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Mailing Lists

People should currently be using the " rpgsocf " mailing list, as it's now Trinity Term 2007.

If you have any questions about the mailing lists or your subscription to them, please contact the OURPGSoc Netrep (currently Helen W).
The White City game maintains two mailing lists, one ("rpgsocf") for announcements of new games and other important information and one ("rpgsocef") for general White City related discussions. Two lists are used in order to avoid filling up the University email inboxes of those who do not wish to be involved in extended dicussions. If you wish to send a message to the "rpgsocf" mailing list outside of termtime, please check with the OURPGSoc Netrep first. The 2006 Oxford University summer vacation begins on Sunday 18th June (which is Sunday 9th week).

White City Photo Gallery

The public online White City photo gallery at is generously hosted by Chris N using Gallery v1 software and is maintained by Helen W. All photographs are there with the permission of those featured. Any questions about the gallery should be addressed to the mailing list.
When a new gallery of photographs is put up after a LARP the gallery is password-protected for at least one week, during which time people can request the removal of any photograph featuring them before the photos are made public. People can also request the removal of any such photos at any time after they have been made public. The password is available by request from the mailing list.
There is also a separate gallery available where photos and sketches of people's characters can be stored, please ask on the mailing list if you'd like to have a picture stored there to be linked from the PC Roster page.

A Word From The Webmaster

The philosophy of this website is very much "content over style". It's not pretty, it's not been checked for compatibility with multiple browsers, it's webmastered by someone who hasn't worked in the web design industry for over three years and only ever uses Firefox. However, I like to think that it's accurate, up to date, responsive to feedback, well proofread, passably clear and well written, fairly well hyperlinked and quick to download. Maybe once I've finished adding all the pages we plan to add (ha!) and we finish tweaking the rules system (as if!) I might sit down to make it prettier, but don't hold your breath. If it really bothers you, write some code you can easily explain to me and I'll do my best to integrate it.
The webspace for this website is generously provided by Mark and is hosted by Gradwell Dot Com Ltd..
Thoughts, comments, criticism, suggestions and additions to the site are always welcome - email them to me!

Linking To This Site

If you would like to link to this site then please link to the "" URL.
If you wish to use an image or banner to link to us, then you are welcome to use one of the two provided below.
We welcome links from any site, but only offer reciprocal links to groups and vendors based in the UK.

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Credits & Thanks

Credit and thanks are due to the following people:


All of the fiction and filk linked from the Fiction and Filk pages remains copyright of the original authors.

The rest of this site is copyright the Oxford University Role Playing Game Society.

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