

The PCs return to the White City and like the unscrupulous bastards they are sell out their employers, the Cristofori, in favour of negotiating trade deals on behalf of the De Courci. The De Courci pay them twenty hexa apiece, plus another ten for the gemstones they received from the villagers. Meanwhile the Cristofori spread it around the city that the party are unreliable scum who can not be trusted to honour their contracts. On the plus side the De Courci are pleased with them and in particular ensure that Nathaniel's family learn of his service to the city.

The townspeople are a little shellshocked but gradually start to piece their lives back together.

Dark Carnival IV: The Great Milenko

Run by Trevor on 14th November 2009
Players:Anvil (Joe W), Thier Cristofori (James G),Proyas de Almedia (Peter),Sam fletcher (Rob C)
Mission Brief: The college of a thousand arts has received a message from Demitrius, Town Clerk to the Wistful City. "The inmates have broken out of the asylum and headed north towards dream, the staff have been taken captive, those responsible left a cryptic message. "The time has come for the Necromaster, the unleashing of the fourth joker's card... the Great Milenko!"
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:The players have defeated Milenko and his Juggalo guards. They leave the catacombs with the Wistful City Asylum inmates and meet up at the Broken Guard HQ, where they are praised for their work in ended the riot, however the city council is not to pleased about the glass tower’s destruction. They pay the players the agreed amount and the influence of dream on the port of glass is quenched. The damage to the city is fairly substantial and the city officials will be busy trying to rebuild some of the infrastructure for some time.

Jack and Jake Jackal head back north to dream with a small undead army, they take a wide path away from civilisation and disappear into the northern mountains ready for their starring role in the next adventure....

Roaster rejoined the dark carnival as"the strong man" with his sister Marie-Anne in tow. A few weeks later the squire of Wheatland is found dead in his home, having mysteriously choked on his own Hexa, perhaps Proyas will get a rematch someday after all...

Back to the party..
Immediatly after leaving the guardhouse, Proyas is still possessed by Milenko’s spirit who gives one last ditch attempt to channel energy from the burned realm to The Wraith by opening the burned gate, but he is intercepted by Thier and Sam, puged by an anti-dream potion, Milenko’s spirit escapes into the burned realm through the gate, to meet an unknown and probably unpleasant fate of his own.

The adventurers return to the asylum over the journey the inmates have reverted to singing and chanting about the Beauty of Shangri-La. The adventurers tell the head doctor that the staff had been killed and raised as undead, but are at peace now, Anvil is offered a position as a locum therapist, and the town clerk pays them for their trouble.

Back in the White City the professor is keen to hear everything about Milenko and his powers and objectives. The players have had a keen insight into Milenko’s abilities and goals so they spend all night in the college staff refectory, telling their tale over and over, however the food is pretty good and port exceptional so they don’t mind too much. The professor gives them his savings as payment.


Run by Joe on 21st November 2009
Players:Orlando (Vicky), Daniel Kelson (Dominic),Memnon (Julian),Avity (Ellie), S'raem Yar (Trevor)
Mission Brief: Malvolio de Courci, a respected and wealthy patron of the adventuring community, seeks a small band willing to venture into the great Eastern Desert to find an ancient abbey of the Light, lost to the sands many centuries ago.
Long forgotten artifacts of religious, magical or financial value are to be recovered, whatever the cost!
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:Having overcome the nomads the party flees the Abbey even as the eclipse ends. As sunlight begins to blaze down once more the abbey begins to disappear behind the shimmering veil of light, however before the magic can conceal it once more the great Worm rises from the sands and crushes the beautiful building beneath its bulk. The party sensibly legs it.

Weeks later the party returns to the watchtowers and gives up the most part of their treasure to caravan driver working for Malvolio. Kelson remains hidden away out of site until Avity and Orlando find a route by which he can be smuggled back to the Embassy. Later both he and the Sungem are shipped back to the Port for the examination of the Duke and his sorcerors. The Party are well rewarded for their efforts.

