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The White City is a Fantasy Live-Action Role-Playing game (aka "fantasy LARP" or "FLiRP") run in Shotover Country Park in Oxford (UK) on Saturday afternoons under the auspices of OURPGSoc (the Oxford University RolePlaying Games Society) and open to all - the first two games are free! It's fairly generic high combat Sword & Sorcery fare in the usual linear LARP mould, but with a slightly non-standard feel to it. We aim to be welcoming to casual players and students on a tight budget, so running around having fun is more important to us than anything else. Hopefully everything you need to know about the game will be answered on one of the pages below.

For information on subscribing to the White City mailing lists, click here. As a brief note- the rpgsocf list should be used for larp related announcements, whereas the rpgsocef list is to be used for extended discussion related to larp.

What is LARP? - How does this LARP work? - What's the setting like?

Setting Information
Geography - History - Recent Events - Culture - Heraldry - Notable Nobility

Basic System
Character Generation - Skills - Combat - Non-Human PCs
Experience & Advancement - Class Levels - Sample PCs

Magic & Religion
Magic System - Priests - Sample Gods & Cults
Ash - Blood - Chains - Dream - Glass - Light - Wind - Name - Flame
Alchemy - Astrology - Herbalism and Poisons - Spirits - Magic Items

Playing & Running the Game - Money & Equipment - Monsters - Bandits
LARP Summaries 2003 - LARP Summaries 2004 - LARP Summaries 2005
LARP Summaries 2006 - LARP Summaries 2007 - LARP Summaries 2008 - LARP Summaries 2009 - LARP Summaries 2010
PC Roster - Past LARPs - Rumour Mill - White City Fiction - White City Filk - Errata - Files

More information is stored on the White City Wiki

Real World Information
Updates - Announcements - Information - Mailing Lists - Photos
Safety Rules
Social Contract - Meeting Place directions - Links
Bow Competency Test - Crossbow Competency Test

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