Alchemy is the art and science of purifying the self and the world. It's as much a spiritual journey as any other form of magic. The problem is that a lot of people don't realise that. To the uninitiated, the big schtick of alchemists is the potions they make, but there's far more even to them than meets the eye. An alchemical potion is an expression of a profound truth, it is a manifestation of the alchemist's path to perfection. That non-alchemists buy them and knock them back like cheap beer causes alchemists equal parts distaste and amusement.

Alchemical potions have different effects depending on who takes them. If a potion is taken by an alchemist who knows how to make that sort of potion, then it has a bonus effect. If it is taken by anybody else, then it has its ordinary effect, and may also have side effects.

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The thing about alchemy is that it changes you on a fundamental level, and most people aren't ready for that. During an adventure, keep track of how many alchemical potions each PC has taken. If a PC drinks a potion which brings the total number of potions they've consumed that adventure above the character's current Psyche hits then they have become "reliant" upon that type of potion. Note that a good night's sleep sets the tally of potions drunk back to zero - somebody can safely drink a few potions a day and never become addicted. You can't become reliant on a potion by losing Psyche hits. You can become reliant on more than one kind of potion.

Reliance is partially psychological and partially physical, alchemically speaking it's all the same. While a character is reliant on a potion they are assumed to be under the reversed effect of that potion at all times. For example, if a character is reliant on healing potions then they are permanently down one Body hit to all locations, and can only have those hits restored by taking healing potions. An alchemist will never suffer reliance upon a potion that they know how to make.

Generally the only way to cure reliance is by going cold turkey. A character who is reliant upon a potion must spend at least one adventure and one downtime without drinking a single potion of that type. At the GM's option the withdrawal symptoms may prevent them from achieving anything else (such as raising a Class level) during that downtime, and during the adventure the effects of their addiction and craving should be roleplayed. If a character is not going cold turkey then the GM may choose to impose a penalty on their income to represent the expense of fuelling their addiction. This penalty is likely to be reduced or ignored for those with sufficient Wealth - for many of the more dissolute nobles drug habits are de rigeur.

Selling Potions

Characters can sell off the potions (and poisons) they've manufactured in downtime for HALF (round up) the price listed on the Equipment page (that is, the cost for people without the skill). IC because you're an adventurer, you don't have the connections and trust to sell things off at 'reliable merchant' prices. Merchants wishing to use their class skills to sell at better prices should discuss the matter with the Head GM. Additionally alchemists should feel free to sell or trade their creations to other PCs for whatever rate they can negotiate.


The main potions which can be brewed by alchemists are as follows:

Healing Potions
Price 3 Hexa, raw materials cost 1 Hexa.
The old mainstay of an adventurer's life, healing potions heal one Body hit to every location when drunk.
Alchemists who know how to make healing potions heal an extra Body hit to the Torso when they drink one.
A character reliant upon healing potions is permanently down 1 Body hit to every location. Drinking a healing potion will restore the hits lost to reliance, but only for one Encounter.

Strength Potions
Price 5 Hexa, raw materials cost 2 Hexa.
Strength potions give a character an extra two Ranks of the Strong skill (or three ranks if they normally have no ranks of Strong) for the duration of the Encounter in which they are drunk. Characters reaching Strong 5 this way do not recieve a Mythic Feat. See the Skills page for more details.
Once the potion wears off the character is weakened - any Ranks of the Strong skill they have are ignored for the next Encounter, and if they don't normally have any Ranks of the Strong skill then their damage is reduced by one rank for the next encounter (singles to halves, halves to ZERO, as usual). Note that strength potions are not cumulative - drinking more than one strength potion in the same Encounter will have no additional effect.
Alchemists who know how to make strength potions may purchase Strong as a Scholar skill.
A character reliant upon strength potions is permanently weakened, as from having drunk a strength potion in the previous Encounter. Drinking a potion of strength will restore them to normal for one Encounter, but won't give them the usual bonus skill Ranks.

