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Nocturne is dead, long live The White City!

As of January 2003 the team that used to run fantasy LARPs set in Nocturne on Friday evenings in Oxford has now switched to running a new fantasy LARP with a new system, a new setting and a new slot on Saturday afternoons.
You can find out more about the new system and setting, known as The White City, by following the above link.
Archives of older settings and systems can be found here.

What secrets lie waiting within the realm of everlasting darkness?


Valiant warriors, sharp-eyed scouts, studious Elementalists and devout Lorewardens - these are the heroic adventurers of Outpost, the city that guards the sole pass across the Black Mountains, gateway between the lands that see the light of day and Nocturne, the land of eternal night.

Are you brave enough to join their number?

Nocturne was a light-heartedly dark high-fantasy LARP run in the woods near Oxford on alternate Friday nights from early 2000 to December 2002. This is its website.

Framed version

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