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Skills Errata

Q: Can blindfighting be disrupted by shouting at the combatant?
A: No, blindfighters can't be blinded by shouting loudly at them; their skills are such as to be able to blindfight in most battles, so it takes a really astounding amount of noise to 'blind' them. Stampeding elephants is the level we're talking.

You can disengage through a cluster of enemies or directly away from them, but the second you stop running (i.e. to pick something up or give someone a healing potion) then the Disengage's effects end.

OBS If a backstab hits then it can't be Parried or Dodged. (In general these calls can't be made against unexpected attacks).

Leadership now ignores the restrictions to Damage modifiers imposed by Substandard and Standard Quality weapons.
Leadership effects all mundane damage calls including ranged (bows, throwing weapons) and Subdual calls.

Mighty only applies to Damage Calls, there is no such thing as a Mighty Shatter or Disarm.

Parry Stacking
The maximum number of parries that a character can call in an encounter for each of Weapons Master, a fighting style, and superior weaponary, is limited to their best in each of those categories. So a character with three ranks of Weapons Master in Mace and four ranks in Dagger can call a maximum of four weapons master parries per encounter, and only three of those while wielding the mace. Similarly, each character can call only one superior weapon parry per encounter. Superior shield parries count as fighting style parries.

Expanded information on use of Blather
  • Rank 4 - There are some limitations: looking like someone of the opposite gender will only stand up to the most cursory of inspections, large changes in your apparent size are basically impossible, and impersonating specific individuals will only work if the people you are trying to fool have never met that person or heard detailed descriptions (or if they're excessively stupid). You can apply disguises to others, but can't really get them to 'do the voice' (or indeed the walk, etc) properly. A few hexa per adventure will provide you with the materials for a basic disguise, more detailed/expensive trappings may cost more..
    *Without* this skill, disguises are limited to the level of 'put on a cowboy hat and boots, talk in a funny accent and pretend to be American oil entrepreneur millionaire' level. They might conceal your own appearance, beyond that only very stupid people will actually think you are what you're pretending to be.
  • Rank 5 - Note that the one exception to this Rank's total believability is statements like 'Absolutely the only way for you to react is...'. You *can* manipulate someone's mood (tell people OOC: 'Blather 5, I'm trying to make you angry' for example, and preferably play out *how*) in the hope of altering their response, though.

    Magic Errata

    Lightning Bolts Against Insubstantials
    Being a global-damage energy based attack, lightning bolts deal a full Double to insubstantial creatures (effectively a half to each location, rounding down).

    Forestall the Pyre
    The following sources count as Unnatural Damage in the eyes of the Burned Lords
  • The Undead
  • Things of Glass
  • Things of Dream
  • Light Magic

    The following sources count as Natural
  • Blood
  • Wind
  • Things of Name

    Magic in the Burned Realm
  • Raising the Wind costs twice the normal fatigue to cast. Calling up a Tempest will stir up the Ash from the ground creating an enormous Ashen Cloud.
  • Blood magic spells cost twice the normal amount of blood hits.

    Ashen Clouds in Strong Winds
    When a wind has been Raised, Ashen Clouds last for only 5s.

    Escaping from Chain Magic
  • The Iron Chain - The chains can be shattered in a few seconds by anyone with four Ranks of the Strong skill and master Escape Artists can slip loose with similar ease. Groups of creatures with Strong rank 2 or 3 may combine their strength in an attempt to break the chains, or the creature bound may slowly extract themselves from the chains over the course of one minute if they have someone else helping them and are otherwise undisturbed.
  • The Silk Chain - The spell's target can break the binding by putting out one of their own eyes, this action also protects them from further uses of the chain of silk for the rest of the encounter. Few people know that this is possible and fewer still have the nerve to perform such terrible self-mutilation.
  • The Golden Chain - Targets with an exceptional mental strength can deny the power of Bind the Will; anyone possessing five ranks of Strong Willed (irrespective of their current psyche hits) can shrug off the spell after a few seconds struggle.

    Class Levels Errata

    Gaining Sorceror levels- Past Precedents

    Level 3

  • Be cut down in battle or otherwise messily brought close to death.
  • Be immersed in a pool of blood during a Blood ritual.
  • Ritually bind up your magic for an adventure (You will be completely unable to use your chain magic, even if you wish to)
  • Observe the rebinding of a Bound One
  • Have your own spirit bound up in a chain.
  • Come close to death (within 15 seconds on your Death Count) or be on the Count repeatedly within an adventure
  • Demonstrate your mastery of the winds by winning an aeriel dual with a flying opponent.
  • Meditate in a hurricane
  • Burn out your own eyes to demonstrate the glory of the Light
  • Face down a mirror version of yourself.
  • Maim yourself with an artifact of glass.
  • Make a significant sacrifice to the Flame
  • Travel deep into Dreams and encounter some of its stranger inhabitants

    Level 4

  • Enjoy a significant meeting with a god of your pantheon, or major Spirit of your Power.
  • Conducting a major ritual to drive unnatural taint from a place sacred to the Old Powers.
  • Assist in the Rebirth and Renewal of an Old Power.
  • Be involved with the Binding of a god/Power
  • Visit the City of Chains and encounter the Source of Chains
  • Do a significant service for an Ash Lord
  • Play host to a god within a Wind you have raised.
  • Do a significant "service" for your goddess, forswearing all others to serve her.

  • Glass
  • Permanently fragment yourself through a ritual (this entailed a permanent loss of skills for the PC involved)
  • Knock yourself unconscious within a great glass ritual site and subsequently be murdered whilst your mind is on the shattered plain
  • Aid the Creation of a Potent Spirit of the Flame

    Level 5

  • Winning the blessing of Three Old Powers through surviving the bloody betrayal of your party in the Heart of the Great Forest.
  • Challenge the Lord of Blood Fury to mortal combat and prove yourself a worthy foe.
  • Bind yourself deep beneath the Earth in the manner befitting of a god (you gain a level and retire your character, bonus!)
  • Come to Understand the Chain of Oaths used to defeat the Bound Ones.
  • Travel to the Burned Realm and challenge a maddened Burned Lord in psychic combat
  • (As a Necromancer) Hunting down and killing a Burned Lord
  • (As a Priest of the Rattle Prince) Assist with the Murder of a Wind Power
  • Converse with a manifestation of the Light and win its Blessing to Lead the Church
  • Vitrify the Memory made flesh of a God

  • Dream

    Created Magic Items

    Dreamcleaver- 25 points
  • The axe cuts through the serpentlike Coils of Flame. Sometimes they reform after it has passed, sometimes not. In system terms, it cannot be Consumed by the Coils of Flame.
    This is around a 5 point power
  • The axe cuts through Insubstantial spirits, dealing full damage to them. (Insubstantial creatures which are not spirits, such as the Swarm, are unaffected by this.) It has no effect on Ethereal creatures.
    A potent ability this is worth around 12 points
  • The axe can physically attack the Shadowcats summoned by Dream-Shaping and drive them away. The wielder of the axe needs to strike another person affected by Shadowcats (they cannot strike themselves) and deal their basic damage call -- if they would normally call Triples with the axe, they need to call a Triple. The target needs to actually take the damage -- it can't be Dodged or Parried -- but it need not hit flesh (an armour hit does count.) This will cancel the effect of one casting of Shadowcats; if it is cast again, then the target needs to be struck again.
    The ability to negate the use of a 2nd level spell for multiple people is quite potent but this has a significant drawback- it comes out about 8 points.

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