To Arise Again

Run by Chaos/X on 28th November 2009
Players:"Maverick" (Vicky), Nathaniel De Almedia (James I),Marcus (Rob),Kevin (Kevin), ???
Mission Brief: As usual, things are strange up North. Rumours are filtering down from the Whistful City that suggest odd things have been going on as of late. Weird **** with Dream, something about some cult, the usual stories. Begrudgingly, the White City's Just In Case committee has assigned a small amount of Hexa for whoever needs the cash to go and look into things and solve any potential problems -this- time. Actual reward amount is to be based on the DPI (Doom Probability Index), to be determined based on the outcome of the investigation.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences:

Anderson's Grim Task

Run by Peter on 5th December 2009
Players:TAFKAT (Joe), Daniel Kelson (Dominic),Gex (Rich G),Mephisto Di Fracti (Dave H), Michael (Dan), Maximilian (James G)
Mission Brief: Those who know a little about the social mores which govern the Great Families, will know that, whilst it is not always adhered to, there is an etiquette which the greater Noble Houses are expected to adhere to when offing their rivals. This acts as a symbolic limit on their actions and lets everyone know when the gloves are off and real blood is about to be shed (i.e. when these rules of etiquette are left to one side).

Specifically, all murders ordered by the Great Families ought to be made to look like accidents, but not so much like accidents that one might actually mistake it for such.
In this manner, accidentally dying from a very nasty shaving injury (involving an undetectable, but slow-acting poison) is acceptable, accidentally dying by cutting your own head off whilst shaving is generally thought to be a little uncouth. Of course, there is a large degree of wiggle room, but the more artistic and/or dramatically appropriate the "accident", the better it is considered by all those who matter. The architects of a particularly fitting accident have even, in the past, become the talk of the nobility for a day or two.

And so it happens that word is being passed out through the appropriate channels, mostly over ales, beers and less easily classified alcohols, that Andersen Velasquez wishes some people made dead in the "appropriate manner". Interested parties, the sort willing to kill people for money or favour, should find their way to the back foom of The Rutting Badger in three days time at noon. Payment will be arranged at the meeting.
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: The party return to The Rutting Badger where they are greeted, in a back room, by Andersen Velasquez and Sgt Spratt. After some discussion, it is agreed that the party should be paid 73 hexa a head for the murder of the targets.

Tibbs, asks to forgo his share of the money in order to be introduced, on favourable terms, to the Velasquez family's master smith. After some initial problems and the the unfortunate demise of Master Smith, a Velasquez footman, Tibbs is introduced to a craftsman of the highest skill and greatest talents. Andersen Velasquez assures both parties it will be the start of a beautiful relationship. Tibbs also believes himself to be a famous actor, and striving to understand why Humpty van Stuyversant-Dumpty III could unexplainedly fly (and why he could not at the crucial moment... unless the body was not actually van Stuyversant Dumpty III).

Gex, the Rat-Catcher makes some fairly impressive reports to trusted individuals within the Low Guard who ratchet up their surveillance of certain Glass-associated individuals. Gex's standing is greatly improved within his organisation.

Michael is beginning to attract the notice of the Princess of Stories, partially through his continued associations with a Temple placed on the site of an old guitar shop, and partially through having killed a number of her cultists in story appropriate manners. It is, however, altogether ambiguous just how life-affirming and extending this interest is at this point.

Maximilian is repeatedly "drained" by his Lady-Wife and when he finally manages to escape her watery clutches, she informs him that he should return soon, as she wishes to be in the family way as soon as possible.

Mephisto is brought into the Port of Glass Embassy by Daniel Kelson, who himself is beginning to find it difficult to discern the facial features Crossroad Merchants. p align=center>Queen of Chaos

Run by Ellie (Written by MatT) on 12th December 2009
Players:Kyre Wordsmith (chaos), Theodore Luxfrey (Dave Harper),Stophos (Fed),Sasha De Courci (Vicky), Finch (James I)
Mission Brief:"The night two weeks before the MidWinter Festival finds the City of Crossroads in a state of early celebration: the Earth-Bound Disciples, a group of Namer-Worshipping bandits, have been found, slaughtered. No-one is sure exactly which adventuring group or guard company is responsible, but everyone is happy for a reason to kick the festivities off.