Purification Potions
Price 5 Hexa, raw materials cost 2 Hexa.
Purification potions purge the drinker of all disease, poison and impurity. The downside is that they also deal a Through Single to every location because they burn out a lot of other things as well. Alchemists of any sort, Light Sorcerers (Ordained or otherwise) and those reliant on purification potions are all sufficiently purified to avoid the burning.
Alchemists who know how to make purification potions are immune to the effect the potion was taken to cure for the remainder of the encounter.
Reliants have their immune systems greatly suppressed, as a result of which poisons and diseases have double the normal effect on them.

Sleeping Potions
Price 3 Hexa, raw materials cost 1 Hexa.
Sleeping potions put the drinker into a deep sleep from which almost nothing will awaken them for at least four hours. During this sleep they will recover their Psyche hits as from a normal good night's sleep.
To alchemists who can make these potions the sleep is simply natural, and a ninety minute catnap after drinking a sleeping potion will restore all Psyche hits the alchemist has lost.
To the reliant these potions are the only way to get a decent night's sleep at all. Unless they drank a sleeping potion the previous night they are permanently at half their normal number of Fatigue hits (round down) and down one Psyche hit.

Love Potions
Price 10 to 20 Hexa, raw materials cost 3 Hexa.
Another old mainstay, a love potion causes the person who drinks it to fall in love with the next person they lay eyes on and remain besotted with them until either sunrise or sunset, whichever is sooner.
To an alchemist who knows how to make love potions they simply make the world seem a generally more beautiful and pleasant place.
For a reliant, it is impossible to feel any of the more tender emotions unless under the influence of a love potion.

Dream Potions
Price 5 Hexa, raw materials cost 2 Hexa.
Much beloved by Dream Sorcerers and Glass Sorcerers, these potions grant the drinker visions. Dream Sorcerers, Glass Sorcerers, characters with the Visions skill and alchemists who know how to make dream potions may all use these visions to produce something of use (although for Glass Sorcerers "of use" usually means "images of the Vitriarchs"). Anyone else just has random daydreams and hallucinations.
To a reliant, these potions become the only way to stop the images in their head and their hallucinations from getting out of control.

Travel Potions
Price 15 Hexa, raw materials cost 3 Hexa.
Travel potions allow the drinker's soul to leave their body as an invisible ethereal spirit and travel to other places. Possible destinations include wandering the world astrally (relatively safe), wandering the realm of Dreams (comparatively safe), wandering the Burned Realm (dangerous) and wandering the Shattered Plain and the Tower of Glass (insanely dangerous). However, although the potion allows the drinker to leave their body easily enough they must find their own way back to it. If someone stays away from their body for too long it could die from hunger and thirst, and then where would they be? Note that while travelling as an ethereal spirit the drinker cannot initiate psychic combat except with other ethereal spirits.
An alchemist who knows how to make travel potions may return to their body at will.
Reliants must drink a travel potion each day and each night in order to keep their spirit in their physical body and not go astrally wandering.

Anti-[Form of Magic] Potions
Price 15 Hexa, raw materials cost 3 Hexa.
There are seven types of these potions - variants which protect against Ash, Blood, Chains, Dream, Glass, Light and Wind. Alchemists must learn how to make each type of potion separately. As long as you have taken a potion since the end of the last encounter, it will counteract the next instantaneous spell cast on you from that magic type. Shout 'anti-magic' to let everyone know that the Storm of Shards has just harmlessly sprayed off you, or whatever. You cannot be affected by more than one anti-magic potion in this way. Ongoing magical effects (Such as a Blood Vengeance or Sickening) are merely supressed for the length of the adventure.
The rarely seen anti-Name potions are a little weird. Speak to the Head GM if it becomes relevant.
Alchemists who know how to make a potion to protect against the right Form of magic can call 'anti-magic' twice per potion taken. Additionally they may break an ongoing spell of that Form permanently and completely by drinking one potion.
Reliants have to take a potion every day just to stop the effects of the spell from getting twice as bad as before.

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