The following morning, the most prominent adventurers currently in Crossroads find themselves awakened before dawn. They are awakened by the Watchers, the city guard of Crossroads: the City wants to hire them, fee to be negotiated. Something is very wrong with the fate of the Earth-Bound Disciples. Crossroads’ government wants adventurers – the very best – to travel to the massacre site and investigate. Now."
Adventure Summary: pending.
Adventure Consequences: Rebecca De Courci is rescued from attack by eastern assassins and sightings of her riding the back of a giant flying lizard towards the high guard head quarters are too many to be discounted as pure fiction.

Of the assassins the Noble's (Rana - a young son of the King who Waits) body is found in the streets of the white city very much dead and looking like it had been dropped from a great height. Hand of the New Moon (a Shengzi) is taken prisoner and questioned by the PC's. He revealed that the three had taken it upon themselves without any official authority to assassinate the Governess of the White City in retaliation for the chaos caused by the uprisings and rebellion that the westerners had helped Matahadraes orchestrate within the dukedoms. Kohana, a warrior from the lands of the Crimson Queen, is allowed to depart by Kyre who tells her that Rebbecca had nothing to do with the uprisings in the east and gives her instructions to leave reinforcing this with The Voice of The Lady of Battles. (specifically: "It is good that you fight for what you believe in, but these actions are misguided and will only cause needless suffering for innocent people who had nothing to do with the cause you fight for. If you wish to show your devotion then I shall fight you instead, but call off your people and leave this place." ) She is easily able to leave the city without interference (the few guards who do try and stop her are disabled but not killed) - in fact she only kills one person on her way out and that is a known thug who seems to have tried to violently mug her. Never-the-less Kohana is watched by the High Guard (and less obviously the Low guard) until she leaves the lands of the White City and possibly beyond.

Although it appears that the three were not officially backed and decided to undertake this task on their own it's also clear that they had help from within the White city. Whatever conspiracy is behind this has reason to want Rebbecca dead, had the ability to stir up unrest across the city allowing the easterners easier access, the funding to provide their employees with ample potions and believes that whoever replaces her will pardon them for their actions (at least, that was the opinion of those employed by the ring leaders). Hand of the New Moon can provide the name of his eastern contact but can only give a vague description of their contact within the White City. What is clear is that the operative worked out of The River Red. The barman at this establishment is quickly arrested by the Low Guard and the bar put under surveillance in case anyone connected to the events returns.
In the village outside the white city where Lord Kilgrave held sway, Sir Justin Strong is recalled back to the Temple of the Light and Lord Killgrave replaced with a firm but somewhat fairer retainer of the De Courci family.

The party all receive 50Hx and a favour from the City of Crossroads and an additional 150Hx from Rebecca De Courci who is also well disposed towards (most of) them. Exceptions to this are Sasha who forgoes her reward from Rebecca in exchange for a later favour and Stophos who gets 130Hx and a bill for a bottle of vintage port.

After some investigation Stophos realises that trying to attach the hand of the Iron Cohort to his own would not necessarily be a good plan and retaining control could be difficult. The severed hand is placed inside a stout box in the vaults of the College where it can be heard knocking against the walls trying to get out.... Stophos then returns to Crossroads shortly after the events of the adventure and hot on his heels are rumours of his cowardice and less than heroic conduct on the road. His journey is swift enough but he finds on route that he has become particularly tasty to spiders (courtesy of a Blood Vengeance by Sasha).

A week following the assassination attempt Rebecca announces that Sasha De Courci is to be named Regent in the event of Rebecca's death until her daughter Eleanor comes of age. A certain number of wood carvings depicting Sasha draped heroically (and strategically) in the city flag being appearing in the lower sections of the city shortly after.

Theodore Luxfrey travels north after this adventure to speak with his Mother in law - Night. This is in preparation for getting Dream 1 at some point.

Finch returns to the Iron Cohorts' location, to help the newly appointed watcher from the Brotherhood of Chains round them up back into the fort under the hill where they were held and reinstate the ritual that was keeping them in place before. One of them is missing a hand and seems somewhat miffed about it.

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